The Best Things about a London Ghost Tour


If you a lover of paranormal activities, then a ghost tour London will give you the chill you love. The city is filled with many haunted houses and the best experts on the matter of paranormal activities. As one of the largest cities in the world and with a rich history spanning several hundreds of years, London is the go-to location for those who need a stand in the presence of ghosts. Here are the most awesome things on such ghost tours.

The ghostly encounters

With thousands of old temples and graves spread across the city, London is often referred to as the City of the Dreadful Night. Ghost chasers and experts in paranormal activities will take on trips to find a ghost or several. If you have always believed ghosts exist but have never seen one, here is your golden chance.

The experts

One of the most famous experts on paranormal activities in London is Richard Jones. He has given 33 years of his life to paranormal activities and written 18 books on the subject. Many other experts on the same subject exist to guide and take your experience with the ghosts to the next level. In this way, you can go on a ghost guide and with each trip, your expectations will be surpassed.

Ghosts and their hideouts

On the best ghost tours, you will not only be told stories about ghosts but you will be taken to the locations where the latest ghosts have been spotted. Rather than visiting a temple 100 years and be told that a ghost was there fifty years ago, you will be taken to a normal home with your usual occupants and shown where the ghost was. If you are lucky, you could just spot it once again.

The ghost recordings

On most ghost tours, there are pictures taken and video clips recorded of actual paranormal activities in London. If your pictures do not have the luck of capturing a ghost, there are enough of those on record to verify their existence. Pictures of headless monarchs and little girls in their night gowns have been spotted in many areas of London and their pictures and videos taken.

The ghost stories

What is a ghost tour without a ghost story? Not a good ghost story. Luckily, London ghost tours have some of the most spine-tingling tales of ghost encounters ever told. Imagine a tour guide dressed like a Victorian undertaker telling you a story about an old lady who wakes up at night from the local cemetery and goes to the church down the street. It always works every time however tough and manly you think you are.

The whole experience

If you think going on a ghost tour of London is only about being told where ghosts were and then leaving, you are missing out on lots of fun. The tours are filled with lots of fun and stories to keep you upbeat at all times. Visitors reveal of reliving the ghost stories long after the trips are over. Next time you come home and hear the wind whistling outside, you will no longer assume it to be the wind as your encounter with ghosts will totally change you.

A visit of the haunted alleys and buildings of London will require enough preparations on your part. If you need to enjoy the whole of London, a well-equipped RV with the right RV air conditioners since the city has enough ghost locations for lovers of paranormal activities. You can visit the whole city and its haunted houses this way.

Experience True Luxury in Beautiful Mexico


The 21st century has brought us many benefits, not least the arrival of genuinely cheap air travel, and budget-priced cruises. Exotic resorts in far-flung countries, once reachable only by the very wealthy, are now regular holiday destinations for all, so if you want to go somewhere completely different, the choice is yours. In fact, the most difficult decision may be choosing where to go, such is the choice of quality destinations.

Deciding where to take a holiday is about knowing what you want to do when you get there; for many people, the ideal holiday is one spent on the beach, while others want a city to explore, or local history and culture to indulge in. For a place that offers all of this – and much more – you should try Puerto Vallarta, a superb resort on Mexico’s Pacific Ocean coast.

Occupying a wonderful stretch of coast known as the Bay of Banderas, the city has many fantastic attributes, and you can find vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta at sensible and surprisingly affordable rates. Luxury villas make for the very best accommodation for many reasons, and are a great way of getting perfect convenience and privacy, as well as a genuine home from home. Why do we recommend Puerto Vallarta? There are many reasons, as you shall see.

Attractions of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta began to be developed in the early part of the 19th century, and is now a thriving city, albeit a small enough one to explore on foot. In fact, most of the city is pedestrianised, so it is very easy to get about without a vehicle, although public transport covers the main areas. The mix of Spanish-influenced and modern architecture gives the city an interesting feel, and it is a notably friendly place, which is typical of Mexico.

You will find many fine shops in Puerto Vallarta, and a collection of excellent restaurants and cafes, plus lively bars that come to life at night, and you can also visit the local museums and galleries to get a taste of local history and culture. Indeed, food is a large part of the culture of Puerto Vallarta – and of Mexico itself – but more of that later!

For many people, the main attraction of the city is the coastline; the bay is home to some of the finest beaches in Mexico – if not the world – so if you are a beach lover, this is the place for you. Your villa accommodation will most likely be within easy walking distance of the nearest beach, so you have no problem finding somewhere to take in the sun. Palm trees often line the beaches, too, giving you welcome shade when it gets too hot, or you can take a dip in the water to cool down.

The waters of the bay are clear, making this a prime snorkelling location. Magnificent rock formations rise from the bay, and provide excellent places for the undersea wildlife to thrive, while many of the beaches are home to living reefs, so you will see exotic and beautiful creatures that you may not find elsewhere. You could even try fishing – the local seafood dishes are a speciality – or, if you are lucky enough, watch the whales that visit the bay in season, which is something to be savoured.

Food and Drink

As already mentioned, food plays a massive part in Mexican life, and nowhere more so than in coastal resorts such as Puerto Vallarta. Beaches often feature restaurants serving local dishes, and you may find the best of them along the Malecon, which is a paved walkway that skirts the shoreline in the city. The Old Town section of the city is also a great place to eat, and you really must try some of the speciality dishes.

Puerto Vallarta is known for a dish called Ceviche: this is raw fish, shrimps and scallops, served with onions and chilli, and served in lime juice. It may sound difficult, but is actually delicious, and well worth trying. Another local dish is a grilled red snapper – often caught in the bay – marinated in a paste of peppers, garlic and spices, or you could try a traditional tac from one of the street or beach vendors, for a true taste of Mexico.

During the evening, the bars of the city come to life with both tourists and locals visiting to try the local favourite, tequila. Be careful, as this wonderful spirit is surprisingly easy to drink, and very strong. You could dance the night away to live music in one the many clubs, or you may even find a concert in progress in the Plaza de Armas, the central square in the city, and enjoy the music in the evening sun. The relaxed yet lively atmosphere is one to savour, and there is something for everyone here.

Choice of Accommodation

There is a vast choice of vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta, so whether you are in need of a small villa for two, or a much larger one – perhaps for two families – there is something for you and your available budget. All are beautifully furnished, and you have a choice of self or part-catering, and you should look for one with a pool, which mist will offer.

A villa really is the most cost-effective method of accommodation for your Puerto Vallarta vacation, so check out the available options now and see how you can book a holiday in this wonderful place that everyone will enjoy.

Most Affordable US Cities for Travellers


The United States has many beautiful cities one can explore on a budget. We went ahead to sample 18 of the most affordable cities whose visit will save you money.

  1. Kansas City, MO

With beautiful art museums and great foods on the table, Kansas City tops this list especially when one combines that with the low price point.

  1. Nashville

Nashville ranks highly for its many eateries which offer foods that are high in taste and low in price. Even the beer here is on the cheap.

  1. San Antonio, TX

This Texas city offers some very affordable attractions to tourists such as the free historic sites and affordable foods. Bikes can also be rented for $10 a day.

  1. Minneapolis/St. Paul

The two cities offer very affordable travel and a lot of things to see and experience once there such as open roads that are great for biking.

  1. Memphis, TN

Lovers of music will appreciate Memphis for the many street performers. While you sit down to sweet tunes, you can order for some very affordable food and beer.

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah

This city might be a bit more expensive than it was a while back but tours to it are great and still cost less than what one incurs while in other cities.

  1. Houston

Findings point to a meal in Houston being about $3 cheaper than the national average. Besides that, music and attractions are in plenty for manageable costs.

  1. Savannah, GA

The best way to tour a city is by walking. And Savannah is the most friendly city when it comes to pedestrians with many other items within reach of many people.

  1. Austin, TX

While Austin has a techie touch to it, everything else about it from the food to the accommodation is geared towards providing affordable fun.

  1. Providence, RI

This Rhode Island city has plenty in store for the lovers of art, good food and music at a reasonable price.

  1. Portland, ME

Not to be confused with Portland in Oregon, Portland in Maine offers some great seafood at quite lowly prices. Accommodation is also within reach of many travelers.

  1. New Orleans

New Orleans offers lots of free music and affordable entertainment in general compared to other cities. It also throws in some exquisite experiences for a few dollars.

  1. Portland, OR

As the top city in the north west, Portland joins its eastern namesake on this list for the affordability of its car rental services and food. Both locals and visitors can enjoy these blessings.

  1. Charleston, SC

Charleston ranked fifth in history and first in romance on the American continent for many reasons. While the reasons for these rankings are many, the cost of its services is one of them.

  1. San Juan, P. R.

Heading south has never gotten easier and cheaper now that JetBlue has bumped up its fleet and Southwest has joined the fray.

  1. Dallas/ Fort Worth

From the sports bars, the stadia, the shopping and the food, Dallas is one city where the costs​ of travel and touring keep getting rosier by the day.

  1. Philadelphia

Philly is the place where the democracy of the United States was born. Here, you can enjoy lots of historical and modern cultural aspects for a reasonable cost.

  1. Baltimore

Baltimore is the place you should be if you are a lover of art and travel on a budget. From the best tattoo parlors to the Baltimore Museum of Art with the biggest Matisse collection, the artist in you will leave the place happy.

While the US cities are interesting ones, it is easy to cross over to one of the South American cities. Free tours of Santiago are always on ​offer.


Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.

17th Century Catholic Art


The 17th century was mostly based on baroque art. This art movement began with the Council of Trent. This was the period when there was lots of revolt against the Catholic Church with a lot of the remaining apostles being persecuted and even crucified. Religious art through the ages had different perceptions of the religion but there was a great shift during the 17th century. Some of the dramatic moments in the lives of the apostles can be found in the form of such religious art. Rather than going for the simple everyday stories of the bible, the artists would find out the events that had been relegated to philosophers and other scholars.

One painting in this regard was The Crucifixion of Saint Peter of 1601. This painting, currently located in the Cerasi Chapel, Snata Maria del Popolo, Rome, depicts Saint Peter being hauled to the cross by mean-looking men. The old saint is shown with a face full of sadness and a bit of regret. As it is often said, the saint was crucified upside-down, there is a man hoisting him to the upside-down position. Other paintings made in the same period focused on themes such as the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and other events that occurred after the gospels in the bible. These events would grow tremendously in importance throughout the century and long after.

The themes exhibited in Catholic art during the 17th century survived for a few centuries before artists largely went back to the previous perceptions which focused on the life of Jesus Christ from childhood to the time he ascended to heaven. However, they did not die out in totality. In fact, 17th century art had brought out a facet of religious art that would later on find homage in various churches and art museums across the globe. Scholars would also use them for their studies on the life of Jesus Christ and the apostles.

Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog, as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.

Picking the Cruise That’s Perfect for You



Taking a cruise has long been one of the favorite means of the intrepid traveller to see the world in style… We’ve out together some suggestions for most romantic cruise, cruises with kids and if you can picture it – taking a cruise on a budget!

Most romantic cruise – The French Polynesian Islands:

Taking your honeymoon aboard a cruise liner is a favorite for newlyweds – and the island chain of French Polynesia offers an incredible range of attractions. Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea are just some of the islands which you’ll cruise along, with snorkeling, amazing beaches, and delicious French-inspired cuisine at every stop.

Princess Cruises, Paul Gauguin Cruises and Windstar all offer cruise packages to these popular islands.

Cruising with Kids – Disney Cruises

If you have little ones between the ages of 4 and 11, a Disney Cruise is a family holiday that mom and dad can relax on while the kids are entertained by the people who do it best – Disney themselves!

From the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where the young ones are transformed into princesses, monsters, pirates and ogres to Pirates of the Caribbean themed deck parties, a replica of the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars fame where the kids can learn lightsaber techniques from a Jedi Master, Toy Story adventures and a Monsters Inc. Academy, meeting the Avengers or simply enjoying the water features – every little one’s desires are catered for! In the meantime mom and dad can relax by the adult’s pool and get a truly well-deserved break!

Cruises on a budget?

No such thing as a cheap cruise? Not necessarily! It takes a little bit of daring and flexibility on your part, but it can be done.

When it comes to finding an affordable cruise, you need to throw the standard advice of ‘book as early as you can’ out the window, or at least porthole I suppose. On a cruise, much of the money made is through the meals, drinks and entertainment opportunities on offer. Without people on the ship, the cruise doesn’t make money. This means that the closer the time draws to departure, the lower the rates go. This is a great opportunity for the flexible traveller to get a really astonishing deal – if you can maintain the discipline not to blow all your money on fancy cocktails instead!  Internet rates on a cruise or also notoriously pricey, so abandon the casino games and Facebook while you’re on board and take in the view from on deck for a while instead! Take advantage of the lower food prices in the buffet and dining areas and avoid the expensive restaurants. Couple this technique with booking out of school holiday season and an affordable cruise can definitely be accomplished!

The wonderful thing about any cruise is the freedom to decide how much or how little to do with your time. If you want to spend a week dozing in the sun by the pool – no problem! Up for some entertainment and fine dining? A bit of glitz and glam? Done! Just want to snuggle with your beloved in a cozy cabin? Well why not? Leave your worries on the shore and let the sea carry you off on a cruise!

Australia by Bike – It Makes Sense!


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Australia exerts a powerful allure. It’s a wonderful and unique continent – one with many fantastic cities, wonderful beaches, amazing sights and a stunning culture and history. Visiting Australia gives a wonderful insight into how the continents of the world developed, and there is nowhere with so many utterly unique animals and plants on the planet. It’s a friendly place, too, with a warm welcome in the cosmopolitan and lively cities, and it has its own pace of life that is a far cry from that we may be used to. What’s the best way to tour Australia?

We reckon it must be by motorbike, as the largely unpopulated interior, with its astonishing roads and vast deserts, is just ripe to explored by anyone with a desire to further their knowledge of new places. Of course, you need to make sure your bike is up to scratch and ready for the job. It is worth remembering that, until relatively recently, visiting Australia was too expensive for most – unless you went on a one-way trip – but nowadays a flight can be had for a few hundred dollars, and the tourist industry is one of the biggest sources of income in the country. So, about that bike!

Essential Maintenance

Travelling between cities in Australia can mean covering very, very long distances in often harsh conditions, so you need to be prepared. The weather can be very hot, so you need to be equipped for that, and you also need to make sure your bike is going to be reliable. It will need a full service before you set out, and we recommend you check out for the very best in quality parts and accessories for a full range of bike parts from known brands.

They will help you find the best motorcycle tires for the journey you are about to embark upon, with brands such as Pirelli, Dunlop and more in stock, and all at excellent prices. You will find their service to be friendly and approachable, and their delivery times to be excellent. If, by any chance, you are taking a road trip by car with an off-road bike in tow, Australia is a great place to go, so you should also check out their choice of Honda dirt bike parts and other brands, to make sure you are fully prepared.

Touring Australia

There is plenty to see and do in Australia, and it is worth planning your route in advance as it is a deceptively big place! Visit the wonderful city of Sydney, with its iconic bridge and Opera House, or the friendly and cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, which has a young and lively vibe. And don’t forget to visit the Aboriginal sites and learn the unique aspects of Australian culture. Travelling by Bike is a very enjoyable experience, but remember to stay safe, as you could find yourself a long way from civilisation in this amazing continent.

4 Ways to Make Your First Trip to the Outback More Enjoyable


Perhaps one of the most strikingly strange facts about Australians is that not everyone has had the pleasure of visiting the outback. Whilst most people around the world think of Australia, itself, as consisting of ranges where kangaroos roam freely amidst a number of other ‘jungle’ type creatures, the fact is, even Australians look forward to their first trip to the wilds within their own country.

Royalty Free Photo

Why is this so surprising? It would be like saying all Americans have visited the Grand Canyon or all Brazilians have spent time in the tropical rain forests. If this is your very first trip to the outback in the interior regions of Australia, here are four ways to make that very first trip more enjoyable.

1) Buy Rugged Luggage for the Rugged Outback

Before you go any further, the thing to be aware of is that you will probably be spending much of your time in camps where you’ll be roughing it. Why even bother going to the outback if you intend to find the closest hotel to spend your nights in. You won’t get very far inside if you do that! When you pack your clothes, make sure your luggage can handle lots of knocking about. Also, it needs to be as lightweight as it is sturdy. Luggage Direct, for example, sells lots of bags that are made for the great outdoors and built to withstand knocks, bumps and extremes in heat and cold.

2) Choose Your Vehicle Wisely

You will probably not be spending all your time with a guide because that could get quite costly and you do want a bit of privacy on your journey into those seldom seen territories. Yes, a guide is good for a while, but plan to spend some time on your own which means a 4 Wheel or All Wheel drive is a must. Once you’ve seen the roads, or lack of roads in some cases, you’ll understand why your vehicle needs to be equipped to go through literally any type of driving terrain.

3) Camping Gear

Again, why would you bother going to the outback only to stay in a 4 star hotel? Yes, those are nice at the beginning and end of your excursion into the vast unknown, but when touring the outback for your very first time, you’ll want to spend the bulk of your time as close to nature as possible. The list of what you’ll need is going to be a bit long, so spend ample time researching what to bring so that you can cook by the fireside and stay warm/cool in your tent. Camping gear also means bringing along such things as a first aid kit and any insect repellents you may need to keep those little pests away. If anyone in your group has allergies to any kind of insect bite, an EpiPen, brand or generic, or two would be a wise addition.

4) Mobile Communication and Backup Batteries

Also, besides a really good GPS system which you may or may not have as an app on your mobile phone, don’t forget to bring the best phone you can along with ample backup batteries in case you are unable to find a way to recharge. With the cost of solar mobile phone and laptop charges having come way down in recent years, this is something you may want to invest in. It’s better to plan for the best but to be prepared for the worst. (Does Murphy’s Law follow you wherever you go? If so, plan extra well!)

Finally, and as an added tip, spend a lot of time reading up on such things as endangered species you are likely to encounter. Whether or not you’ll be on a hunting expedition, some of these creatures are highly threatened by human proximity and though you may think they are cuteness personified, don’t feed them or try to interact with them. The closer they can stay to their natural habitat, the better off they’ll be in terms of survival. Just don’t forget to bring a camera! This is a trip of a lifetime and one you’ll want to capture for those Kodak moments that only come once in a lifetime. Enjoy your trip and above all, plan well and stay safe.

Australian Sports – The Essentials You Need To Know Before Visiting Down Under

Aussie Rules at the MCG.” (CC BY 2.0) by smjbk

Are you planning a sporting holiday to Australia? Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that you are fully versed in the ways of Australian sport, otherwise you might look like a bit of a drongo. The two main team sports Down Under are Australian rules football and rugby league, and Aussies take them super seriously – so you should, too. The NRL (National Rugby League) and AFL (Australian Football League) seasons run pretty much parallel to one another, so if you visit between March and October you can check out games from both leagues. Here is a quick and simple guide to the two sports.

Rugby League

Although Australia is famous on the world stage for rugby union, within the country league pulls in much larger audiences: the Grand Final last year was watched by over four million people. The NRL features 15 teams from Australia and one from New Zealand. It follows a normal league structure for the most part, with the highest-ranked team on the ladder being named Minor Premiers at the end of the campaign. After the league table has been decided, the top eight teams then battle it out in a knockout tournament which culminates in the Grand Final.

Last season, the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks overcame favourites Melbourne Storm to win their first ever Premier title in a thrilling 14-12 Grand Final. Although the Storm finished top of the league, they didn’t win the most coveted prize. The fact that many teams have the opportunity to win makes this league all the more exciting.

To really get into the matches it would make it more interesting to put some bets on, especially if you don’t already support a team. NRL tips sites will give advice on everything from which teams are better placed to win to which players are most likely to whinge and throw a strop. Anthony Milford is one “sook” to watch out for at the moment, and if opposition fans are to be believed, the Brisbane Broncos man will often try and milk a penalty.

One of the biggest rugby league events of the year is the State of Origin series. This is regarded by many as the highest level of rugby league competition in the world, and features all-star teams from New South Wales and Queensland. The best-of-three series will start at the end of May this year and finish in early July. Queensland are the current holders, and have dominated since 2006. Since then, New South Wales have only won once, in 2014. Players play for the state in which they played their first ever professional rugby game.   

Australian Rules Football

There’s only one sport that Aussies love more than rugby league, and that’s Aussie rules. The game is played on a massive oval field, which is usually a modified cricket ground. The Grand Final each year, for example, takes place at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground and last season almost 100,000 people went to watch the Western Bulldogs beat Sydney Swans in an exhilarating end-to-end tie. There are 18 players on each side, and they must move the oval-shaped ball around by kicking, handling, or running with it. If the latter, though, they must intermittently touch or bounce the ball on the ground. The primary objective is to score more goals than the other team, by kicking the ball between the tall goal posts.

There are 18 teams competing in the AFL this season, and it starts on the 23rd of March with the Grand Final taking place on 30th September. The league follows a similar structure to NRL, and every team plays each other over 23 rounds of normal fixtures before the top eight teams in the ladder take part in a finals series which culminates in the Grand Final. Identically to NRL, the winners of the Grand Final are crowned the Premiers, and the top team on the league ladder is awarded the title of Minor Premiers.

Cricket and Soccer

Apart from the two absolutely epic sports listed above, Australia is well-known for being one of the best nations when it comes to cricket. This year, the Aussies will host the Ashes series against England in one of the oldest and most famous grudge matches in the sport. England are the current holders of the iconic urn but Australia will be looking to reassert their dominance over the Poms. England have only won once on Australian soil since 1987 so Australia will be confident of retrieving the urn.

Soccer is also becoming hugely popular Down Under, and the top teams compete in the A-League. It has only been going since 2004, but teams like Brisbane Roar and Manchester City’s sister club Melbourne City are helping to bring the competition to global audiences.

You are now almost prepared to watch some Australian sports. All you need to do is find some Aussie mates to head down to the game with. Just spark up a barbie and crack open a few Victoria Bitters and they’ll surely come to you.

Top Australian Road Trips for Summer 2017

In the past couple of years, cheap airfare prices have given road trips the run for their money. And while nearly one in four Australians are regularly flying to domestic destination, self-drive holiday is still the king.


Despite the recent growth in air travel, the vast majority of people would rather still have a classic road trip and get to their destination by car. As a matter of fact, roughly 72% of Australians still prefer self-drive holidays to flying, according to data provided by Tourism Research Australia.

As you can see, Australians simply love a good holiday road trip. More than 900,000 kilometers of highways and roads take you through some spectacular scenery, fantastic mountains and of course, endless plains. So if you’re planning a trip this summer, here is a short list of road trips to fill your vacation with new adventures.

Grand Pacific Drive, New South Wales (70 kilometers)

Most roads you drive because they are the closest route to get somewhere, but there are some peculiar roads people drive simply to have fun like the far-reaching curves of Sea Cliff Bridge on Grand Pacific Drive. The coast-hugging route offers you a number of places to stop for a swim and grab a few bites of fish and chips by the sea side. And if you own a convertible, here you have a perfect opportunity to drive for a couple of hours and get immersed in the beautiful environment.

Great Beach Drive, Queensland (200 kilometers)

If you want to have an ultimate summer road trip, grab a hat, few towels and a bottle of sunscreen and hit the beach on one of the best coastal highways in Australia. The road is actually just above the water mark on the beach, and you can also pull over wherever you wish and take a swim. The Great Beach Drive also offers a number of camping spots, so you’ll have a chance to have fun with your whole family and explore the local scenery.

The Murray, Victoria (620 kilometers)

Who told you that some of the best beaches in Australia have to by the sea? If you want to go against the grain, you should sit in your car and follow the Murray River to discover some the best sandy river beaches on the continent. And the best thing about it is that you won’t have to deal with all of those costal crowds, and you’ll be able to fully concentrate on your family. And don’t worry: if you experience any difficulties with your car along the way, companies like RoadsideVIP have mechanics all over the country that can solve all your problems in an hour or so.

The Great South West Edge, Western Australia (1130 kilometers)

Normally, winters are rather rainy in Western Australia, so summer is definitely the best time for a trip along the coast. If you select the Great South West Edge, you’ll have the opportunity to go underground and look through the caves beneath Margaret River, climb some of Australia’s tallest trees and watch professional surfers ride the continent’s best waves. Even though you don’t actually need a 4WD to explore the coastline, it can still take you to some remote, rarely-visited national parks, where basically nobody goes.



So finally, why do so many people travel by car instead of simply taking a two-hour flight and arriving to their destination far more quickly? In spite of the availability of in-vehicle DVD players, smartphones, tablets and other devices, most people still think that a road provides a great opportunity to talk more and bond with their children.

Last year, a survey of more than 1,000 Australian citizens, commissioned by Jax Tyres revealed that around 66% of people cite road trips as some their “fondest family memories.” And while we all know that traveling with children can be frustrating at times, the survey also revealed that only 15% of people got into arguments with their families during a trip.

It’s true that some people simply want to escape their mundane daily routines and unwind for a few weeks each year. However, the family road trip will always be a popular holiday option, because people would rather have a genuine family experience while creating lasting memories in the process, rather than spending a few uninteresting weeks overseas.

Hidden Australian Gems You Have to Discover in 2017

On a yearly basis, a lot of people visit Australia. For instance, just last year, almost 8.2 million people have visited the content, which is an increase of more than 11% compared to 2015, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

If visit a couple of more popular travel sites about Australia, and compare their “must see; lists, you’ll quickly see that they are all quite similar. Obviously, you have The Great Barrier Rift, Uluru and the inescapable Opera House in Sydney. Don’t get us wrong, these are all fabulous destinations, and they are definitely worth a visit – but is that all Australia has to offer?

No, of course not.


Some of Australia’s most beautiful locations are the hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered by travelers ready to escape the well-known busy tourist trails.

·        Esperance

If you’re a person who wants to get away from it all, then you have to patient, because Esperance is definitely not easy to get to. For starters, you have to fly into Pert and drive north for almost nine hours before you reach your destination. But trust us – this is just part of Esperance’s charm, and it’s worth it.

There, you’ll find some of the most stunning white sand beaches in Australia, and there’s a thirty-mile drive that circles around the area. You also have the Recherché Archipelago (a.k.a The Bay of Isles), which consist of more than a hundred islands, not far into the ocean.

·        Hyams Beach

Don’t worry, if you want to visit this beach, you don’t have to travel for a half-a-day. Hyams is located just three hours from Sydney, and it offers everything from beautiful beaches and kayaking to snorkeling and rock poles to explore. Nearby, you have a couple of small towns full of shops, cafes and other amenities.

And if you’re a hiker, you’re in luck, because Hyams Beach is actually located inside the Booderee National Park that has nice walking trails and breathtaking views. If you visit the beach in just the right time, you’ll be able to see dolphins and even a few whales.

·        Arnhem Land

For those of you who are interested in the native Aboriginal culture, and want to experience their way of life to the fullest, Arnhem Land island communities are a must. But we have to warn you, there are no accommodations in the Arnhem Land, and you’ll have to get a camping permit if you want to stay for a few days.


But once you arrive, you’ll be treated to warm hospitality of the natives, and you’ll have a chance to witness some of Australia most elusive wildlife, so it would be a smart idea to pack a good time lapse camera. Finally, make sure to visit the biggest Aboriginal art gallery in the world on Elcho Island.

·        Montague Island

Just south of Sydney (on the way to Melbourne), located within the Batemans Marine Park, you’ll find this tiny island, which also doubles as a wildlife refuge. Montague Island is great if you’re traveling with your family, because the young ones will be able to see some rare animals and enjoy the costal scenery.

A historical lighthouse is located on the island as well, and if you want to spend the night on Montague, you’re in luck, because the place offers overnight accommodations. If you chose to stay, make sure to check out the two-day Eco Tour, which allows tourists to participate in the conservation efforts of Montague’s penguin colony.

Final Thoughts


Every state in Australia boasts hidden gems that will surely amaze you – you just need to look hard enough. Once you visit one of these gems, make sure to ask the locals for their favorite spots. And just don’t be afraid to dig a little bit deeper to find even more destinations that aren’t mentioned on your average travel site.