10 Carry-on Essentials for when Travelling to Australia

So you’ve booked your flight to Australia and you’re thinking about packing. What do you put in your hold luggage, and what do you take in your hand luggage?

As it’s such a long flight, it’s a good idea to be prepared early on so that you’ll have everything you need to hand to help you survive all those hours in the air. Here are 10 essential items you need to put in your bag right now!

1. Your mobile phone

Most of us would be lost without our mobiles, so this is a given. Be sure to download lots of travel apps too like the Bravofly iOS app to get you prepared for your travels!

2. A book

It’s a really long flight after all, so you’ll need something to keep yourself entertained. Books, kindles, newspapers and magazines are obviously great for this, and some airlines enable you to purchase some whilst you’re in the air on your way, too.

3. Compression socks

Your health is obviously really important, and compression socks are great for keeping the blood flowing round your body which is so vital when remaining seated for so long. You can get long and shorter ones, too.

4. A pillow

Keeping comfy is a great idea, and a good item for this is a pillow or blanket. You can get special small travel pillows that don’t take up too much room in your bag, either.

5. Moisturiser

As well as keeping your body hydrated with water when on board your flight, don’t forget about your skin. A little bottle of moisturiser can go a long way for keeping your face and hands in particular refreshed and hydrated.

6. Head phones

Ideal not only for listening to music of course, but also they’re great for drowning out noise if you want to get some sleep on the flight.

7. Sleeping pills

Sleeping pills aren’t for everyone, and some people can just fall asleep anywhere, but if you require a bit of help sleeping on flights, you might want to consider taking some. If you’re unsure about what to take, speak to your doctor or pharmacist beforehand.

8. Chewing gum

Ideal for making you feel a bit more refreshed on a long flight, especially if you’ve had a sleep or if you’ve had a lot of coffee to keep you awake! You could even take a travel toothbrush and toothpaste and brush your teeth in the bathroom.

9. An extra hoodie

Aeroplanes get pretty cold, so you’ll probably want something that will help keep you feeling warm and cosy. An extra hoodie will be perfect for this, and will make the seat a little comfier, too!

10. Sun cream

You’re going to Australia, after all! It may be freezing when you get on the plane, but chances are it’ll be the opposite when you get off! Being prepared early on will be great for avoiding nasty sun burn which may ruin your trip.