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How to Plan Perfect Holiday in Bali



Bali is a famous Indonesian island with a lot of tourist attractions for holiday makers. From the beautiful beaches, to the wildlife preservation parks, the brilliant resorts, theme parks and delicious cuisine, you and your family will not be able to exhaust the number of options available. Nevertheless, if you are planning to have a perfectly fulfilling and rewarding holiday in Bali, here are some of the best things you should plan to do and see.

See Bali’s Wildlife Species

In Bali, animals are treated with care. So you will have an opportunity to see so many birds, monkeys, elephants, orangutans, and rare animal species at close range. Whether you visit the Bali bird park, the monkey forest in Ubud, the Elephant Safari Park, or the Bali Zoo, you will have many unforgettable experiences with animals. At the Elephant Safari Park, you will be able to bathe, pet, feed and ride on elephants. Other side attractions include visiting the memorabilia museum, seeing the skeleton of a pre-historic mammoth and having a sumptuous dinner by a beautiful lake. Also, at the Bali Bird Park, about 250 bird species from various parts of the globe are kept. Visit this park to hear the hilarious laughter of the kookaburra and see the barred eagle, African greys and rhinoceros hornbills.


Have Fun at the Water Park

The Waterbom Water Park in Bali is an exceptional theme park designed to provide a fun-filled experience for all members of the family. Located in central Kuta, this water park has pools, slides and rides with a beautiful landscape. The rides are graded from mellow or sedate to moderate and extreme. The most popular rides in this award-winning park include: the 250-metre long Python, the Pipeline, Superbowl, Lazy River, and the Funtastic Zone, which is strictly designed for kids. Other attractions in this park are the sunbathing area, bungee, eateries, food shop, restaurants, and full service spa.

Walk Under the Sea Without Diving

The innovative Sea Walker helmet allows you and your children, who are above the age of 10, to explore life beneath the sea. You don’t need any diving equipment for this. The helmet permits you to walk on the sea bed without the ability to swim or dive. It has a transparent visor without any air tank. It is lightweight and flexible. With this helmet, you can walk and have a first hand experience of sea creatures while you breathe as if you are on the water surface. Walking on the sea bed is one of the most interesting experiences you can have with the entire family.


Enjoy the Best of Ubud’s Food and Countryside

No holiday strip to Bali is complete without having a taste of the unique local cuisine. For instance, you will never forget the taste of ‘Babi Guling‘, Bali’s iconic dish which is made from a complete roasted young pig. One of the best places to eat this dish is at Ibu Oka, a popular kitchen at Ubud. You will also relish the taste of ‘Sate Lilit’ – rolled minced meat on a lemon grass stick. In addition to the great culinary experience, you should also prepare to enjoy the serene and refreshing views of the Ubud countryside. Instead of trekking all day, you may take a cycling tour of this countryside, interact with friendly locals, and see its rice field terraces.

Your trip to Bali will be more exciting and fulfilling if you include these items on your bucket list. With the number of well established tour packages available for tourists, you can now have a more rewarding tour at an affordable cost.