5 Holiday Activities You Can Do on the Water

When we think of going on holiday, a tranquil beach or lakeside setting often comes to mind. Whether it’s a short escape to your favourite beach, or an extended exotic break in a tropical setting, experiencing the water is often best done by participating in a number of different water-based activities. For your next coastal holiday, these five water sports may be worth considering.


Fishing is among the most relaxing of water-based pastimes. Sure, it may not be for the adrenalin junkies, and you may not even catch anything. Throwing a line in, however, is all about the anticipation, watching the world go by, and relaxing out on the deep blue. Whether off a jetty, or from a boat, fishing is also best enjoyed with a cold one in hand. There’s also a massive amount of satisfaction of hooking dinner on the end of your line. You just don’t get fresher than that!


For those that love the spray of the surf in their hair, little compares to cruising the open water on a jet ski. Many holiday destinations, especially resorts, offer water sports rental, including jet ski hire or you can simply purchase your own through suppliers such as JSW Powersports. Whether you’re circling the reef or lagoons, or running the waves off the beach, hiring a jet ski is always an action-packed and thrilling activity. Who knows, you may have such a great time, that you’ll want to hit the waves every weekend!


Paddling along canals, rivers, lakes and streams on a kayak is a great way to immerse oneself in the natural environment. There are also some serious fitness benefits; kayaking increases leg and torso strength, and it’s easy for all ages to master, while also offering a sense of adventure as you can explore the expansive waterways on your own terms. When you need a break, just let the kayak float on its own.


Just a snorkel and a set of flippers allows you to see what’s going on below the waterline, as you immerse yourself in the aquatic world below the surface. There’s something especially mesmerising about snorkelling in the tropical waters, enjoying the colourful marine life, coral, and the peaceful silence of the activity. Depending on where you holiday, often the activity offers the chance for a close encounter with many large aquatic animals, including manta rays, reef sharks, and sea lions.


What’s a beach holiday without taking to the waves? Little compares to the rush of excitement as a wave catches your board, propelling you forwards down the face of the wave, complemented by the deep echo of rushing water as you enter a barrel. Sure, surfing may take a bit of practice, but the benefits and sense of accomplishment from getting a wave can be well worth it. For those who have trouble on a surfboard, body boarding or body surfing can offer a comparable experience and are definitely activities worth trying on your next beach holiday.

What other water-based activities are worth trying on holidays? Share your favourites below!