5 Trips for Travelling in the UK This Winter!



Whether you’re Australian or simply living in the good old UK, there are certain tips you need to bear in mind in order to have a good time of it in Blighty. The country isn’t renowned for its salubrious weather (believe me – I’ve lived there for 32 years), but this doesn’t dent the amazing cultural wonders the nation has to offer.

So no matter if you’re heading to London, Liverpool, Manchester, or Nottingham, these are the travelling tips I can recommend to ensure you have a fantastic stay in this enthusiastic and friendly country.

  1. Drive anywhere!

As with when I visit another country, I often forget how much bigger many nations are! The UK is a small island – in England you can realistically drive anywhere within one day. If you’re going by public transport, a trek from London to Manchester takes barely 2 hours by train. You could even get a super cheap Mega Bus – it takes 5 hours but with prices at around £10 you can’t argue!

So, the important thing to remember is you can journey wherever you want to in the UK. Don’t be afraid to head to the Scottish Highlands, England’s southern quarters, Liverpool, Manchester, or Newcastle. It’s one of the joys of visiting the UK – fantastic culture within easy reach!

This cheap travelling guide is an excellent starter point to keep costs down. The best piece of advice – book tickets well in advance!

  1. Fit the right tyres!

If you’re driving around, make sure you’ve got the right tyres fitted to your vehicle. If you’re driving a car, for instance, a set of new compounds is always a good idea.

Whether it’s Avon, Bridgestone, or Continental tyres, you can get a set of brand new winter tyres, for instance, and find maximum grip of Britain’s rain hit roads. That’s right – rain. Snow is pretty scarce in the UK, with early morning ice and frost more commonplace than bouts of wintery snow. This winter driving advice from the Auto Express will help you to get to grips with what’s needed!

  1. Master some basic vernacular

The UK is filled with all manner of different dialects. In the North West alone, you’ll pass from a Liverpudlian to a Mancunian accent in 1 hours driving time. Further south, there’s cockney slang and a very different London accent. If you’ve seen Peaky Blinders, you’ll also know in Birmingham there’s the fabulous and friendly Brummie accent.

Needless to say, it can be confusing if you’re a newcomer. You can quite easily take to the internet to earn the different accents, but this 5 minute guide from Metro is a great place to start, me duck.

  1. London isn’t the only place to visit

Whilst London is fantastic, it’s also expensive and relentlessly busy. You may want to see Buckingham Palace and the London Eye, but it’s important to remember the rest of the UK offers just as rich a cultural history at a much cheaper price.

Liverpool, for instance, is home of the Beatles, whilst Manchester offers football, music, and a vibrant nightlife. Nottingham is home to Robin Hood and, in this one small city, you’ll be able to tour around the centre in a single day.

This guide from Visit England is a great place to start.

  1. Prepare for homely food

The UK is a foodie’s paradise, offering an endless array of worldwide specialities. If you want to check out English cuisine, however, prepare to get hearty!

With the likes of fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, Sunday roasts, bangers and mash, beef wellingtons, and pies, it’s an indulgent place to live but the foods are delicious. Just make sure you keep an eye on your waistline! Despite this, as it’s so hearty it will keep you warm amongst the low temperatures, which is always a big bonus.

By low temperatures, incidentally, I mean it’ll be rainy until around June and July, so be prepared for those spring time chills!