Affordable Destinations for Your 2017 Vacation

With so much information available online, finding bargain destinations to travel to has never been easier. The destinations presented below are among the cheapest, offering the most beautiful and spectacular sights and experiences.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located on the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola. The main tourist attractions here are the capital – Santo Domingo and the areas around Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, and La Romana. This beautiful Caribbean country is a captivating blend of gorgeous natural beauty, culture, and history. The Dominican Republic is home to breathtaking jungles, wonderful sunny beaches, vast coral reefs and amazing waterfalls.

Compared to some other Caribbean destinations, the Dominican Republic is still very affordable in general. It offers all-inclusive resorts at surprisingly low cost.


This charming Mediterranean country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and because of its economic difficulties, the cost of holidaying there is pretty low. With over sixty beautiful islands, astonishing historic sites, and golden sandy beaches, Greece is much more than just a tourist destination.

Besides the capital, Athens, top things to see in Greece include Mount Athos, Delphi Theatre, the Meteora Monasteries, and the island of Santorini. You can take the advantage of layby holidays and early bird specials, and set off on an amazing journey to astonishing Greek islands like Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu, or Crete.

Mexico City

One of the most fascinating cities in the world, Mexico City offers an incredible number of beautiful parks, museums, ancient pyramids, astonishing architecture, and delicious food from every region of Mexico. The city’s top tourist attractions include the historic city center, National Museum of Anthropology, National Library of Anthropology, Museo Casa de León Trotsky, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Frida Kahlo Museum, Diego Rivera Studio, and much more. Also, Mexico City is surprisingly safe and tourist-friendly for a city of more than 20 million people.

Despite everything it has to offer, Mexico City is a very cheap destination. You’ll be able to wine and dine in top restaurants, stay in wonderful hotels, visit all the cathedrals and monuments, without having to pay too much.


Although Vietnam is one of the cheapest locations you can travel to, it has a lot to offer. Vietnam is a land of impressive landscapes and forested mountains in the north, and beautiful sunny beaches in the south. Here, you can choose between modern cities and colonial towns, archaeological sites and beautiful islands. Some of the best places to visit in Vietnam include Ha Long Bay – the astonishing bay of rocky outcrops and turquoise water, the city of Hanoi, the beautiful old city of Hoi An, and the quiet mountain town of Sapa.

Vietnam is a super cheap destination. You’ll find plenty of budget-friendly things to do there. You can go hiking on some of the long-distance hiking trails, explore the natural beauty of Central Highlands, cruise along Halong Bay, or simply enjoy exploring Ho Chi Minh’s beautiful streets. If you love cooking, you can learn how to prepare local dishes by joining a cookery class.

Of course, there are other bargain destinations you can visit in 2017. For instance, the Balkan countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, or Montenegro have so many interesting things to offer to travelers with a low budget. Even some other Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, or Thailand deserve to be on this list. No matter where you choose to go, remember to make reservations in advance, which will reduce the overall price. And if you choose to travel to one of these destinations, you will see some breathtaking views, while spending next to nothing.