All About Rugby League and Other Sports in Australia

If you go to Australia then there is a good chance that you end up watching some sport at some point.

The Australians are famously keen on sport, and many of them are extremely good it too. So if you going to enjoy a game or two here what will it be?


Both rugby union and rugby league are hugely popular sports in Australia. Rugby league is regarded as possibly the most popular winter sport in the states of Queensland and New South Wales. The league version of game is also the country’s most watched sport on TV. You might hear it called “league” or “football”. As for rugby union, it is another highly popular sport in the Australian winter. The Super Rugby event is a fantastic competition with 5 teams from Australia and others from around the southern hemisphere. After this comes the National Rugby Championship.  Again, it is most popular in Queensland and New South Wales. Of course, any game involving the Wallabies is going to be exciting, as this is the nickname for the enormously successful Australian national team. If you want to liven up the game with a few bets then the best rugby odds are probably found at William Hill.

Australian Rules Football

If you want a typically Australian sporting experience then you can’t do much better than go to watch some Australian rules football. This is a fast, furious and physical sport that is great fun to watch, even if you don’t fully understand the rules. This is one of the most watched spectator sports in the country. In fact, the Australian Football League final is currently listed as the club championship event with the biggest attendance in the world, with close to 100,000 going to see it. Victoria is the state with most clubs currently playing in the AFL and is seen by many as the home of this sport.


If you prefer to watch some cricket while you are in Australia then you will find plenty of games to choose from too. One of the great things about this sport is that it popular all over the county, which isn’t the case with most Australian sports. Incredibly, statistics show that over 90% of Australian watched at least some cricket action on the TV during the year.  The sport has been played here for over two centuries and there is usually a test series and a couple of one day series events played against foreign teams here each year. It is typically seen as a summer sport and a few days out under the sun watching top class international teams is certainly not to be missed if you love this sport.