Australia by Bike – It Makes Sense!


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Australia exerts a powerful allure. It’s a wonderful and unique continent – one with many fantastic cities, wonderful beaches, amazing sights and a stunning culture and history. Visiting Australia gives a wonderful insight into how the continents of the world developed, and there is nowhere with so many utterly unique animals and plants on the planet. It’s a friendly place, too, with a warm welcome in the cosmopolitan and lively cities, and it has its own pace of life that is a far cry from that we may be used to. What’s the best way to tour Australia?

We reckon it must be by motorbike, as the largely unpopulated interior, with its astonishing roads and vast deserts, is just ripe to explored by anyone with a desire to further their knowledge of new places. Of course, you need to make sure your bike is up to scratch and ready for the job. It is worth remembering that, until relatively recently, visiting Australia was too expensive for most – unless you went on a one-way trip – but nowadays a flight can be had for a few hundred dollars, and the tourist industry is one of the biggest sources of income in the country. So, about that bike!

Essential Maintenance

Travelling between cities in Australia can mean covering very, very long distances in often harsh conditions, so you need to be prepared. The weather can be very hot, so you need to be equipped for that, and you also need to make sure your bike is going to be reliable. It will need a full service before you set out, and we recommend you check out for the very best in quality parts and accessories for a full range of bike parts from known brands.

They will help you find the best motorcycle tires for the journey you are about to embark upon, with brands such as Pirelli, Dunlop and more in stock, and all at excellent prices. You will find their service to be friendly and approachable, and their delivery times to be excellent. If, by any chance, you are taking a road trip by car with an off-road bike in tow, Australia is a great place to go, so you should also check out their choice of Honda dirt bike parts and other brands, to make sure you are fully prepared.

Touring Australia

There is plenty to see and do in Australia, and it is worth planning your route in advance as it is a deceptively big place! Visit the wonderful city of Sydney, with its iconic bridge and Opera House, or the friendly and cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, which has a young and lively vibe. And don’t forget to visit the Aboriginal sites and learn the unique aspects of Australian culture. Travelling by Bike is a very enjoyable experience, but remember to stay safe, as you could find yourself a long way from civilisation in this amazing continent.