Australian Fishing Hotspots

Australia has some of the best fishing conditions in the world. With so much ecological diversity, it is no surprise that there are many fantastic and different fishing spots to choose from. Before you take a look at the best Australia has to offer, however, check out a store like MOTackle, and get the gear you need. Once you’re all stocked up and ready to go, put the locations below on your to-visit list.

Lake Awoonga

Just a thirty minute drive from Gladstone, Lake Awoonga has one of the largest Barramundi breeding programs in Queensland, releasing 200,000 annually. Due to the lack of natural predators in the lake, the Barramundi are regularly caught at weights of 10-25 kilograms. With a 24 hour boat ramp, you can have access to the abundant fishing waters at any time of day. There are plenty of onshore places to fish from, with BBQ picnic facilities and camping grounds. There are also boats for hire as well as fishing cruises available.

Balonne River

Claimed to be the inland fishing capital of Australia, Balonne River and the town of St George are known for great Murray Cod fishing. Located 200km west of Goondoowindi, St George has a close-knit population of just over 2,000 people and access to everything a good fisherman needs. You won’t need a fishing licence for Balonne River, so once you’re there, you can start throwing out the line. Boating is easy on the river, so you can get out on you boat, canoe or kayak. Live bait is preferred for fishing here and is more than plentiful, so set out some nets or go to the local service station, where worms are available.

Lord Howe Island

With no commercial fishing allowed, Lord Howe Island is the ultimate fishing destination. You can catch just about anything on this gorgeous, crescent shaped island. Sitting out in the Pacific Ocean, 600km east of Port Macquarie, Lord Howe Island’s diverse terrain creates a fishing spot to be favoured by just about everyone. The lagoons offer fantastic sport fishing for Trevally, Silver Drummer and Bluefish, while three kilometres offshore is where the big game fishing is at. Or if you want something a little higher up, there a plenty of rock platforms to fish off around the island. There are also a number of fishing charter boats on the island that offer half day and full day tours.


Exmouth is quickly recognised as one of Australia’s most loved fishing destinations. Sitting on Australia’s North West Cape, Exmouth is a tiny town established to support the US Air Force in the late 60s. Said to be the only reliable bonefish fishery in all of Australia, it is instantly a hit with fly fishers. There are a number of great on shore fishing locations to choose from. The Ningaloo Lagoon and Exmouth Gulf beaches, Learmouth Jetty and the rocks at the tip of the North West Cape are the favourite places, while there are three boat launching ramps as well as charters operating out of both Exmouth and Coral Bay. Unfortunately you need a fishing permit before you can start fishing there. If it’s your first time fly fishing and you want to take a chance at catching one of the six different Billfish that live in the waters, then there are a number of fly fishing guides that can teach you the tricks.

These are just a few of Australia’s best fishing hotspots. There are many, many more great places to fish throughout the country. What’s your favourite fishing spot?