Australia’s Great Ocean Road Tour: 5 Places You Need to See


apollo bay


Australia’s Great Ocean Road tour, whether local or a tourist, will offer you miles of rugged coastlines, pristine beaches, pro surfing and rainforest terrain to rival some of the best known locations around the world. The Great Ocean Road is full of surprises as you weave your way along this memorable journey.

The Twelve Apostles

Once Twelve Apostles, the now famous limestone structures are down to eight. Don’t let this dissuade you from visiting, however. The massive structures that jut 45 meters out of the Southern Ocean still offer an impressive scenery that is over 10 million years old.

Gradually eroded from the howling winds and stormy waters, the cliff edges of Victoria gradually became caves-turned-bridges and the now collapsed rock that we know as the Twelve Apostles.

Not only are the Apostles worth the view, but the impressive cliffs during sunset become awash in hues of orange, yellow and pink. Truly a sight worth experiencing.

the 12 apostles

The Twelve Apostles

Photo Courtesy: Aral Bereux

The Gibson Steps

Only a kilometre’s walk from the Twelve Apostles are the Gibson Steps. Alternatively, you can take the car the short distance, parking it at the Gibson Steps carpark.

Following the 86 steps down to the sandy shores, get close to the vertical cliffs and the limestone structures in the sea. But be warned, the walk is of medium difficulty, slippery on the steps and only suitable when weather permits. Be cautious of high tides.

the gibson steps
The Gibson Steps beach

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The Otway Fly

Nestled in the Otway rainforest, you can experience a 600 meter long, 25 meter high elevated walkway in the tree canopies. Equally, you can spend your time on the Zipline Eco-Tour, zipping in a harness through the leafy treetops.

For the children, the initial walk at the base of the trees will leave them running around searching for the next dinosaur peeking through the ferns or suspended above them.

The unrivalled views from both above and below the trees will display some of the best rainforests Australia has to offer. This short detour from the Great Ocean Road has something for every member of the family to experience for hours on end.

the otway fly

The Otway Fly

Photo Courtesy: Iona Seaview Farm


Apollo Bay

This is the ideal location to break for the day and spend the night at the Apollo Bay township. Situated on the Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay is one of the more popular sites to enjoy for a few days, and rightly so.

The location offers short drives to all of the above stops and more. For those who need a break from the car, Apollo Bay has no shortage of café’s, restaurants and craft shops. Walk five minutes across the road to enjoy the sandy beaches and its crystal clear waters.

apollo bay

Apollo Bay at Sunset

Photo Courtesy: Steve Arnold Photography


Loch Ard Gorge

Located only a few minutes from the Twelve Apostles, this sweeping landscape offers more towering limestone structures as you explore the trails leading you to unexpected locations. Blowholes, coastal landscapes and a rich maritime history of shipwrecks, Loch Ard Gorge rivals the Twelve Apostles seascape, particularly at dusk and dawn.

 loch and gorge

Loch Ard Gorge

Photo Courtesy: Phillip Johnson