Australia’s Six Greatest Surf Spots

The land down under is known for its gorgeous weather, breathtaking beauty, and awesome surf spots. World renowned as the premier surfing destination, Australia offers both experienced and inexperienced surfers spectacular rides.

Go surfboard shopping, book a flight to Australia, and get ready to have the surfing experience of your life. Here are the top six surf spots you can’t miss:

1.  North Coast—Angourie to Byron Bay, New South Wales

The surfing counter-culture took hold in Australia in the late sixties, and NSW became the hot spot for anyone with a board and a desire to commune with the waves. While it remained a hidden gem for close to two decades, its popularity grew once word got out Aussie’s famous surfing legend Nat Young surfs there whenever he can.

NSW is known as Australia’s best wave and best hangout spot. It has this relaxed vibe and carefree attitude that will make you want to surf there over and over again.

2. Noosa—Point Break, Queensland

This area is absolutely gorgeous and one of the most photogenic long-board breaks in the world. On its best days, Noosa has been known to offer 200-meter rides with decent swells that usually attract crowds of locals. But when the waters are calm, it’s the perfect location for beginners.

3. Snapper Rocks, Queensland

This sand bottom point break on the Gold Coast is a world-renowned surfing spot for local world champs like Joel Parkinson, Stephanie Gilmore, and Mick Fanning as well as home to elite international surfing championships. Snapper, located at Rainbow Bay, is home to ‘Super Bank,’ regarded in surfing circles as the longest and most hollow wave in the world. The swell usually reaches six to eight feet, and one clean wave can transport you almost two kilometers.

4. Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms, New South Wales

Lighthouse Beach and Treachery Beach at Seal Rocks are known for epic waves. The area is picture perfect and often visited by dolphins. This area is fairly undeveloped, making it truly the soul-surfer/searching experience.

5. Northern Beaches, New South Wales:

Sydney’s northern peninsula offers a series of beaches unmatched by anywhere else in the world. This succession of beaches begins with Manly Beach, a beach known for plenty of breaks and punchy barrels. Nearby is the Freshwater Beach, which is home to bodysurfers, and also the spot where surfing was first introduced in 1915. Lastly is Palm Beach, which is known for its distinctive burnt-orange sands and beach breaks that experienced surfers flock to.

6. Torquay—Bells Beach, Victoria

Bells Beach is the home of Australian surfing. It is still the site of the country’s oldest and most prestigious professional surfing event—Rip Curl Pro. Bells Beach is known for outstanding surf that has been recorded to reach five meters or more thanks to the shallow reefs throughout.

When it comes to finding the best surf swells in the world, Australia is unmatched. When it comes to the surfing bucket list, Australia should be at the top.

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