The Best Things about a London Ghost Tour


If you a lover of paranormal activities, then a ghost tour London will give you the chill you love. The city is filled with many haunted houses and the best experts on the matter of paranormal activities. As one of the largest cities in the world and with a rich history spanning several hundreds of years, London is the go-to location for those who need a stand in the presence of ghosts. Here are the most awesome things on such ghost tours.

The ghostly encounters

With thousands of old temples and graves spread across the city, London is often referred to as the City of the Dreadful Night. Ghost chasers and experts in paranormal activities will take on trips to find a ghost or several. If you have always believed ghosts exist but have never seen one, here is your golden chance.

The experts

One of the most famous experts on paranormal activities in London is Richard Jones. He has given 33 years of his life to paranormal activities and written 18 books on the subject. Many other experts on the same subject exist to guide and take your experience with the ghosts to the next level. In this way, you can go on a ghost guide and with each trip, your expectations will be surpassed.

Ghosts and their hideouts

On the best ghost tours, you will not only be told stories about ghosts but you will be taken to the locations where the latest ghosts have been spotted. Rather than visiting a temple 100 years and be told that a ghost was there fifty years ago, you will be taken to a normal home with your usual occupants and shown where the ghost was. If you are lucky, you could just spot it once again.

The ghost recordings

On most ghost tours, there are pictures taken and video clips recorded of actual paranormal activities in London. If your pictures do not have the luck of capturing a ghost, there are enough of those on record to verify their existence. Pictures of headless monarchs and little girls in their night gowns have been spotted in many areas of London and their pictures and videos taken.

The ghost stories

What is a ghost tour without a ghost story? Not a good ghost story. Luckily, London ghost tours have some of the most spine-tingling tales of ghost encounters ever told. Imagine a tour guide dressed like a Victorian undertaker telling you a story about an old lady who wakes up at night from the local cemetery and goes to the church down the street. It always works every time however tough and manly you think you are.

The whole experience

If you think going on a ghost tour of London is only about being told where ghosts were and then leaving, you are missing out on lots of fun. The tours are filled with lots of fun and stories to keep you upbeat at all times. Visitors reveal of reliving the ghost stories long after the trips are over. Next time you come home and hear the wind whistling outside, you will no longer assume it to be the wind as your encounter with ghosts will totally change you.

A visit of the haunted alleys and buildings of London will require enough preparations on your part. If you need to enjoy the whole of London, a well-equipped RV with the right RV air conditioners since the city has enough ghost locations for lovers of paranormal activities. You can visit the whole city and its haunted houses this way.

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