5 Cool Ways To Hit The Water This Winter

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If you are used to the water being more or less a no go area during winter time in the United Kingdom, you should consider visiting Australia during their winter.  Even though for the most part, it is nowhere near as cold down under, it is still colder than the temperatures Australia experiences at the height of summer.  Regardless, there are still many things you can enjoy in the beautiful clear waters in and around Australia.  In the post below we will look at some of the most fun ways to get into the water down under during the colder months of the year.

Whale Watching

For those of you who do not know, winter time means whale watching season down under.  Large groups of species such as humpbacks migrate from the Antarctic to Australian waters where it is much warmer.  Although you will be able to see them from the mainland at the right spots with a good pair of binoculars, there are chances to get up much closer to them by taking a whale watching boat trip.  There are various reputable companies who organise these expeditions along the Gold Coast.

Winter Surfing

It is globally known that the Gold Coast is a prime spot for surfing and because it is so good it attracts professional surfers like Kelly Slater there every year.  Even in winter, people still enjoy hitting the waves as the water temperate doesn’t usually drop lower than 22 degrees.  If you are interested in trying surfing or are looking for something a bit different, you should definitely visit various beaches along the Gold Coast during winter, such as Palm Beach, Kirra Beach and Burleigh Heads to name a few.

Bondi Ice Skating

Although Australia hardly gets what many of us would call an actual winter, there are some places where everything gets a little chilly.  Bondi Beach for example, every year hosts it’s own beach side ice rink.  Okay, so it’s not exactly water in its liquid state, but it can be a very magical experience to skate on the ice under the warmth of the Australian winter sunshine.

Kayaking And Boating On The River

Whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned pro when it comes to boats, one of the best ways to get into the water during winter time in Australia is by hiring or buying a boat.  White water rafting, kayaking or taking to the waters in one of the powerful aquatic vehicles available from JSW Powersports are all great ways to experience the Australian water ways and sea during winter.

Winter Fishing

Now in the United Kingdom you may not dream of going fishing during winter time, but in and around Lake Jindabyne in New South Wales, the most popular time to fish is during the winter season.  From there you are free to take part in whatever form of fishing you prefer and there are great chances to land rainbow, brook and brown trout, but you may also get lucky and catch some Atlantic Salmon.

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