Snowshoeing: An Ancient Winter Sport Reborn

When you go on a winter vacation to a popular resort like Mont Tremblant, you are going to find a huge range of activities to enjoy for all the family. For many, skiing and snowboarding are at the top of the list. However, there are many other activities to try out, and one of the most popular is snowshoeing.

Here’s what you have to know about this ancient sport if you want to try it out this winte

What Does a Typical Expedition Involve?

If you go snowshoeing in Mont Tremblant, you will easily be able to arrange a day out snowshoeing on a tour. You will go in a group accompanied by an experienced guide who will provide you with all the equipment you need as well as tips on getting your technique right

You may head all the way to Versant Soleil’s shelter, where a hot meal awaits after all that hard work. It could also involve some night snowshoeing on the way back. In general, a tour will be about 5km long, and it is suitable for most ages depending on abilit

Essential Equipment for Snowshoein

One of the most important things when you go on your snowshoeing day out is that you use the correct equipment. If you go on a guided tour this will all be provided, but if you go on your own, here the main items that you will need include.

  • Sensible clothing, which often involves dressing in layers. When you first start off, the weather may be cold, but you may become hot as the day progresses. Wearing layers, including a base layer to wick the moisture away, a fleece, and a waterproof jacket, means you can add or remove layers depending on how hot or cold you are. A hat and a good pair of gloves are also a good idea.
  • Some good boots to wear, such as a strong pair of quality hiking boots. They should be comfortable and waterproof.
  • Gaiters that are waterproof and breathable will prevent snow from getting into your boots and making your feet cold.
  • Poles to provide you with support. These are not essential, and some people may not want to take them, but they can be very useful on longer trips into the snow because they provide you with extra stability and support.

Stay Safe on Your Snowshoeing Adventure

The first and most important rule when it comes to safety on your first snowshoeing trip is to go with an experienced guide. When you find Tremblant hotel deals and stay in accommodation here, you’ll be able to arrange a guided snowshoeing adventure with ease, and all the guides will be highly experienced.

You may choose to go in a group without a guide if you are more experienced, but either way you should always check the weather forecast before heading out. This will help you to prepare better—or to cancel the trip—depending on the weather conditions.

If you are quite new to the sport, make sure you don’t do anything too strenuous to start with. If you go on a guided tour, you are unlikely to do anything beyond your ability level. But if you are going off without a guide, practice on some easier trails first.

You should also pack some extra safety equipment, especially if you are heading out without a guide. These could include a GPS unit, a compass and map, a repair kit, and sunscreen. Keep all of these in a high-quality rucksack but try to keep it as light as possible.

Gary Cummins has spend a number of years working as a tour guide and is passionate about Winter sports. He enjoys being able to share his insights online. He has posted his thoughts previously on several relevant websites.