Design ideas for your Australian holiday home

The way you style your Australian holiday home is likely to be influenced by its location and the weather patterns that you will experience when using it. Top designers say they like to create interiors that are in tune with a home’s location and environment. Your chosen décor can reflect your home’s surroundings, at least to a certain extent. Whether your home is a beach house, a lodge at the edge of a vineyard or a cabin tucked away in rural mountains, there are plenty of ways to make the most of it.

Colour according to the climate

If you take a holiday to relax and rest, you may want to consider using calmer colours when you decorate. Avoid messy clutter, and keep surfaces clear and clean. Try using cooler shades of blue, white and green in places that get very hot, and opt for warm, rich, earthy shades in cooler locations. Keeping colours neutral means that you can add brighter tones in certain areas and personalize your spaces with accessories.

Get the light right

Before you rush out to buy the latest light fixtures, consider the amount of natural daylight your holiday home gets and make the most of it, as natural light is known to improve your productivity. If you’re intent on putting your energy into recharging your batteries during the holidays, you’ll do it better with plenty of natural light. Architects have long known the benefits of natural light and now tend to design buildings with this in mind. When it comes to styling windows and doors, wooden shutters are your best friends in terms of daylight control. Those with louvres are ideal for controlling how much light you want inside, and they have the added advantage of protecting your privacy. They will also keep warmth inside your home if you’re in a cooler location.

Cultural artefacts

Dressing your holiday home can reflect Australian cultural life as well as those items that are local to your area. Wall art, vases and dining ware can fit with the current trend for handmade items. Designers are favouring textured finishes such as ceramic, marble, sand and stone. Beach homes often feature shells, ropes and boats, while cushions and artwork use motifs on nautical themes in blue, white and navy. Forest lodges tend to look better with animal-themed or forest-based decorative objects in shades of brown and green. There are many craft fairs in Australia where artists exhibit their work, and if you browse the websites for the larger events such as those at Melbourne, you can see a great range of items that will inspire you to select what you want to include. Textiles, including quilts, wall hangings and cushions are particularly popular.

Keep it comfy

Finally, when it comes to furnishing your holiday home don’t forget it is there so that you can relax. Make sure the seating is ultra-comfortable, the barbecue is always nearby and your hammock is positioned with just the right amount of shade and light.