Experience True Luxury in Beautiful Mexico


The 21st century has brought us many benefits, not least the arrival of genuinely cheap air travel, and budget-priced cruises. Exotic resorts in far-flung countries, once reachable only by the very wealthy, are now regular holiday destinations for all, so if you want to go somewhere completely different, the choice is yours. In fact, the most difficult decision may be choosing where to go, such is the choice of quality destinations.

Deciding where to take a holiday is about knowing what you want to do when you get there; for many people, the ideal holiday is one spent on the beach, while others want a city to explore, or local history and culture to indulge in. For a place that offers all of this – and much more – you should try Puerto Vallarta, a superb resort on Mexico’s Pacific Ocean coast.

Occupying a wonderful stretch of coast known as the Bay of Banderas, the city has many fantastic attributes, and you can find vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta at sensible and surprisingly affordable rates. Luxury villas make for the very best accommodation for many reasons, and are a great way of getting perfect convenience and privacy, as well as a genuine home from home. Why do we recommend Puerto Vallarta? There are many reasons, as you shall see.

Attractions of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta began to be developed in the early part of the 19th century, and is now a thriving city, albeit a small enough one to explore on foot. In fact, most of the city is pedestrianised, so it is very easy to get about without a vehicle, although public transport covers the main areas. The mix of Spanish-influenced and modern architecture gives the city an interesting feel, and it is a notably friendly place, which is typical of Mexico.

You will find many fine shops in Puerto Vallarta, and a collection of excellent restaurants and cafes, plus lively bars that come to life at night, and you can also visit the local museums and galleries to get a taste of local history and culture. Indeed, food is a large part of the culture of Puerto Vallarta – and of Mexico itself – but more of that later!

For many people, the main attraction of the city is the coastline; the bay is home to some of the finest beaches in Mexico – if not the world – so if you are a beach lover, this is the place for you. Your villa accommodation will most likely be within easy walking distance of the nearest beach, so you have no problem finding somewhere to take in the sun. Palm trees often line the beaches, too, giving you welcome shade when it gets too hot, or you can take a dip in the water to cool down.

The waters of the bay are clear, making this a prime snorkelling location. Magnificent rock formations rise from the bay, and provide excellent places for the undersea wildlife to thrive, while many of the beaches are home to living reefs, so you will see exotic and beautiful creatures that you may not find elsewhere. You could even try fishing – the local seafood dishes are a speciality – or, if you are lucky enough, watch the whales that visit the bay in season, which is something to be savoured.

Food and Drink

As already mentioned, food plays a massive part in Mexican life, and nowhere more so than in coastal resorts such as Puerto Vallarta. Beaches often feature restaurants serving local dishes, and you may find the best of them along the Malecon, which is a paved walkway that skirts the shoreline in the city. The Old Town section of the city is also a great place to eat, and you really must try some of the speciality dishes.

Puerto Vallarta is known for a dish called Ceviche: this is raw fish, shrimps and scallops, served with onions and chilli, and served in lime juice. It may sound difficult, but is actually delicious, and well worth trying. Another local dish is a grilled red snapper – often caught in the bay – marinated in a paste of peppers, garlic and spices, or you could try a traditional tac from one of the street or beach vendors, for a true taste of Mexico.

During the evening, the bars of the city come to life with both tourists and locals visiting to try the local favourite, tequila. Be careful, as this wonderful spirit is surprisingly easy to drink, and very strong. You could dance the night away to live music in one the many clubs, or you may even find a concert in progress in the Plaza de Armas, the central square in the city, and enjoy the music in the evening sun. The relaxed yet lively atmosphere is one to savour, and there is something for everyone here.

Choice of Accommodation

There is a vast choice of vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta, so whether you are in need of a small villa for two, or a much larger one – perhaps for two families – there is something for you and your available budget. All are beautifully furnished, and you have a choice of self or part-catering, and you should look for one with a pool, which mist will offer.

A villa really is the most cost-effective method of accommodation for your Puerto Vallarta vacation, so check out the available options now and see how you can book a holiday in this wonderful place that everyone will enjoy.