Great Reasons To Head Down Under For The Australian Open

All tennis fans have their own favourite of the 4 main grand slams in the tennis calender, whether it is Wimbledon, the French Open, The US Open or the Australian Open.  However, tickets are now available to pre-order for the 2016 Australian Open from Queen Of Tickets, we take a look at some of the reasons why many people believe the slam down under to be the best.

It’s Known Worldwide As The Friendly Slam

It is not just the fans that enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Open in Melbourne, as even some of the best players in the world prefer it to the other 3.  Roger Federer has said in the past about how much he loves the laid-back attitude of the slam, citing the size of the city compared to the others as one of the reasons.

It’s Protected Against Unpredictable Weather

In recent years the work on the new roof of Margaret Court Arena meant that the Australian Open was the only “outdoor” tennis tournament to feature retractable covers for all three of Melbourne Park’s show courts.  The roofs are not only good for protecting against the rain, because as often the temperature in Australia at that time of year can reach 40+ degrees, it is good for keeping the players out of the heat as well.   This means that whatever the weather, if needed, all the singles matches could be played indoors without any delays in the busy schedule.

It Has Probably The Most Electric Crowds Of All The Tournaments

The crowds at Melbourne Park are well known for being rowdy, in the best possible way.  Not only do the local fans get behind their homeland hero such as Lleyton Hewitt and Nick Kyrios, they also offer warn and genuinely encouraging support for players from all over the world.  The Australian tennis fans love tennis and are not afraid to express that love with chanting, cheering and lots of shouting.

It Takes Place At An Address That Would Make The Dark Knight Proud

It may be a small thing, but Melbourne Park where the Australian Open takes place, has the best address of all the slams.  How can Avenue Gordon Bennett, Church Road, and Roosevelt Avenue compete with Batman Avenue?  That’s right, the Australian Open takes places on Batman’s avenue; perhaps that is where he hides out when he is down under?

It Offers A Fresh Start For Both Players And Fans

As the official start of the tennis calendar, the Australian Open is where the narrative of that year really begins.  How that tournament plays out, who wins and who loses can have a rather interesting effect on the rest of the year.  Players are less fatigued than they are at any other tournament throughout the year and are thus, unless injured or suffering from health problems, in good physical condition.  The fact that by the time the Australian Open comes along, it has been 2 months without a major tournament for the fans to obsess over; the appetite and excitement for on court action is at its highest then.