How to Take Care of Your Back While Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad is something many people enjoy, for work and others for pleasure. Regardless of the reason you are traveling abroad, it is important to take care of yourself, especially your back. Nobody expects to experience back pain or a back injury while traveling abroad but if you do it may be difficult to continue your trip or find the proper treatment and care. The best way to ensure that all of your trips abroad go smoothly is to take care of your back at all times.

Travel Pillows

You have probably seen travel pillows in many department stores and pharmacies and thought of them as just another novelty item that will just sit in the closet and never get used. Travel pillows are actually quite useful and could help prevent back pain while traveling and back injuries as well. Travel pillows can help improve your posture, prevent stiff necks and backs, pinched nerves and muscle spasms. If you have a history of back trouble and are concerned that you may experience back pain while traveling abroad you should always bring a travel pillow.


One of the easiest ways to hurt your back while traveling is carrying or lifting heavy luggage. When you travel abroad you may pack heavier than usual and lifting these heavy bags could easily injure your back. Even small carry-on luggage can be heavier than it appears and if you lift it too quickly, at the wrong angle or if you move or twist your body while lifting the luggage to put it in the overhead bin, you could pull a muscle or injure your back another way. Never strain to pull, push, lift or carry your bag and if your carry-on bag is heavy ask for help putting it in the overhead bin.


You might not think that shoes could cause back pain, but shoes can change your posture and the way you walk which can result in back pain and injury. While traveling, always wear comfortable shoes and avoid shoes that change the way you step or walk. Certain types of shoes such as dress shoes and boots with slick bottoms, sandals and high heels can also cause you to fall and injure your back. If you need to wear one of these types of shoes for a business meeting or special event, make sure you have a pair of comfortable shoes such as sneakers on hand as well.

Sitting Position

According to the Laser Health Spa, a company that offers alternative therapy options, traveling abroad can require long flights, train rides and drives. This means a lot of sitting. When you sit in one position too long or in an awkward position you can put strain on your muscles and lead to back pain and pinched nerves. The easiest way to prevent such issues is to stretch often, at least every half hour. If you are in a plane or train, move around whenever possible and if driving be sure to stop every few hours to take a small walk and stretch your arms, back, neck and legs.

A back injury while traveling abroad can ruin your trip and cause you to spend most of it in your hotel room or even a hospital. In some cases you may have to return home earlier than planned and miss out on important meetings or special occasions and opportunities. Don’t let back pain or injury ruin your trip. Take care of your back while traveling abroad so you can enjoy your adventure.

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