Incredible Cruise Destinations Off the Australian Coast

When people think of visiting Australia they probably don’t give much thought to cruises. Perhaps they’ll think of Australia’s cities and exploring the outback, or maybe scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. But water and lots of smaller islands surround Australia, so it’s the perfect country to set sail for a cruise. You can cruise around the coast of the country, visit the small groups of islands close by or branch out to New Zealand and further afield in the South Pacific. You can take long cruises to other countries, but short ones of just a couple of days can be just as amazing. Seeing some of Australia’s cities and their surroundings from a cruise ship is a unique way to explore the country.

Great Barrier Reef

Everyone has an image in their heads of the iconic Great Barrier Reef. Teeming with marine life and coral species, this world-famous reef is a popular destination for a short cruise. If you join a large cruise ship along the Queensland coast, you’re likely to be able to spend a day snorkeling and diving. But if you want to spend a bit more time around the reef, use a smaller cruise firm who will let you stay overnight in nearby towns, such as Townsville or Cairns. Visit Cruise Megastore to see some different options for cruises that visit the Reef.

See the Entire Australian Coast

If you just can’t decide where to go, don’t just pick one place. You can see the entire coastline of Australia by circumnavigating the country. Larger cruise lines tend to offer these cruises, and they are popular with both tourists and locals alike. Usually these long cruises set off from Sydney and last over a month, so they’re only for people who have a lot of time to travel. They sell out quite quickly, due to their popularity, so if you have the time and money it’s best to book as soon as possible. It’s worth it for seeing the whole country by sea.


The island of Tasmania, which lies off the southern coast of Australia, is a popular destination for leisure, for both Australians and tourists. You can cruise to Tasmania from one of several Australian ports, and often cruises continue on to New Zealand. You can catch a boat from Melbourne to Tasmania, either during the day or overnight, and it doesn’t take much time or money. Tasmania is a great destination to see some nature and do some walking.

Northwest Australia

The beautiful northwest part of Australia is also a popular destination for cruising from. Kimberley is a favourite destination and an excellent coast to explore on a small ship. Smaller ships are perfect for a more intimate adventure, and you can visit places that larger vessels can’t reach. You can visit reef and island sites, with national parks and plenty of opportunities to hike and swim along the way. You’ll see marine life aplenty as your cruise, and stop at islands full of impressive flora and fauna.


Photo courtesy of Bruce Tuten