Why Use a VPN When You Access the Web on Your Australian Vacation

If you are heading off to Australia on vacation, and are planning your trip, one thing you may not have thought about yet is what you will do when you want to access the internet. Naturally, in Australia there is a great infrastructure for getting online, however as with any travel abroad, for this you will be largely reliant on public networks.


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In any Australian city you can find a huge range of places like pubs, coffee shops, restaurants and malls that offer Wi-Fi to their guests, plus you will find Wi-Fi available at many hotels, hostels and airports. This means you never have to go too far to hook your laptop, tablet or smartphone up to a free network if you don’t want to worry about paying roaming charges on your phone or USB modem’s data plan. The only downside to this is that using public networks can be risky from a data security point of view, as it is when accessing these kinds of networks that data being sent and received is most commonly compromised.

Luckily, there is a very easy way to browse safely and keep things like your passwords secure when you are on vacation in Australia. All you need to do is use a reliable Virtual Private Network – most often known as a VPN.

How to Use a VPN

To use a VPN when you browse and keep your web activity encrypted and secure, first you need to find a VPN service that suits you. There are many different ones available, so it is a good idea to do some comparisons and read some user reviews. You can look at the choice of good VPN services in Australia reviewed by bestvpnservicemag here. By checking out reviews you can see how performance stacks up and which providers can offer the best value for money for the service you need. Once you have a VPN account, you will then access it to activate your VPN whenever you connect to the internet. This can be done either using a client program on your computer, or by going to a website and logging in with your credentials.

Some Further Benefits to Surfing with a VPN on Vacation

As well as boosting your security a whole lot, using a VPN also means you, as a user, appear to be in the VPN’s location, rather than where you actually are. This means you will have access to web content and services that may be available in your home, but not accessible in Australia for whatever reason (avoiding that dreaded ‘not available in your location’ message when you try to play a YouTube video you could watch fine at home).

While web security may not be the first thing on your mind when you are excited about planning your trip to Australia, the time it takes to choose and subscribe to a VPN, and the few seconds it takes to log in to it each time are well worth it to avoid the pain of compromised data and hacked accounts!

Relocating to Queensland? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Relocating to Australia is a grand adventure. But, as you are aware, it’s a vast and encompassing place. One of the more popular relocation destinations for expats is Queensland. It has a thriving city scene, and the employment rates are low. What is more, it is one of the cheaper areas to live within. Although, your quality of life is not impeded in any way. Little wonder people are flocking to Queensland in their droves.

When it comes to relocating, there are some things that you need to know. Let’s take a look.

The Big Leap: Why Queensland?

Queensland is one of the fastest growing states within Oz. With more expats choosing to move there, the state is now up and coming in a very real way. The state offers people sunshine, employment and much more. With low unemployment rates and a high corporate industry, the choice is obvious. After all, no one wants to move and not find employment.



But, one of the biggest advantages of moving to this area is that Brisbane has a thriving commerce centre. The capital of Queensland is one of the biggest draws for new expats. The Brisbane River has ensured that the city could thrive and grow. The capital was declared the Economists 21st most developing state. With the UK only coming in at number 50, that’s pretty impressive. What is more, Queensland is one of the few places in the world that did not suffer at the hands of the recession. It continued to thrive and prosper.

However, you will need to obtain a Business and Skilled Migration to live and work within Queensland. Due to the commerce-style nature of the economy, expats with skills are what the state requires.



City Life

As with any significant move, you need to consider your employment options. Brisbane is the most obvious choice for any new expat. But, city life, as with anywhere in the world, can be costly. The obvious choice is Toowoomba. The city is a short commute from the thriving centre of Brisbane, and the cost of living is considerably cheaper. Finding good real estate agents Toowoomba is not a difficult task. A simple Google search will retrieve thousands of results. Many expats choose to live in these cities due to the banking industry at the technological centre that operates out of Brisbane.

Of course, city life is not for everyone…

The Best Suburbs to Live in Queensland

Sandgate and Daisy Hill are consistently voted the best suburban areas to live within Queensland. Both areas boast exquisite private schools and quality accommodation. What is more, these are more affordable options than living in the heart of the city.

Commuting and Travel

Commuting is easy within Brisbane and Queensland. The city centre has a grid-like system so that you can commute with ease. All streets are named after queens and kings; making is easy to get across the capital. Trains, metros and bus routes are easy to understand within the area. In fact, Queensland has one of the most developed public transport systems within Oz.

Australia Venues for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

If you are a cricket fan you may want to brace yourself for another epic experience of non-stop cricket games. The 2015 string of games will be hosted in two nations: Australia and New Zealand. Both of these nations are known to have some awesome ICC world cup venues & hotels which can be enjoyed by any travelling fan. In this particular piece, we are going to focus on Australia and look at some of the venues where these games will be played in. Generally, Australia is an attractive destination for both the local tourists and the international tourists. This gives the country an added advantage even when it plans to host one of the biggest events in cricket history.

1. Adelaide

Located in the state of South Australia, Adelaide is ranked among the top attraction destinations in Australia. It is perfectly situated on the coast which makes it attractive to tourists who do not mind exploring the region. The coastline is blessed with kilometers of white sandy beaches which forms part of the attraction. Among other top attractions that the city boasts of include but not limited to: colonial stone architecture, sporting events, remarkable gardens, lively festivals and sporting events. The city is also known to be spacious courtesy of its structural features that revolve around a very simple plan. Also known as the Australia’s wine capital, Adelaide will host the following matches: India Vs. Pakistan, England Vs. Bangladesh, Pakistan Vs. Ireland and the quarter finals.

2. Melbourne

Situated around Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne forms part of the top attractions in Australia. The city center is positioned along the Yarra River which creates an amazing tourist attraction point. You can enjoy the opulent bars, a maze of hidden laneways, boutiques and exclusive restaurants. The vibrant capital of Victoria is known for loads of stuff including: its style, sport, dining and culture. These features combine together to form one major attraction that even entices the worlds as they come for the Australian Grand Prix and the Australian Open Tennis. The capital will host: England Vs. Australia, South Africa Vs. India, Sri Lanka Vs. Bangladesh, the quarters and the finals.

3. Perth

Besides the games, Perth provides tourists with a great opportunity where they get enjoy the beach lifestyle. As the Australia capital, visitors can visit the city knowing very well that they are in for a treat of their lifetime. You can relax in the natural bushland, wait to see the sun set over the ocean and get to explore the local wines which are associated with world-class quality. Despite the fact that Perth is one of the sunniest state capitals, it has amazing features that can be enjoyed by anyone whether local or international.

If you are bored touring the city, you may consider cruising the Swan River and go past parks and skyscrapers gain access to the 40 vineyard which is found in the Swan Valley. Another top attraction in Perthis the Rottnest Island. Games that will be played here include: India Vs. UAE, Australia Vs. Afghanistan, and India Vs. West Indies.

Five Regions, Five Different Worlds: Travelling Australia

From sub-tropical wilderness to one of the largest fringing reefs in the world, miles of sweeping arid desert to one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots and, of course, the country’s sunniest capital city, travelling around Western Australia is like exploring five completely different worlds.

Whatever your interests, Oz has something different to offer every traveller. Plan your journey with our handy guide to the five regions Down Under.

Perth and the Surrounding Area


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Positively buzzing with a selection of hip bars and restaurants, shopping areas, cultural spaces and one of the world’s largest inner city parks, the Western Australia capital city of Perth boasts the impressive title of sunniest city in Australia! Perth is famous for its relaxed way of life and focus on the outdoors, and in the surrounding areas you’ll find an abundance of fresh local produce, nineteen white-sand beaches, the picturesque island of Rottnest and one of the world’s greatest wine regions.

Perth is also the gateway to the rest of Western Australia, easily accessible by land, sea and air.

The Coral Coast


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If sunny beach holidays and getting up close and personal with the underwater world is your thing, The Coral Coast should be your first port of call. The area is home to some of the world’s most diverse marine habitats and you can find the World Heritage listed Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef – the planet’s largest fringing reef and one of the only places you can swim with whale sharks, the largest fish in the ocean.

Kalgoorlie and the Golden Outback Region

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Just a short flight from Perth, the Golden Outback region is home to one of the world’s largest wildflower collections and is the perfect place to enjoy a true Australian adventure. Carpeting the ground beneath the beautiful outback skies, the beach at Lucky Bay is the whitest in Australia but for the more adventurous, some of the biggest waves can be caught at Wave Rock. If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite for adventure, scale the largest monolithic rock on Earth at Mount Augustus or simply grab your mates and take to the red dirt highways for a roadtrip you won’t forget in a hurry.

The North West Outback


Roebuck Bay via https://mnestis.wordpress.com

For a real adventure in the Australian Outback, you can’t beat a stay in the region’s North West. Some of the country’s most breath-taking scenery can be found here and you can step back billions of years exploring this incredible natural world. Some of the highlights across the region’s one million square kilometres include the ancient gorges at Karijini National Park, Gibb River Road and the incredible Staircase to the Moon, as the combination of low tide and rising full moon over the exposed mudflats of Roebuck Bay creates the illusion of a staircase reaching up to the moon.

The North West is easily reached by plane, but it’s well worth enjoying the drive and discovering more useful information about Australia along the way if you have some more time.

The South West


Cape Bridgewater via http://www.bridgewaterbay.com.au/

Australia is famous for its fantastic surf conditions and if you’re on the hunt for some of the best waves to ride, the mild climate, abundance of sunshine and out-of-this-world beaches will seem like paradise to you. But waves aren’t the South West’s only draw. Almost 80% of the plant species here are completely unique to the area and you can enjoy breath-taking walking trails, discover ancient caves and even go whale watching. All followed by an evening enjoying the region’s world-class wine, of course.


How To Make The Most Out Of A Trip To Sydney

Sydney has so much to see and do that its visitors are spoilt for choice. Out of its many attractions on offer, these are some of the favourites.


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Walking and Hiking

Popular with walkers, Sydney is home to many beautiful walking trails. However, the favourite with locals and visitors alike, is the Bondi beach to Coogee walk. Whilst most walkers take the standard Bondi beach to Bronte path, the path leading from Waverley Cemetery to Coogee has the most spectacular views.

Another favourite with hikers is Blue Mountain. Whilst most visitors take the bus to Echo Point for views of the remarkable Three Sisters rock formation. Those that are willing to get off the bus and walk further, can enjoy the astounding walks of the Jamison Valley.


Of all Sydney’s attractions, the Golden Age Cinema and bar is a firm favourite with locals. This restored former Paramount screening room has just 56 seats, making it an idyllic place to watch a film or meet with friends. Complete with its elegant bar, this is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening out. For a trip back in time and matching prices, visit the cinema on a Tuesday night and pay the admission price from the year the film was originally released.

For a spot of more active entertainment, spend an afternoon horse riding in Sydney’s Centennial Park, Australia’s answer to London’s Hyde Park. Located within the park, the Centennial Park Equestrian Centre offers horse hire and guide horse rides for less experienced riders.


Brimming with delicious restaurants and eateries, Sydney is a food critics dream. From Bourke Street Bakery’s pies to Mary’s famed burgers, the food scene in Sydney has a lot to offer.

If the weather’s warm and you fancy a night in, you can pay for an authentic Australian BBQ to be cooked for you. If there is a large group of you, it could be worth booking a professional BBQ catering Sydney based company to cook, supply and manage your BBQ for you.


Out of all Sydney’s sights, the most impressive by far, are Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Botanical Gardens.

Its iconic architecture and stunning views aside, the Sydney Opera House is also a functioning entertainment venue. If the building itself interests you, regular guided tours take place throughout the day. The tours focus on the construction and architecture of the building.

One of the most popular pastimes that Sydney Harbor Bridge offers, is the chance to climb it.

Complete with its own rose garden, Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens are known as the city’s ‘veggie patch’. With free guided tours and a land train, the Botanical Gardens are the perfect place to spend the afternoon relaxing.

An Adventure Seeker’s Guide To Campervan Vacations In Australia

As you know, Australia is both a country and a vast continent. The majority of the population live in towns and cities scattered along its coastlines. But there are plenty of hidden gems the further inland you travel.

The country has a good public transport provision, and many choose to fly interstate from one major city to another. Flying or even traveling by rail are convenient ways to get across the country from one destination to another.

But what if you want to explore all that Australia has to offer? Perhaps the best way of doing so is to travel in a campervan. If you have the luxury of a spare few months, it’s possible to travel across the length and breadth of the country in its entirety.


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To travel across Australia by road, you need a campervan. You will come across places where staying in a hotel is not an option, and so you will need your own hotel on wheels! I don’t recommend renting a campervan as it will cost you a small fortune in rental fees.

Instead, you need to buy a campervan for your Australian adventure vacation. In today’s blog post, I will give you some hints and tips on how to travel across this iconic country the right way. Here is what you need to know:

Buy a reliable campervan

On the face of it, you might be thinking that buying a campervan will cost more than renting one. Depending on what you buy, this could well be the case. But when you no longer need your campervan, you can always sell it afterward and recoup some of your cash back!

What you choose is, of course, up to you. For example, you might have designs on a Volkswagen Type 2 bus from the 1960s or 1970s. Or you might want a modern Transporter van that’s only a few years old.

Regardless of what you buy, you need to ensure that it’s reliable. If your campervan breaks down in the middle of the desert, it could be days rather than minutes or hours before help is at hand.

When viewing campervans for sale, take a mechanic friend with you and have them check the campervan over. You could also pay for an independent inspection if you want added peace of mind.

Think about what you need

People new to campervan vacations in Australia might assume the country’s interior is empty. Well, apart from wild animals and desert that is! But nothing could be further from the truth!

Australia has over 516 national parks, for instance. In those parks, you can expect to find camping and caravan facilities such as showers, toilets and recreation areas. And you’ll often find other modern conveniences such as grocery stores.

It’s worth investing in a campervan that offers shower and toilet facilities in case you do have to park up in a remote area. Other usual features it should contain include a sink for washing, a microwave oven and a gas oven. A small fridge will also keep perishable items cool and fresh.

If you are seeking creature comforts, you should set your sights on a motorhome rather than a campervan. They are bigger in size, and are comparable to RVs in the United States. They can also sleep up to six people two, whereas you can only have a total of two in a campervan. Still, if you are traveling solo or with your better half, a campervan is all you’ll need!

Getting the right insurance

It doesn’t matter if you are visiting Australia or you live there. The one important thing you will need on any campervan adventure vacation is insurance! First of all, your campervan will need insurance before you can even drive it anywhere. The good news is that it’s easy to get quotes for campervan insurance down under.


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Next you will need to organize medical insurance cover for yourself and anyone else in your party. As you might be aware, medical bills can often go into their thousands. If you injure yourself in Australia, you’ll have peace of mind that your bills will get covered.

Are you planning to take up any extreme sports in Australia like kayaking or hiking? If so, you might also want to get outdoor adventure insurance too. For the most part, campervan and medical insurance cover are the only things you will need.

Do you have legal entitlement to drive?

Before you spend any money buying campervans and paying for insurance, are you allowed to drive in Australia?

If you are visiting Australia from another country, you will need your home country’s drivers license. If it’s not in English, you will also need an International Driving Permit. You will also need to be between 21 and 75 years of age to drive a campervan in Australia.

Planning your journey

A lot of intrepid adventurers like to plan their own itineraries. It gives them the freedom to travel at their own pace, and visit only the areas they find interesting.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, planning a campervan adventure vacation in Australia has never been easier! Google Maps, for instance, can help you to plot your journeys and tell you how long each leg will take.

Websites like TripAdvisor offer reviews on points of interest, restaurants and more. Plus you can always visit the various tourism websites to learn more about where you might like to visit.

Where you visit will depend on how much time you can spend in Australia. The other factor you need to take into account is money. While there are plenty of free things to do, you still need to pay for stuff like food, campground fees and so forth.

By following the tips on this blog post, you can be sure to have an awesome time on your travels! I hope you have enjoyed reading this guide. Feel free to share it with your friends if they are planning such an adventure in the future. Thanks for reading!

Australia’s Six Greatest Surf Spots

The land down under is known for its gorgeous weather, breathtaking beauty, and awesome surf spots. World renowned as the premier surfing destination, Australia offers both experienced and inexperienced surfers spectacular rides.

Go surfboard shopping, book a flight to Australia, and get ready to have the surfing experience of your life. Here are the top six surf spots you can’t miss:

1.  North Coast—Angourie to Byron Bay, New South Wales

The surfing counter-culture took hold in Australia in the late sixties, and NSW became the hot spot for anyone with a board and a desire to commune with the waves. While it remained a hidden gem for close to two decades, its popularity grew once word got out Aussie’s famous surfing legend Nat Young surfs there whenever he can.

NSW is known as Australia’s best wave and best hangout spot. It has this relaxed vibe and carefree attitude that will make you want to surf there over and over again.

2. Noosa—Point Break, Queensland

This area is absolutely gorgeous and one of the most photogenic long-board breaks in the world. On its best days, Noosa has been known to offer 200-meter rides with decent swells that usually attract crowds of locals. But when the waters are calm, it’s the perfect location for beginners.

3. Snapper Rocks, Queensland

This sand bottom point break on the Gold Coast is a world-renowned surfing spot for local world champs like Joel Parkinson, Stephanie Gilmore, and Mick Fanning as well as home to elite international surfing championships. Snapper, located at Rainbow Bay, is home to ‘Super Bank,’ regarded in surfing circles as the longest and most hollow wave in the world. The swell usually reaches six to eight feet, and one clean wave can transport you almost two kilometers.

4. Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms, New South Wales

Lighthouse Beach and Treachery Beach at Seal Rocks are known for epic waves. The area is picture perfect and often visited by dolphins. This area is fairly undeveloped, making it truly the soul-surfer/searching experience.

5. Northern Beaches, New South Wales:

Sydney’s northern peninsula offers a series of beaches unmatched by anywhere else in the world. This succession of beaches begins with Manly Beach, a beach known for plenty of breaks and punchy barrels. Nearby is the Freshwater Beach, which is home to bodysurfers, and also the spot where surfing was first introduced in 1915. Lastly is Palm Beach, which is known for its distinctive burnt-orange sands and beach breaks that experienced surfers flock to.

6. Torquay—Bells Beach, Victoria

Bells Beach is the home of Australian surfing. It is still the site of the country’s oldest and most prestigious professional surfing event—Rip Curl Pro. Bells Beach is known for outstanding surf that has been recorded to reach five meters or more thanks to the shallow reefs throughout.

When it comes to finding the best surf swells in the world, Australia is unmatched. When it comes to the surfing bucket list, Australia should be at the top.

Image Source: www.clubofthewaves.com

Luxury Yacht Charter: The Australian Kimberley

When people consider a luxury yacht charter in Australia, they often think of the coconut palms and fine white sands of the Whitsundays, or the outstanding diving of the Great Barrier Reef.

Perhaps they think of entering Sydney Heads, cruising past the white sails of the Opera House and below the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge with its flag waving under vast Australian skies.

Both of those destinations alone are well worth chartering a yacht in Australia. Yet, in a country with a coastline bigger than that of America, they only scratch the surface of Australian luxury yacht charter destinations.

The Kimberley region is one such exotic destination, offering some of the wildest cruising on the planet and yours to explore in absolute sophistication on a luxury charter yacht.

Three times the size of England with only 40 000 inhabitants, the Kimberley region stretches west of Darwin in the Northern Territory across to Broome in north-western Australia, where you can ride camels along Cable Beach under the setting sun.

This is remote cruising, far from the glittering harbour yacht cruises in Sydney, the culture and grand sporting events of Melbourne, and palm fringed islands and reefs of north Queensland.

The Kimberley is where the Australian Outback meets the Indian Ocean, fierce and raw and staggeringly beautiful. It is a region few people on earth are lucky enough to see, so isolated that many of its wonders can only be reached by boat.

Cruise on your yacht through perfect archipelagos of turquoise waters and red rock islands, the only sound the cries of the birds wheeling above, no sight of man as far as the eye can see.

Float past white sand beaches with great crocodiles resting on their banks, and power up tremendous gorges, waterfalls plunging off escarpments into cool, deep pools.

Take a 4WD into the Outback to visit the magnificent Bungle Bungles, the red rock carved into fantastic bulbous shapes, and see ancient Aboriginal paintings left there by the early custodians of this extraordinary country.

There are none of the hazy summer skies and long twilights of the Mediterranean here, for this land only knows the language of the dramatic- raging red sunsets that look like the end of the world has come, and immense twelve-metre tides that force waterfalls to run uphill and reefs to rise out of the water.

Take a helicopter above the great waterfalls and gorges, or get off the boat for a night to stay at the luxury outback homestead El Questro, taking in the night-time sounds of the Australian bush, the smell of eucalypts or of rain soaking into dry red earth. Sit on the sundeck of your yacht and watch the storms rolling in from Asia, thundering across the rocky red landscape and drifting off into Australia’s vast interior. This is truly awe-inspiring cruising, never to be forgotten.

Whether you want the glamour and fine dining of Sydney, the tropical paradise that is the Whitsundays or the rugged and remote beauty of the Kimberley, Northrop & Johnson can organise an Australian yacht charter to surpass your expectations.


A Guide to Planning the Perfect Romantic Evening Out in Sydney

When people think of romantic cities, Rome, Paris and even London are typically the first places that come to mind. Each one of these cities has attracted lovers from all across the globe for centuries. So, if you’re currently planning a romantic getaway, there’s a fair chance that these cities are at the top of your list.

Well, we’re here to let you in on a little secret because there’s a place that you probably haven’t even considered. A place that offers romance, excitement and is guaranteed to make your vacation with that special someone a trip to remember. Have you guessed yet? Let us give you one last clue. The city we’re talking about boasts one of the world’s largest natural harbors and is home to a world-famous opera house. That’s right! The city of Sydney, state capital of New South Wales, and one of Australia’s most beautiful and vibrant cities.


Image Credit: flickr.com

Romantic Plane Ride

One of the best, and most importantly romantic, ways of taking in the city’s most famous landmarks is by air. You can opt to fly by plane, or if you’re feeling very brave, you could even go up in a hot-air balloon! However, if you or your special someone is scared of heights, then it may be best to look at ways of exploring the city on the ground. Although flying is certainly the more romantic option, if heights make you dizzy and feel nauseated, it may spoil the moment somewhat!

Take in a Show

No visit to Sydney would be complete without paying a visit to one of its most famous, and most romantic landmarks. Now, before you roll your eyes at the idea of watching an opera, Sydney Opera House is also a center for the performing arts. It houses all kinds of acts and performers, including comedy, dance and music, so there’s bound to be something on that both you and your ‘squeeze’ can enjoy together.

Watch the Sunset Over the Harbor

One of the main things that makes Sydney such a romantic place to be, is that you can be in a built up city one second, and then staring out over the silent ocean the next. So, we recommend that after taking in a show at the opera house, you both take a romantic stroll along the beach.

You could even surprise your special someone with champagne cocktails and a romantic picnic. Find a quiet spot and stare out over the ocean, and we guarantee that it’ll feel like you are the only two people who exist in the whole world. Be warned though, because once you’ve seen the sunset on Sydney Harbor, you’re probably going to want to move there. You’d be in good company as an increasing number of people from all across the globe are choosing to relocate to the city each and every year. Mirvac have houses for sale in Sydney, or you could check out the windows of some local realtors. After all, where’s the harm in looking?

Well, now you know exactly where you’re going for your romantic getaway, you better get packing!

How to Play Aussie Beach Cricket

If you’re vacationing in Australia, then you’re undoubtedly going to want to enjoy one or more of the many wonderful beaches the country has to offer. While many people will be content sunbathing with a good book, the more active will want something a little more exciting. Beach cricket is the answer. Played with just a few rudimentary pieces of equipment, and relatively straightforward rules, it’s a great game to play in a fantastic location, even if you’re just a small group.


You don’t really need much to get a game of beach cricket going. In fact, the only real piece of cricket equipment that helps is a bat (click here to find some), but even then you might be able to find something else to use. Aside from that, you’ll need some way of marking out the boundary, which can be done by drawing lines in the sand, a ball which is usually going to be a tennis ball, and something to represent stumps. Cool boxes are a popular choice for this. There’s literally nothing else to it, which is why it’s so popular in the summer months.


Beach cricket is actually only loosely based on the real game of cricket that you’ll see on the TV, and this is mainly to make things a little easier to grasp and more fun. There’s also more than one set, with a lot of different optional rules depending on how you like to play. A good framework to begin with can be found here, but you’re free to make things up as you go along. It does help is you have some understanding of a game like cricket or rounders, but you’ll pick it up in no time even if you’ve never seen or played the sport before.

Other Idiosyncrasies

While there are competitive beach cricket tournaments, things are generally supposed to be informal and fun. Things like the ‘No Duck’ rule are intended to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves, and as many games as possible should be paired with drinks, food and a great atmosphere. The surface you play on will also throw up a few challenges that are different to other backyard forms of cricket. In particular, bouncing the ball is very unpredictable, so you’ll need to bowl full tosses. It’s also best to play on the damp, harder sand or people and balls will be all over the place.