Are You Considering a Move to Western Australia?

Western Australia is proving to be a popular location for expats to move to. Western Australia is nothing short of amazing. For those that are keen to relocate, Western Australia has it all. It is easy to see why so many people are choosing to move there.

Where to Live and Affluent Areas

Perth is popular with many who want to experience the highs and lows of living in a bustling  capital city. For others, they favour a beach side location such as Baldivis. Choosing the right land lot in Baldivis is critical. After all, you want your move to be a success. Your relocation should be based on what you want from the WA lifestyle. Beaches and city locations are popular with expats. Think about where you want to reside.

Popular areas include:

  • Perth
  • Baldivis
  • Mandurah
  • Melville

Lifestyle and Hobbies

Perth, the capital of WA, has more sunshine hours than any other capital within Oz. The climate is often described as Mediterranean, which holds a lot of appeal for many. Due to the hot summers and mild winters, many see this as an ideal place to live and work. Due to the climate, many people have an outdoors based lifestyle. Running, walking and swimming are all popular pastimes.

Outside of Perth, in the regional areas, the landscape is truly diverse. There are green fields and sandy beaches. What is more, there are vineyards and forests. The outback is prevalent and is there for all to see. The experience of living in WA is unlike anywhere else. Its diversity is part of its broad appeal.


Perth by Steve

Matters of the Economy

WA is a wealthy area within Australia as a whole. Perth, as with all capital cities, is a thriving economic hub. Employment is plentiful, and the rates of unemployment are low. Agriculture, manufacturing and tourism are the main resources for the economy. However, this is not just the case with WA. WA, as a whole, provided 46% of Australia’s total export. It is easy to see that this region of Australia is affluent and productive. This makes it an attractive prospect for many expats who are keen to relocate.

Housing and Accommodation

In Western Australia, many properties are sold on a freehold basis. This means that they are purchased under the offer and acceptance basis. For many, this is not an unusual way to seek out the purchase of property. In the last three years, there has been a trend that has seen more and more people buy under auction. This is a savvy to buy property in the WA region. But, as an expat this can be a complicated process to buying property.

You can see a wide variety of properties advertised by realtors. This enables people to find homes quickly.

The average price in Perth is $500,000. In the regionalised areas, this can be $300,000. Of course, you will need to consider your location before you move. Also consider your financial budget before you embark on your journey of relocation.

Western Australia is an amazing place to live and work. If you are considering relocating, this is the ultimate place to reside.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a New Life in Australia

Australia is a vast continent, known for its huge expanses of land and its rugged and untamed landscape. So it can be of little wonder that so many people choose to emigrate here each and every year. With beautiful beaches and turquoise seas, migrants come here in search of fun, sun and a better standard of living. It’s a country that’s particularly popular with the Brits. And when you compare their climate with our own, it’s not hard to see why!


It’s also a country that’s economically stable, with affordable real estate and an excellent healthcare system. So, if you’re someone who craves the relaxed and ‘outdoorsy’ Aussie way of life, then read on. Because if you’re one of the people who’s looking to relocate there are things you need to consider before you can make your dream a reality. You may have given thought to the possible culture shock, employment prospects and cost of living. But until you actually experience life here first-hand, you really won’t be able to gauge if moving here on a permanent basis is a practical idea.

So, why not plan an extended visit first? Cheap Lion Air flights are one affordable travel option. And if it turns out that Aussie living isn’t for you, a visit will end up costing you a lot less in the long-term anyway. When planning your visit, it’s wise to choose accommodation in or around the area you plan on moving to. Learn as much about the people and the culture as you can before departing. This will help you to feel more settled upon arrival. It can also help you avoid some of the most-common mistakes made by tourists and migrants. It’s easier than you might think to end up offending the natives if you’re ignorant to certain aspects of their culture.


Try to avoid the usual tourist hotspots, because as amazing as these places are, they don’t give you a real insight into what it’s like to live here. And if you do end up relocating, you’ll have all the time in the world to explore the country’s most popular attractions. Talk to the locals and look off the beaten track. Check out local events, get involved and interact with the local community as much as possible. These people are important because they might just end up being your new friends and neighbors.

Eat in the local restaurants and eateries, and pick up groceries at the local store. Treat the whole experience, not as a holiday, but as more of a way of testing what your new life would be like. Take note of what you spend each day, and use it to calculate what you’d need to earn in order to enjoy a good standard of living out here.

Australia is one of the best places to live in the whole world. So, if you’re still set on relocating we hope we’ve helped to make the transition that much easier. Now all that’s left to do say is ‘Welcome to Australia!’



A One Day Tour to Sydney, Australia

Trips to Sydney, Australia are always wonderful; they are full of surprises and amazing sights to see. It’s not possible to exhaust all the attractions within a day but these day tours will most definitely guarantee that you get a chance to see most of the city’s highlights. A day tour will ensure that you enjoy a relaxing and stress free experience through the traffic. With day tours, you can either to choose to go guided or more independently. It all depends on you; all you need to do is to pick a suitable tour package. This piece will showcase some of the highlights of Sydney.

a) Sydney Bridgeclimb

Our top travel blog has rated the Sydney Bridgeclimb as one of the top sights to tour while in Australia. The sight will strike you as one of the most exciting ways to see Sydney. The famous landmark allows you to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge which always a fun experience. Get to watch the sun rise or set while enjoying the 360 degree view of the city. If you feel like going on an adventure, the Sydney Bridgeclimb can offer you exhilarating experience.

b) Sydney Harbour Cruises

Anyone who has ever been to Sydney can attest to the fact that Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. Add to it the fact that you get to experience this beauty on board the Sydney Harbour Cruises and you can understand why people are always flocking to the sight. There are a lot of attractions here; by visiting the harbour, you also get a glimpse of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Fort Denison and the legendary Sydney Opera House. One thing that you can be sure of is that in Sydney, there are a lot of cruises available.

c) Enjoy the Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruises

Sydney Harbour offers something for everyone. While here, you can make the most out of your experience and enjoy some of the best delicacies Australia has to offer. Get to choose your lunch or dinner location to enjoy your meals while enjoy the beautiful sights. The dinning cruises have a lot to offer including; lunch, sunset, dinner and show cruises. One of the best experiences here is when you get to witness the overwater changing views. For a day’s tour, these cruises will guarantee you value for your money.

d) Tours and Sightseeing in Sydney

As a fantastic city to go on a day tour, Sydney offers more that you can bargain for. There are many attractions to see in the city. To make the most out of your day trip, you are advised to be very categorical when choosing sightseeing tours. Your tour can include a visit to the Sydney historical Rocks, Darling Harbour and Sydney Harbour Bridge precinct.

With these kinds of attractions in Sydney, it makes the city one of the best options to go when planning for a day tour. Just visit your local Australian embassy for legal visa requirements to be fulfilled. With an ideal travel itinerary, you can tour most of the city’s highlights.

Essential Travel Information for Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the coolest and trendiest places in all over Australia. For those who are keen to get hip and happening, you need to get to Melbourne. There is so much to see and do in Melbourne that you may be spoilt for choice.

The Key Facts and History of Melbourne

The location of Melbourne is on the south-east edge of Oz. This is reflected in the climate. Many tourists flock here, annually, to enjoy the warm temperature in this marvelous city. During the Gold Rush, Melbourne played a prominent role. Due to the ecosystems within Australia, Melbourne was a hive of activity during this time. During the Gold Rush of the 1850s, Melbourne was subjected to rapid growth. This benefit can still be felt now in the thriving hub of the city.

Fact fans will be rejoicing to know that Melbourne is the only major Australian city that was not founded solely as a convict colony.

Out and About in Melbourne

The Taste of Good Food

As with any major city, Melbourne is not shy of a few good bars and restaurants. There is a plethora of gastro-delights for you to feast upon. The great thing is, is that this city has a lot to offer due to its multi-cultural roots. Take a trip to Melbourne in March, so that you can join in the Melbourne Food Festival. You will be sure to give your taste buds a treat. It is safe to say that Melbourne is the food capital of Oz. Foodies, be prepared to sample some serious cuisine in the city.


A nighttime image of the Melbourne Skyline.

Travelling Around the City

Travel is easy within the city. In fact, you will be amazed at how simple and easy it is to get around Melbourne. Let’s take a look at the facts; Melbourne has the largest tram network in the world. The bus system has over 320 routes around the confines of the city. What is more, there is a metro rail system that is the second largest in the whole of Oz. You can even seek out limo hire in Melbourne if your heart desires. Travelling around the city is a doddle.

Accommodation and Places to Stay

There is a wide range of budget hotels, hostels and luxury accommodation within the heart of Melbourne. So much so, that it can cater for any budget size. You will be spoilt for choice at the range of accommodation facilities afforded to you.

Things to do in Melbourne

Now you have the basic facts you will probably want to know what you can see and do within Victoria’s capital city.

The skyline of the city centre cannot be beaten. It is a thriving cosmopolitan hub and looks nothing short of beautiful. City landscapes have never looked so pretty. For those who do not have a crippling fear of heights, take yourself off to Eureka Tower. This is the tallest tower within Melbourne. You can see the stunning views from the observation deck. Just remember to not look down. If you want to break from the city, head to the Yarra Valley where you can relax in the serenity of Victoria. It is a short distance from the bustling hub of the financial district in Melbourne and is the perfect anecdote to city life.

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Australia

Embarking on your big move to Australia is both exciting and terrifying. For many, it is a leap into the unknown. For others, it is a great chance to start afresh. Whatever your reasoning for leaving the UK, be rest assured that thousands of Brits have started their new lives in Oz easily.



Immigrating to Australia is a big commitment. For many, they are unaware of the protocols that need to be followed. If you are in the planning stages of your big move, let’s take a look at everything that you need to know before you move to Australia.

Visas and Documentation

Australia has tough immigration policies. If you don’t have the required visas, documentation and paperwork you may be refused entry. Of course, you will be aware of the immigration process. It can be demanding, but if you have all of the relevant paperwork, your move will be done easily. The Australian government requests that expats have a good level of education, or trade. This is so that your skills can be utilised in the local economy. If you are a plumber or a hairdresser, you will find employment much more easily than you would in the UK.


Property in Australia is very cheap when compared to the UK. If you are keen to get find out more, check out property law books for more detailed advice. Rental prices, within the city, are roughly 1,700 Australian Dollars. You will need to conduct thorough research before you move.

The Costs of Living

The cost of living, when compared to the UK, can be quite high. However, house prices hold a big appeal for many Britons. You get a lot more house for your cash. This is a great incentive for many. Sydney is an expensive city to live in. What is more, employment levels are high, so this is an attractive prospect for many.


English is the official language of Australia. If you are a native English speaker, you will have no problems communicating in the land down under.

Jobs and Careers

Unemployment is low in Oz. This is appealing for many Britons who are suffering as a result of the economic crisis. The great news is, is that many Britons are finding work with ease in Oz. However, you will need to ensure that you have a trade to bring to the party. Otherwise, your visa application may be rejected.

Key Facts and Other Information

If you are planning on a family, it is important to note that there is no national maternity leave within Australia. Maternity pay is done at the discretion of your employer. It is not a fundamental right.

Health insurance is imperative. You will not obtain free medical or dental care while you reside within Australia.

In terms of finance, you will not have access to a ‘free’ bank account in Oz. Unlike the UK, you will be charged a nominal fee for holding your money in your chosen bank. This is typically around 4 Australian Dollars per month. Not an enormous sum, but something to bear in mind.

Living and working in Australia is fantastic. You will love every minute of your new voyage.

Top Five Australian Hikes: Trekking Down Under

If you’re in the land Down Under and fancy something a little more engaging and picturesque than a stroll down Melbourne’s waterfront, then it’s time to saddle up and take a ride out to some of Australia’s top hiking spots.

From ocean to walks and mountain trails, Oz has some of the finest walking spots in the world whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trekker.

If you’re on a casual holiday it simply won’t be possible to sample all of Australia’s best walks, so to ensure you pick out the best routes across the country we’ve compiled a list of our top five Australian hikes:

Blue Mountains:

If you’re looking to get out of your hotel room, log off from online casinos such as, and leave the bright lights of Sydney behind, then make sure you check out Blue Mountains.

The UNESCO certified world heritage site has one of the most complex, yet beautiful hikes in Australia. With multiple trails to walk that stretch anywhere from two to five miles, you’ll literally be spoilt for choice when you take the one-hour drive from Sydney to the Blue Mountains region.

For those amongst you that are partial to rock formations and scenic railways, Katoomba is arguably one of the finest routes in the region. Connecting Echo Point to Katoomba Falls over the course of a 2.5 mile road, this hike offers unparalleled views of the Three Sisters rock formation and is best between September and November.


by  Andrew from Sydney 

The Whitsunday Islands:

A casual walk down a leafy trail is often the image many people think of when they’re asked to name the best hikes in Australia. However, thanks to the country’s diverse ecosystem, this doesn’t have to be the case.

The Whitsunday Great Walk is a stunning combination of clear water, golden sand and deep green trees. Accessible by boat, the Whitsunday Islands are great for snorkelling and kayaking, but it’s the 19 mile trek that’s really worth taking in.

Completing the complete trail will take around three days and if you’re planning to visit this picturesque seascape then we recommend going between April and September.

Tasmanian Trek:

Animal enthusiasts might instantly think of the devil when you say Tasmania, but we can assure you that a walk across the region’s varied terrain will be a truly heavily experience. Indeed, with glacial valleys, vast moorland and imposing peaks, there’s literally something for everyone in Tasmania’s glorious surroundings.

By far the most impressive walk you can take in Tasmania is the 50-mile Overland Trail. Offering a mixture of all the area’s most attractive features, the route runs from Mount Ossa (which ascends to a high of 5,300-foot) through to Lake St. Clair. Each walk of the trail will take around six days and the best times of the year to visit are between November and April.

Great Ocean Walk:

If the gentle lapping of the ocean against the shore is something that lulls you into a state of peaceful bliss, then Victoria’s Great Ocean Walk is for you. Running for 60-miles along Victoria’s wester coastline and filled with limestone formations, stunning cliff top views and a wealth of wildlife, including peregrine falcons, albatrosses and whales, this walk is truly a magical experience.

If you’re planning on taking this leisurely stroll then allocate yourself between one and six days sometime between June and September.


by  Ò® 

Stirling Ranges Ridge Walk:

Australia is most famous for its dessert landscapes and sweeping coastline, but if you’re looking for something different then the Stirling Ranges Ridge Walk is for you. Located 200 miles southeast of Perth and featuring an alpine setting, this walk is one of the lushest in Australia.

By far the most impressive and imposing part of the range is the 3,500-foot Bluff Knoll peak. The highest mountain in the Stirling Range and able to give climbers and impressive view over one of Australia’s hidden gems, this peak is a most for any serious hiker.

To take in the full 18-mile walk you’ll need around three days and the best time to visit is between August and October.

Gotham West or Australia?

One of my most important criteria for a rental building is having plenty of kids spaces for my 5-year old. It’s hard enough to raise a child in New York, so living in a building that is mindful of kids is a priority. Gotham West is perfectly set up for families.

When the weather is nice, we spend a lot of time at the outdoor playground. It’s private, protected and spacious. It’s right at the edge of the courtyard, which makes it feel outdoorsy. My boy gets to play with the neighbors’ kids, which is great for his social skills, especially at his age. Since this is a private facility, I can sit and read my book and not feel like I have to check on him every 2 minutes. 1

The indoor playroom is great for those snowy or rainy days when we’re trapped inside. The furniture is funky and colorful and adds to the playful atmosphere. The floor is nicely carpeted so the kids can roll around and play. The room is also fully stocked with toys, so there’s something of interest to every little visitor.

On weekends we love to hang out at the Hudson River Park. The park is super close to our apartment, so it’s very convenient. Now that it’s summer, my boy is really having the time of his life. The park has many playgrounds, grass fields and a bike path. Our most recent adventure was the Chelsea Piers carousel. That was a lot of fun!



Stresses And Problems Of Moving Down Under

It is never easy to move abroad, and everything in your life will change. Is that change for the better? You can’t be sure; only time will tell. If you go to live in a European destination, you are no more than a few hours away from the UK by plane. It is a different story if you decide to relocate to the far end of the world. The fast airliners today can make the journey to Australia in about twenty-four hours, but without aeroplanes it would be a monumental task to find your way home.

If you are thinking about making the move to live with our antipodean cousins, here are a few stresses and problems you might encounter.


You will need a healthy bank balance before they will let you onto their continent. They are strict with many immigration requirements because they want to ensure that you will contribute to their system and not just take from it. If you have a trade, it will help with your application. If there is a job waiting for you when you arrive, it will go in your favour.


If you ever complain when the weather is hot here, you shouldn’t move to Australia. The temperatures soar far beyond what we experience on our hottest days, and the sun is blistering. Skin cancer rates are among the highest out of all the countries in the world, so you must use UV protection at all times.


Often, it is not possible to view a property before you buy or rent it. What looks good in the pictures might not meet your expectations when you arrive. You might find that the wiring is dangerous, but don’t let that put you off because there are 24-hour emergency electricians in Sydney and most other Aussie cities.


If you shudder at the sight of creepy-crawlies and scream at snakes, be prepared for a rollercoaster ride. You will come across many spiders, bugs, and reptiles down there that make ours look cute and cuddly. How would you cope if you found a huntsman spider as big as your hand in your bedroom. It is the worst nightmare of many.


You will be just about as far away from home as you can get. Though planes leave every day most people experience homesickness. It can last for a long time, and when it is at its worst, some people crumble and book a ticket home. Don’t underestimate this problem, everyone experiences it differently. Luckily the internet enables us to keep in video contact with our loved ones, so you can find comfort and reassurance from them.


Because it is so hot and does not get as much rainfall as here, you will experience droughts. It could eventually lead to water shortages and hosepipe bans.

Don’t be put off by this negative article. Australia is a place of many wonders, and everyone should visit there. The advantages of life down under far outweigh the disadvantages. We will address them another time.


Sinead Friel

Top Tips for Anyone Relocating to Australia


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A little bird told us you were thinking of relocating to Australia. Well, lucky you! It’s a fantastic place to live. You’ll love it! Trust us! That doesn’t mean it’s an easy process. You’ll need to have your wits about you. Relocation is a huge task for anyone, even the most organised person. You’ve got to be careful. There are many financial pitfalls around moving abroad. What’s more, you need to be certain that you’re making the right decision. There are a million and one things to consider for those trying to move. Here, we’ll break down some top tips so that it doesn’t turn into a nightmare for you.

Scout it out beforehand

Sounds obvious, right? Wrong. You can never be too sure. You might have had an amazing holiday in Oz, and now you want to make it a permanent move. That’s nice, but it’s unrealistic. Not to sound patronizing, but your holiday isn’t the same as real life. You don’t want to base your decision on two gorgeous weeks in the sun. Head back out to Australia and experience a more normal life there. Seek out other expats and talk to them about their experiences. Lots of Brits move back home after a short while. It could be that Australia didn’t live up to their expectations. Make sure you’re expecting the real thing. That way, you can be sure that you’re making the right decision.

Find a great area for you

Where do you want to live? What kind of house do you want? New or old? Modern or traditional? Beach or town? These are all major questions when relocating. Do you want to live down in Melbourne or Sydney? Perhaps you’d prefer to talk to new home builders in Mandurah? It’s important to find the right area for your taste. Explore the country – Australia has a lot of different things to offer. Have a sample of the different possibilities available to you. It wouldn’t be good to end up stuck in the wrong place.


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Sort the finances out

Let’s face facts. Relocating is an expensive piece of work. We admit, living in London isn’t cheap, but still. There are a lot of different elements to your move abroad. Cost is key. You don’t want to underestimate that – it’s critical. If you keep a tight hand on your money, you’ll have more flexibility whether you settle or not. We’ve heard all sorts of horror stories about Brits forced to return, miserable and broke. We don’t want that to happen to you. It doesn’t have to be your reality. You just need to plan your relocation in the proper way. Be smart – moving abroad is a massive task. If you approach it knowing that it’s going to be difficult, you’ve got a better chance of being successful.

Moving to Australia may be your dream. Making it a reality is a whole different ball game. You need to be smart, look around, and be certain in the choices that you make. We know you’ll love it, but we just think you should be careful. We only want what’s best for you, after all. Now, take care, and enjoy the life that’s waiting for you Down Under.


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Who is Australia’s favourite baddie

Dr. Who, the fantastically popular British sci-fi TV show on BBC, has been around for more than 50 years, garnering attention from young and old fans alike and continuing to remain an integral part of British pop culture and entertainment. The show’s fame has spread all over the world, with fan bases in the United States, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and more. And throughout its many years on air, the show has been able to thrill fans with a variety of villains, or baddies, as we like to call them. read more