Incredible Places To Visit During Your Vacation Down Under

There are places that you must see when you are on your Aussie holiday. It would be a shame to travel so far only to miss out on what this vast continent has to offer. You could jump on an aeroplane and be at a European destination in only two or three hours, but does that feel like an adventure? Imagine a trip to the far side of the planet where the people are friendly, and you are as far from home as you can get. That is what I call excitement. Modern planes are luxurious and come with in-flight entertainment, so the long journey isn’t the chore it once was.

Let’s imagine you have booked your flights. Here are my top recommendations for places to visit.


When you mention Australia, the first image to pop into people’s mind is the iconic Sydney Opera House. If you love opera, you will have a pleasant experience within its walls. Everyone should experience it once in their lives, and this is the place to do it in style. Sydney has much more to offer. The royal Botanic Gardens display perfect examples of antipodean fauna for you to browse at your leisure. Bondi beach is the place to hone your surfing skills among the beautiful people there. There is so much to do in Sydney that you must leave prematurely if you are to visit other places. It would be easy to spend your whole vacation there.


Darwin is a small city in comparison to some of the others, but don’t let that fool you. There are many things to do in Darwin that bring excitement and adventure to your trip. There are companies that will take you on a helicopter ride so that you can appreciate the landscape from the air. Maybe you would like to jump in a cage and swim with crocodiles. The city is surrounded by water on three sides, so there are plenty of beaches for you to relax on between trips.


Canberra is Australia’s capital city, and it is perfect for family holidays. You can hire bicycles and head off on well defined and extensive cycle paths or visit the museums and cultural centres to learn about Australian history and culture. You will find over one hundred thousand pieces of artwork in the national Gallery of Australia by some of the most well known artists in the world. Visit one of the most impressive war memorials in the world on Treloar Crescent.The kids can explore a model submarine and find out what the war was like from the point of view of a soldier.

Those are my favourite places, but consider a visit to Gold Coast too, where Surfers Paradise awaits those who are brave enough to take on the big waves. There are many adventure parks there too, with world-class rides.

As you can see, Australia is an exciting place to say the least. It is a once in a lifetime trip that you will never forget. Have you ever spoke to anyone who didn’t enjoy their time there? Now you know why. Hoo roo!

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Unusual Sites to See in South Australia

If you are planning on visiting Australia, then you need to consider a trip to the South. Take a trip around Adelaide, where you may get more than you bargained for. Of course, when people travel to Australia they may want to visit all of the ‘normal’ tourist hot spots. But Australia has lots to offer, with some unusual and off the beaten track places to see.

Here is a rundown of some of the best, most unusual, places to visit in South Australia.



Head of Blight

This is a prime spot for whale watchers. The whales can  be found around these waters during June and October, and it makes for some spectacular viewing. The Head of Blight is not just for whale watchers, it offers so much more than that. You can jump in your car and take in the stunning views along the coastline.

The Pink Lake of Tailem Bend

A pink lake? Really? Yes. And it can be found between Tailem Bend and Meningie, on the Princes Highway.

The pink lake is actually made pink by the algae that inhabit its waters. But, because of this, it is not recommended that you swim in the lake.

Remarkable Rocks

It is strange what we see on our humble planet, and these Remarkable Rocks are no exception. The rocks have been carved for millions of years, by the rain and wind, and have created some unusual shaped rocks.

These rocks can be found on Kangaroo Island, in Flinders Chase National Park. If you do want to pay them a visit, it is recommended that you see them at sunset.

Umpherston Sinkhole

The Umpherston Sinkhole, located in Mt Gambier, is better known as the Sinken Garden. It is easy to see why the term ‘Garden’ is so applicable here.

The sinkhole was an old cave system until the roof collapsed. During the 1880’s, James Umpherston created the garden around this collapsed cave system. He turned sinkhole green and wondrous.

Lake Eyre

This is the lowest point in Australia, at 15 meters below sea level. Although, this may seem like a baron salt lake most of the year, the real magic happens when the Lake Eyre Basin floods.

When this flooding occurs, it attracts plenty of wildlife and becomes the largest lake in the country. It is a must see for any bird watcher.

Hallett Coves Ice Age

Based within an Adelaide suburb lies one of the most brilliant geological sites in the country. It has a huge international significance when it comes to the Australian ice age.

If you are planning on staying close to the sites around Adelaide, you may want to look at the Glenelg accommodation.

Dalhousie Springs

Take a trip to the Witjira National Park where you can see the 60-artesian thermal springs.

The temperature of these springs range between 38 and 43C .

Whispering Wall

This whispering wall is the retaining wall of the Barossa Reservoir, located near Williamstown. The Barossa Reservoir is a great place for kids. It teaches them the science behind the wall and how the sound travels along its concave structure.


Things to Consider If You Are Thinking Of Tying the Knot in Australia

Do You Need To Have Australian Citizenship To Get Married In Australia?

As long as you can provide evidence that both you and your significant other are 18 and are not married already, you are allowed to get married in Australia even if you are not a citizen.

What Documents Do You Need Submit?

Before you are allowed to get married in Australia, you need to lodge an Intended Marriage Notice at least 1 month and 1 day before you are due to get married.  The good news is if you have already organised an authorised wedding celebrant or civil marriage celebrant, they will be able to help you organise this so you don’t have to do it alone.  However, if you wish to organise it yourself you can easily download the form from the Attorney General’s website.

Are There Other Documents You Need To Get Married In Australia?

Along with the properly filed Intended Marriage Notice, you need to bring with you originals and not photocopies of your birth certificates, passports and divorce decrees/death certificates (if you are getting legally re-married)

Do You Need To Have Lived In Or Live In Australia For A Specific Length Of Time?

There is no required length of time that you have to live in Australia before you get married there.  In fact, as long as you have submitted the Intended Marriage Notice properly, you can even marry on the day you arrive in the country.

Will The Marriage Be Legally Recognised In My Own Country?

This is something that you will need to check with the governing authorities in your own country.

Can You Get Married Anywhere You Want In Australia?

The simple answer to this question is yes.  You are legally allowed to get married on most of Australia’s parklands and beaches.  Obviously, you will need to have a civil marriage or authorised wedding celebrant present to perform the wedding ceremony if you are not getting married in a synagogue or church.

How Many Witnesses Are Needed?

At the actual marriage ceremony you need 2 witnesses present.  Anyone, including siblings or parents can act as witnesses, though the wedding celebrant or minister conducting the service can’t.

For most people, their wedding day is the biggest day of their life and it can be quite stressful.  Hopefully you have found the information helpful and if you are looking for somewhere great to stage your wedding down under you should take a look at Bell City, who have lots of expert knowledge and experience putting on beautiful weddings that guests will remember for many years to come.

Why You Need A Good Pair Of Sunglasses For Your Trip To Oz

Australia is renowned for its natural beauty, and millions of British holidaymakers flock to the land Down Under every year to soak up the stunning visuals. There’s so much to take in, you don’t want to blink and miss anything. But you need to take good care of your eyes while you’re over there as the sun is so strong you could damage your lens and your cataracts.

Australia has some of the highest levels of UV exposure in the world. Just 11 minutes exposure to the January sun can be enough to cause sunburn. Sun protection is a must in Oz – and that means a lot more than a little bottle of sunscreen in your luggage.

Sun damage is more than patches of burnt skin. Your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body and open to risk of damage even if you do not look directly into the sun. Your eyes can be damaged from the sun’s glare which makes a decent pair of sunnies one of your packing essential for your trip Down Under.

Shade your eyes from sun damage

Too much UV radiation can cause all kinds of damage to the eyes. From mild irritation, to severe headaches and acute photokeratopathy – minor sun damage to the eyes can sneak up on you before you know it.

Things can get really nasty with severe overexposure, which can lead to permanent damage to the eyes, sight impairment or even cancer. None of this needs to happen though, if you pack yourself a good pair of sunglasses in your luggage before you set off.

And this is one item you don’t want to cheap out on. You’ll get a lot of use from your eyewear in Oz, so it’s worth getting a decent pair from a place you can trust.

Choosing the right pair of sunnies

When you buy a pair of shades, you’re not just shopping for fashion accessories. Sure they need to make you look cool, but the whole point of wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun and UV rays. Here are the key points to consider:

  • Larger or wrap-around lenses protect your eyes form more angles
  • Choose glasses with high or UV protection (99% or 100%)
  • Make sure lenses are filter category 2, 3 or 4
  • Polarised lenses reduce glare and make it easier to see
  • Try looking at brand name or designer sunglassess, it sounds a little expensive but you pay more because the quality of sunglasses and protection is usually higher.

Be aware of sun reflection

Sunlight reflects off many surfaces – which still carries UV rays – and in some cases you can suffer almost double the exposure from direct and reflected sunlight combined. Be careful of sun reflection from water, snow and sand in particular – they are not always obvious dangers, but they are highly reflective.

Hotspots like Bondi beach and the Great Barrier Reef are a must-see in Oz –  and the beautiful Australian coast is just the kind of place you want full protection from the sun. With direct sunlight from above and UV rays bouncing off reflective surfaces, you get more than your money’s worth from a decent pair of shades.

Extreme sports are a big thing here too, and Australia is the perfect place to get your surf on, hit the slopes, take on some rock climbing – or whichever adrenaline fix takes your fancy. Just make sure you take a good pair of protective sunglasses with you to avoid damaging your eyes against the sun’s reflective glare.



The Best Places to Enjoy Rock Climbing in Australia

Australia has always been known for its outstanding natural beauty, with areas of desert, coastlines and mountain ranges that are there to be enjoyed. The mountain ranges in particular are now frequented by thousands of rock climbers each year. Each mountain range offers something different for everyone, both in terms of its surroundings, but also the skill level required to make the climb. For the serious rock climbing enthusiast to the beginner, here are some of the best mountain ranges that Australia has to offer:

Mt Arapiles, Natimuk (VIC)

This is probably the most popular place for serious rock climbers to pit their wits against in Victoria. Mt Arapiles boasts the highest concentration of high quality faces, with over 2,000 climbs to choose from. The mountain is for the more experienced rock climber, so if you are more of a beginner or intermediate then have a look at some of the other places within this list.

To get there you will have to trek quite a way, but it is well worth the journey.

The Grampians, Statwell (VIC)

If you prefer a more diverse set of rock climbing challenges then the Grampians is the mountain range for you. The mountain range itself is spread out over 100km in length and 45km in width, covering an area of 2,000sqkm. There is enough here to satisfy every type of rock climber, with the best times to climb being in the months of Spring and Autumn. The mountain range is primarily made up of grey sandstone and orange and red quartzite.

Mt Buffalo, Porepunka (VIC)

Another great place in Victoria for rock climbers is the granite plateau of Mt Buffalo, which stands at about 1,500m in height. The best time to climb Mt Buffalo is in the summer months, as snow tends to fall during the colder winter months.

The mountain range offers two main climbing areas, which are very steep, and it is recommended that you have a high amount of skill and previous experience if you want to attempt these.

Point Perpendicular (NSW)

For the rock climbers that like a little variety in the climbs, Point Perpendicular, in New South Wales, offers climbers a variety in style, rock quality, position and protection. Point Perpendicular is a very popular place for visitors in general, as it has an excellent adventure area called the Lighthouse, which proves great for families.

High winds around the mountain range are very common, so you should bear this in mind before you start to make your ascent.

Blue Mountains (NSW)

If you are planning to stay in Sydney, then this will be your best destination for hitting the ranges. The Blue Mountains are one of the most beautiful attractions that are located in and around Sydney. The mountain range is made up of a sandstone plateau which, over time, has been eroded by the streams and rivers that once meandered through it.

If you are planning to rock climb anywhere, make sure you’re sensible and protected with Protectivity insurance. Safe climbing one and all.



Visiting Australia? Check Out This Pre Planning Holiday Checklist

Many people dream of visiting Australia. So many people want to see the beautiful beaches and experience the laid back way of life. For some people, the thought of visiting Oz is a pipe dream, where for others it is a reality. If you are planning on setting halfway across the world, there are some things that you need to know before you embark on this epic adventure.

Travelling in Australia is relatively safe and easy, but with all big holidays it is imperative that you plan ahead to help you get the best from your Ozzie adventure:


Depending on where you are flying from, the price of travelling to Australia will vary. Ensure that you shop around for deals on flights. However, you should never compromise your comfort for a cheap flight. You need to check the length of the flight and how many stopovers the flight will have. Any more than two can make for an arduous trip. Your travel agent will be able to assist with any queries that you have.


All of the Australia’s international airports have public transport located within them. This means that you can get the train, bus or taxi to your hotel. Shuttle buses are available too, so you will be spoilt for choice.


Cruise ships from all over the world flock to Australia. Should you want to see Oz via cruise, then this will be an option for you. Typically, cruise ships will travel to Australia during the glorious summer months.


Ensuring that you have the right visa for your travel is important. You need to obtain one, prior to your departure, as failure to have the right documentation will result in a refusal of entry once you get to the airport. No one wants to suffer the disappointment of being rejected from their holiday. Unless, of course, you are a citizen of New Zealand, then you will need a visa. You must ensure that you have the right kind of visa for your trip. This could be a tourist visa, business visa or a working holiday visa. Whatever your trip is for, make sure that you have the correct information.


Australia has very rigid rules on what you can, and cannot, take into the country. This is due to the delicate ecosystem that is in existence. Aside from not being able to take drugs and weapons with you while, you travel (although may seem rather obvious) you cannot take in wildlife, domestic or wild. Similarly, you will not be allowed to take fresh or packaged foods such as fruit, meat, plants, seeds and skins. Money does not have to be declared, unless you are taking over $10,000 in cash with you.


Of course, if you suffer from an ailment that has to be treated with medication, you must declare this on your arrival. What is more, you may need a letter from your doctor outlining the details of your illness and the medicine that has been prescribed for it. Before you embark on your Ozzie travels, you must obtain all important letter from your doctor.


As Australia is a highly developed area, you will not need to have any vaccinations prior to your departure. However, if you have recently visited a yellow fever infected country, you may be required to have a vaccination to prevent the spread of yellow fever. Check with your doctor before you leave for Oz to ensure  that you have taken all necessary precautions.


Before you take out a policy, you need to ensure what you are covered against. While you may be protected against theft, loss, damage and medical issues if you are planning on engaging in adventure sports and activities, it is important that you are protected. Australia is home to some great sports, such as scuba diving, bush walking, mountain climbing and skiing. With so much to do and see you may never want to come home!

Book Your Accommodation

If you are unsure as to where you want to stay, or if you are planning on a tour of Oz, it can be difficult to pre-book accommodation. One of the key things that you can do, is to arrange where you will be staying for the first few nights of your stay, should you not have a detailed plan of your trip. Check out for amazing places to stay in sunny Australia.

Be Aware of What You Buy

If you are planning on travelling to Australia, you will be aware of the restricted items that you cannot bring with you for your journey. Do bear in mind that you will be restricted on what you can bring out of Oz too. Remember to declare all goods purchased once you reach customs. Typically, you need to declare cigarettes and alcohol.


Preparing for the climate is imperative and due to the sheer size of the continent, you will need an array of clothes to prepare you for our trip. The north is very hot and tropical, with gorgeous beaches that are lined with palm trees. However, in the South, Australia can experience snow. Do bear in mind that the seasons in Oz are opposite to the Northern hemisphere. Australian summer time starts in December and ends around February while June to August is generally cooler. In the south, you may experience snow while the north will stay pleasant. Protecting yourself from the elements is imperative.

Have Fun!

It is so important to make the most from your Australian tour. While over-planning can make your holiday feel regimented and joyless, it is important that you plan so that you can have a fantastic holiday. Visiting Oz will require planning and consideration, so follow the advice as offered in this guide, and you won’t go wrong.

Oz is a beautiful country, with so much to do and see and steeped in a rich history. Australia is the epitome of everyone’s dream, so make the most of it.



Why Thousands of Brits Get Married in Australia

Are you thinking of getting hitched abroad? There are loads of places you can choose to get married if you’re after somewhere hot and beautiful, but Australia seems to be one of the most popular places among Brits. This is because Australia has a gorgeous climate, a plethora of stunning areas to choose from, and plenty of activities to enjoy before and after the big day. You could get married and then dive straight into the Great Barrier Reef if you wanted to! Does this sound appealing to you? Read on to learn more:


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Do You Need to Be an Australian Citizen to Marry in Australia?

Not at all! This is another reason why it’s so popular with Brits. Anyone can marry in Australia as long as they are both over 18 and not already married legally.

Do You Need to Be in Australia For a Certain Amount of Time Before You Marry?

Nope – you could marry the day you arrive. However, you need to have lodged your notice of intended marriage form at least 1 month and 1 day before your intended wedding date. It’s very simple! However, you shouldn’t apply for this any more than 18 months before. Once you’ve sorted that out, all that’s left to do is sort out the essentials. You’ll want to find a suitable photographer and videographer to capture your wedding in this beautiful country so consider this wedding videographer in Melbourne.

Will the Marriage be Legal in My Own Country?

If a marriage is legal in Australia, then it’s legal in the UK. If you’re going to get married coming in from another country, then you’ll need to check with your own government beforehand.

Can You Get Married Anywhere in Australia?

Yes – you’re allowed to marry on the majority of beaches and parklands. However, you’ll need an authorised wedding officiant to perform your ceremony.

Do You Need Witnesses?

You need at least 2 witnesses present at your marriage ceremony who are over 18. Any person can act as a witness!

What Documentation Do We Need?

You’ll need to take the following original documents with you:

  • Your full birth certificate.

  • A 10 year Passport with at least 6 months left.

  • If you’ve been divorced before, a Decree Absolute.

  • If you’re a widower, a Death certificate and previous marriage certificate.

  • If you’re adopted, an adoption certificate.

  • If you’re under 18, an order from the court under section 12 of the marriage act 1961.

  • If you’ve ever changed your name by deed poll, stamped proof by a solicitor.

On the day of your marriage, you’ll sign the marriage certificate, along with the marriage celebrant and your 2 witnesses. Information on the certificate will include your dates and places of birth, addresses, occupations, conjugal status, and your parent’s names.

As you can see, marriage in Australia is fairly straightforward, which is why so many Brits are choosing to fly over and get hitched. Not only is the climate much nicer than the UK, there are also many places to choose from; a beautiful beach wedding, or even a pretty park wedding could be yours. Although gay and lesbian marriages aren’t legally recognised, you can still have a commitment ceremony performed.

Thanks for reading!

Have fun with kids in Brisbane

As a parent of two small children, one is likely to forsake improvisation as a traveling philosophy on family trips. Everyone who had made the mistake of playing it by ear with two little ones on the back seat knows how restless kids can get when they are forced to endure long drives in search of some interesting place for them. That is why I made it a point to plan as much as I could beforehand.

I will admit I was a bit skeptical when my husband suggested for us to let Sally and Annie, now nine and seven years old, find the places they would like to visit themselves. However, most children apparently have an uncanny ability to almost instinctively find their way on the Internet, so it wasn’t long before I was presented with a list and a hug. Here are some of the places we visited in our beautiful (and many would say surprisingly peaceful) Brisbane.

Australia Zoo

There was no way we could take kids out without seeing the famed Australia Zoo, which is situated about an hour drive from the Queensland capital on Steve Irwin Way, Beerwah. Car parking is free, but it is advisable to purchase the tickets online, as there are few things in this world that can irritate a child (or an adult, for that matter), as queuing.

Seeing the Zoo occupies around 70 acres of tropical parkland and is a home to more than 1000 exotic and native animals, wondering through it without a map is not a good strategy. It is physically impossible to see everything in a day unless you literally run through it, so it is best to focus on the species your children like and take it from there.

Annie, unlike most girls her age, likes ferocious predators and dog-like animals, of which there are plenty. Make sure to take the little ones to the most interactive animal exhibits.

There are plenty of those, which offer the chance to hand-feed and pet some remarkable animals, such as a koala or a kangaroo.

New Farm Park

The weather was so hot that we’ve decided to visit the New Farm Park. I was glad we brought plenty of water and all of us donned our sunglasses (make sure you get polarized glasses, not the “normal” ones)!

This fascinating place was the first on the list, and for good reason. As the Aussies themselves say, to call it a park is a crude understatement, seeing it covers around 37ha of land. A massive fort-like tree house alone is a place where the kids could spend the whole day swashbuckling, saving or being damsels in distress or just running, climbing and jumping with no particular scenario, which is also a legitimate way of spending time for a seven or nine year old child. There is plenty of shade, many climbable trees, swings, hobbit-like trails, climbing ropes, slides, merry-go-rounds…

When you little ones are forced to take a break, there are also electric BBQs available throughout the park, and we always make sure to bring our seats along for maximum rest. All in all, it truly is a world of wonders for a small child, especially one with vivid imagination and energy to spare.

Lost Creatures

Although a bit baffling to us adults, children’s fascination with dinosaurs is undeniable.

This is one of the reasons we felt Annie and Sally would enjoy a change of pace in the form of a visit to the Queensland Museum, or Lost Creatures exhibition, to be more precise. Opened just a couple of months ago, this exhibition offers a look at the most recent discoveries paleontologist made in the state of Queensland with abundant use of modern technology, which is one of the reasons we chose this museum.

There are fully interactive touch-screen displays everywhere you look, where the little ones will have a blast while “turning” the computer models of the animals. Of course, all traditional aspects of a visit to the museum are on offer, as well, so you will be able to see life size models, fossilized remains, 3D computer models and much more.

It was not easy to pick just a couple of places, as Brisbane is bristling with fantastic places where you can take your kids and most of them are impossible to truly absorb in a relatively short visit.

The only problem, in a matter of speaking, is that the little ones will desperately want to go again as soon as possible. We had no choice but to oblige them, as Aussies truly know how to make a child happy with style.

Essential Elements To Consider When Building An Australian Holiday Home

Holiday homes are becoming more and more popular as people feel the need to get away from where they live and work. We all know that feeling, right? It is hardly surprising when we stop and consider the daily stresses that modern life puts us under. Finding the perfect holiday home, and it must be perfect, is often quite difficult. That is why people are choosing to build their own individual properties at their favourite destinations.

If you are thinking about building a house where you can get away from it all, here are some things to consider.


How do you intend to pay for your second home? If you are taking out a mortgage, the tax relief on it will be different to that of your first mortgage. Make sure you are well aware of all of the financial implications of a second home before you proceed.

Location Location Location

The title holds as true today as it did when it was first thought up. Location is important when choosing land to build your dream home on. The location will affect the value of your home as well as the quality of the time you hope to spend there.

The Design

There are many things to consider when designing the home. Ideally, insulate it well so that it will cost very little to heat and cool as the seasons change. The insulation begins with the walls as the house is under construction. The cavities are filled with thermal insulation as they rebuild and so the house has a warm jacket when it is complete. Pay special attention to the roof because heat rises. The more insulation that you pack in the roof the better. Apart from correct ventilation, make sure the home is sealed tight against draughts by using modern windows and doors with high quality seals.

The Plans

When you submit your general guide to an architect, they will draw up detailed plans for you. These plans are subject to change until everything is perfect. The architect will understand all of the local planning requirements, so the planning application may be successful at the first presentation. Often the planning committee will demand changes to the plans, so don’t be surprised if they reject yours until the architect makes alterations to them.

The Build

Some people choose to manage the build themselves, but unless you devote all of your time to it, it is inadvisable. The architect will recommend a trusted construction firm that will quote a price for completing the project so that you can go away and trust them to carry on. Building inspectors will visit the site at predetermined intervals to make sure that the construction is in accordance with national codes to protect your investment.

You must release funds at various stages throughout the build as they progress. That is for everyone’s protection. You cannot risk paying all of the money upfront because the company may go into liquidation leaving you out of pocket, and the builders cannot risk waiting until they have finished before you pay them.

Building your own home is an exciting experience, though it often costs more than you expect it to. Most people dream of owning a place where they can hide from their troubles but few manage it in reality. Hold on to that dream and buy your lottery tickets. You never know how things may work out.

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A Guide to Finding the Perfect Australian Home

If you’re thinking of relocating, or have made the decision to relocate to Australia, then you’ll no doubt want to find the perfect Australian home for yourself and your family. The factors that go into your decision will vary depending on your own personal situation, but many of the following points should help you to come to the right conclusion. Let’s take a look:

Research the Areas of Australia You Would Like to Live In

Australia is a vast country, with many different areas you could choose to live in: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, etc. Before moving to Australia, you need to ensure you’ll have work over there, so you may not have much control over the area you’d like to live – it may simply depend on where you can actually get a job. None the less, you should research different areas and perhaps make a shortlist of where you wouldn’t mind living so you can apply for jobs in those areas.

Research the Schools

If you have children, their education should be your number one priority. Research the schools in the potential areas you’re considering moving to, and work out whether they will be suitable for your children.

Consider the Type of Property Can You Afford

What kind of property can you afford? Some 5 bed houses can cost 4 times as much as a 5 bed in the UK, while you might be able to get a great deal on a more compact 2 or 3 bed property. You might not be able to afford the kind of property with a pool, but if you can you might be interested in the pool enclosures at

Are You Sure You Can Afford It?

Don’t try to be optimistic – are you really sure you can afford the properties you’re looking at? Take everything about your new lifestyle into account. Don’t go over your budget. If you move and realise that you can afford to expand, then you can do that; but until then, try to keep it low key.

What Amenities Are Close By?

You’re going to want to make sure that you have amenities nearby. Things like supermarkets, parks, museums, restaurants, and other things to see and do will all influence your decision. What kind of amenities could your whole family benefit from?

What’s the Culture Like There?

Different parts of Australia may have different cultures. As you’re moving somewhere with a different culture to your own, it only makes sense to research it and make sure you’ll be happy experiencing that culture and embracing it day in, day out. Trying different ways of life is what travelling and moving is all about!

Speak to Local People

If you can get in touch with local people in the area you’d like to buy, then that should be a great help. Ask them all of the questions you can possibly think of; the best things to do in the area, what not to do, what to look out for, etc. They’ll be able to tell you things that a standard website article can not. search for these people on TripAdvisor and other forums.

Finding the perfect home to relocate to won’t be easy, but with the above tips and considerations you’ll get there!



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