How You Can Save an Absolute Fortune on Australia Travel

Travelling to Australia is definitely a worthwhile journey to embark on, however; many people are put off by the amount of money the know they’ll have to spend to get there. The gorgeous beaches, sunshine, and laidback attitude of Australia draws travellers in year after year – why wouldn’t you want to join them? However, the airfare all by itself could make a huge dent in your budget, and the length of the flight encourages visitors to stay over for even longer – meaning that a lot more spending money is needed. There’s no point staying on a flight for hours and hours, to get off with a case of terrible jet lag, and leave the country after only a week (you probably would’ve only just got over your jet lag too). Our goal is to help you enjoy a 2 week journey or longer in Australia while saving as much money as you possibly can. It’s probably not even as hard as you think it is! Let’s take a look at how you can save an absolute fortune on Australia travel:

Do Some Research

One of the biggest ways to spend loads of money on your trip to Australia is the airfare. By simply doing some research to find the cheapest deals, you can get this for a much better price. Use an app like SkyScanner, and check on comparison websites to make sure you’re getting the best deal. You can compare millions of different flights to make sure you get the most money off your air fare.

Time Your Visit Well

Airfare for Australia is usually the most costly between December and February. This is because December and February are the months when the whether in Australia is best – it’s classed as their summertime. Look for trips in Australia’s spring and fall in order to get the best price. The weather will still be gorgeous, but you’ll be able to enjoy the place at a much more reasonable price – there will be less tourists there too!

Think About Getting an Airpass

An airpass can get you money knocked off your flight and a discount on the next few flights you decide to take too. You’ll need to enquire with certain airlines to see if they offer this service, as some don’t.

Stay Focused

Australia is absolutely huge, almost as big as America. Would you try to travel America in 2 weeks? No you wouldn’t, so you definitely shouldn’t try to do the same with Australia. If you have a limited amount of time, choose a couple of places you like the look of and explore them thoroughly instead. You’ll save time and money on transport this way, as well as let yourself have a more relaxing experience.

Book a Cruise

If you want to see a variety of places, then a cruise is one of the best possible ways you can do that. You even have an added bonus of only having to pack and unpack once! Many cruises will offer you a deal at a bargain price, including accommodation, meals, entertainment, and transportation. Cruise 1st holidays are a great place to start to find the ideal Australian cruise for you!

Keep an Eye Out for Freebies

There are loads of free attractions you can visit in Australia, like Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens for example. You don’t have to find somewhere with an entry fee in order to have a good time!

Purchase a Discount Card

You can buy something called an iVenture card for popular tourist destinations like Sydney and Melbourne. This card will give you free entry to a lot of the area attractions, as well as special offers and discounts – all for one price! If you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing in a short amount of time, then this card can save you a ton of cash.

Lock In Your Rate

The exchange rate is constantly fluctuating, so if you can prepay for things like your hotel, airfare, and any tour packages before going away then you protect yourself from these fluctuations. This stops your budget from ballooning, so lock in your rate by booking things early.

Skip the exchange Counter

Don’t go to the exchange counter, instead get the best exchange rate by using your credit card or taking money out of a cash machine. These rates tend to be loads better than the rates exchange bureaus charge. You can find cash machine’s all over the place in Australia, so don’t worry about being caught short. Credit cards are accepted in a lot of shops and restaurants too – just be careful in very remote towns. Also, make sure you’re aware of any charges for withdrawing money or making a purchase first. This way you won’t be shocked by a huge bill when you arrive back home.


Are you off to the markets to find some bargains? Well don’t be afraid to haggle! Haggling is welcome at Australia’s markets, so if you spot something you like practice your skills and try to get yourself a better deal. You never know, you could get that didgeridoo for a fraction of the RRP!

Get a Refund

If you buy more than $300 worth of items from a single retailer, then you could be eligible for a refund of the goods and services tax that you would have paid on those items. Remember to get an original tax invoice from the store where you bought the items and present it when you leave Australia. You could find yourself leaving the country with a lot more money than you first thought!

By simply taking the time to plan your trip beforehand, carefully selecting the date you travel and the company you travel with, you can save a lot of cash right off the bat. Once you’re there you’ll have plenty of opportunities to save too, so follow this advice and don’t let Australia leave you poor. Be a smart traveller and use this guide!  



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5 Top Sporting Activities You Can Try During Your Trip Down Under

When most people think of Australia, they tend to picture full-day barbeques and lots of Fosters lager. Sadly, this is a stereotype, and most of the local residents in this country do neither. Still, the belief you’re going to eat shrimp and steak all day long is what it takes to get you here, then fill your boots. For the most part, Australian people are very active, which is precisely why this article on sporting activities has been written today. So, if you are planning on a trip here within the next twelve months, you should definitely check out some of the pastimes listed in this article.


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Flights can often be expensive when taking a trip down under, so any money you can save by filling your days here with more than just shopping should be welcomed. Luckily, airport parking in Melbourne is pretty cheap, so that’s one less concern. Even so, if you want to have the best experience possible without breaking the bank, and you don’t mind partaking in a bit of exercise, deciding to find out where the sports I’m about to mention are played ahead of time, could be a good idea.

Aussie Rules Football

You’d be forgiven for wondering why this sport wasn’t just called rugby from the moment the rules were conceived. However, it is really exciting to play and watch, and you’ll have no trouble getting involved if you take some time out to visit a pitch near to where you’re staying. There is also a national league you could go to see if you obtained tickets.


Australia could well be the home of surfing as we know it. Certain areas have almost perfect waves all year round, which is probably why so many professionals flock here from all over the world. Also, the world surfing championships are usually held here, and if you time your trip right, you could spend your days sitting on the beach watching them compete. That is, of course, if you don’t fancy booking some lessons and having a go yourself.

Hand Gliding

If your journey takes you to New South Wales, you definitely won’t want to miss out on the many hand gliding opportunities in this area. Living in a country so vast means the people of Australia have a lot of room for sports of this nature, and as the weather is so predictable, you won’t have to worry about cancelling your glide, no matter what time of year you arrive here. Just be warned, most of the locals seem to have no fear, so you shouldn’t expect sympathy if you get cold feet once you’re strapped in.


You’ve probably seen people on the television kitesurfing over the years, and although it is a pretty dated concept now, it’s still amazing to try and you’re sure to have a lot of fun. Basically, for anyone who doesn’t already know, you’re given a small go-cart-style buggy (or a surfboard) and a large kite. Once you’re seated, and the kite is in action, you can use the lines to pull yourself (at great speed) around a beach. This is brilliant for first timers, as you don’t really need any experience.

Rock Climbing

Presuming you don’t mind taking a quick trip over to Tasmania, there are some awesome rock climbing activities on offer. Don’t worry, you won’t be using any of those silly indoor walls here. Instead, you’ll find yourself on a cliff face with real danger. Some people don’t like this, but any adrenalin junkies out there will love it. You’re obviously given adequate safety equipment, but the fear is still real.

So, now you know more about some of the activities you could get up to on your trip down under, I hope you’ll be more inclined to venture outside of the main tourist destinations and get a feel from the real Australia.

Have a fantastic time!

Sydney Attractions and Activities: Everyone Must try These!

Sydney is one of the most popular areas in all of Australia, mainly because there’s so much to do there. It’s no wonder that people take weeks, even months worth of holiday in Australia and come to Sydney – there are so many exciting things you can fill your time with! If you’re planning on visiting Sydney, we’ve got some attractions and activities listed here that everyone must try:

Experience Aboriginal Culture

If you visit Sydney in November, you’ll be just in time to enjoy the Corroboree festival, that celebrates all aboriginal culture. Tours, attractions, and performances are available all over Sydney for you to immerse yourself in this culture. You might even enjoy some of the aboriginal workshops and markets available!

Check Out The Art Exhibitions

Sydney has a plethora of art galleries dotted around the city for you to enjoy. Sydney’s art scene shouldn’t be missed, so start off with the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, the Ken Done gallery, and the S.H Ervin Gallery. There are loads more to choose from too!

See a World Class Performance

The Sydney Opera House has performance for everyone, with some of the most famous names in comedy, music, and theatre. Why not see the Australian Ballet’s version of Cinderella? Or perhaps Jimmy Carr is more your thing? You’ll find all kinds of word class performances at the opera house.

Eat Great Food

You could rock up pretty much anywhere in Sydney and enjoy some amazing food. There are plenty of Sydney chefs making their mark on the world, with award winning fine dining experiences to sink your teeth into. Great if you enjoy good food and good wine! Aria, Gastro Park, and Spice Temple are all highly recommended.

Hire a Boat at The Harbour

Sydney harbour is beautiful, offering all who come by amazing scenery and a historical journey. Sydney harbour boat hire is available for those who really want to see it in style, too! You can explore some of the following islands:

  • Cockatoo island.
  • Fort denison.
  • Shark island.
  • Goat island.

There’s even the option to try out glamping (glamorous camping) at Cockatoo island! Everything is sorted out for you, and you’ll love spending time in this beautiful area.

Enjoy a Nature Walk

Sydney is the place to be if you love walking. There are a million and 1 walking trails and tracks available for people who want to enjoy the great outdoors while holidaying here. Just a few walks that you can enjoy are:

  • The Manly to Spit bridge scenic walk.
  • The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk.
  • The Sydney harbour circle walk.

You can even make up your own trail to enjoy the city at your leisure!

Sydney is the perfect place to go if you’re visiting Australia – you couldn’t possibly visit  all of the cities with limited time (even people who live in Australia can’t do that!), so we recommend starting off with this cultured, exciting, not to mention beautiful city. There’s plenty more to do than what we’ve listed here too; zoos, parks, beaches, day trips, and more!

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4 Cities You Must Visit During Your Trip Down Under

Planning a trip to Australia is no easy feat if you live in the UK, and so anyone heading down under for their summer holiday in 2014 should definitely spend some time researching the places they wish to visit. This country is absolutely huge, and although the outback takes up a large portion of it, with more than 22.6 million residents, you’re certain to find somewhere interesting and appealing to spend your break.


With that in mind, this post will talk you through some of the most popular city destinations for western tourists. Admittedly, some of them are pretty spread out, so you’re going to need a minimum of two weeks stay if you want to experience them all, but so long as you’re ready to hire a car at the airport when you land, there’s no reason why this should prove to be a significant problem for you.


Located at the southernmost point of the island, Melbourne has been extremely popular with both western and eastern tourists for many decades. The weather here tends to be pretty good all year round, and there’s always lots to see and do. On top of this, finding budget accommodations in Melbourne easy, so don’t worry too much, you won’t have to spend the night in your car due to lack of funds.


Anyone visiting this beautiful country would be foolish not to take a trip to Sydney. As the most populous area in the entire country, it’s unsurprising it’s also home to the most attractions and tourist activities. If you’re lucky enough to visit here during the new year period, you can expect to see one of the most impressive firework displays on the planet in the harbour. Also, the world famous Sydney opera house is only a few short steps down the road.


Located within the Queensland district, Brisbane is also a very forward thinking city with many new businesses and lots of innovation. If you make it here, ensure you head up to a place called Kangaroo Point, where you’re able to experience amazing views of the entire metropolis. Many people think Brisbane looks like New York; just with better weather and less aerial threats. Many of Australias top banks call this place home.


With a population of over 1.9 Million, Perth is the fourth largest city in Australia. Here you’ll find everything you’d expect from a major city, with stunning 5* restaurants and awesome concert halls and clubs for entertainment during the evening time. If this is the first time you’ve ever visited this country, Perth is somewhere you won’t want to miss. There’s even a really cool interactive science museum for those of you who don’t want to spend all week sunbathing.

Well guys, we hope this guide will help you to be a little more prepared when you finally do fly to Australia sometime later on this year. Wherever you decide to go, we just know you’ll have an amazing experience.

See you when you get back!

Skydiving Tips and Tricks: Are You Ready?

Almost everyone will think about going skydiving at one time or another. For some, it’s a lifelong dream, but it terrifies others. However, there’s no denying the thrill it gives you – anybody can see it just by taking a look at videos and pictures of others skydiving! Solo skydiving is difficult, but tandem skydiving is great – you simply get strapped on to a professional and enjoy the ride! If you’ve got a skydive coming up and don’t know what to expect, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you prepare:

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Skydiving Tips and Tricks

  • You need to be at least 18 for most skydiving companies to let you book with them.
  • The weight limit is around 225 pounds.
  • You should definitely wear loose fitting clothes, and sturdy shoes that are fully attached to your foot. Definitely no flip flops!
  • Some larger companies do accommodate walk ins, but to secure your place you should book in advance.
  • You should take snacks and bottled drinks to the dropzone (no alcohol though!), as you could be waiting there for a few hours depending on the weather and the staff available.
  • Make sure you leave all of your valuables in your car or with a friend who isn’t taking part. There might be lockers for your stuff, but you never know!
  • If you have to wear glasses or contacts, staff at the site will usually have goggles suitable for protecting your eyes.
  • If you get motion sickness, you might want to take something to help you – like non-drowsy dramamine.
  • You’ll usually watch a video to show you the process of skydiving.
  • After watching the video, you’ll have to sign forms and waivers including liability waivers. These are quite serious, as they take any blame away from the skydiver you’re attached to, the drop zone owner, and even owners of the field you might land in. Read through this thoroughly – you’re about to stare death in the face and jump out of a plane, after all!
  • There are risks, and the internet is full of statistics for you to read up on should you want to know them.
  • Once you’ve completed your signing of the forms, you’ll then need to pay for your skydive. This can cost hundreds, and you’ll want to pay extra for videos and pictures.
  • There are different policies on changing your mind depending on where you go. Some places will let you change your mind until you’re on the plane. Some places won’t issue you a refund once you’ve made the payment. They can’t force you to jump out of the plane, you can decide you don’t want to – whether you get your money back or not is a different story!
  • You can choose many amazing places to do your jump, for example: skydive in Perth, or even over mount Everest!

When you’ve decided that you’re ready for a skydive, you’ll meet a professional skydiving instructor who will be strapped to your back. Bear in mind that they’ve done this hundreds, if not thousands of times. You have nothing to be worried about!

Using your mobile in Australia

Apps and gaming have been done for many years and is seen as a easy way to earn some extra money in no time. Over the years people have lost a lot of money in waiting for a huge jackpot, while some have earned a fortune by betting at right places and at right times. 

Betting is a sort of gambling in which results of a event like sports, elections, competitions are predicted and wagers are placed on the various outcomes. Sports betting is the most popular form and prediction of matches like football matches, baseball matches are done regularly and he amounts of bets are placed before every match. Earlier, a bookie had to be contacted to place bets on a event, but with the foray of smart phone era, placing bets was just a click away.

Mobile betting has emerged as one the major source of betting in recent years. After the wide spread of smartphones, various mobile applications were developed for both iOS and android which enabled users to place bets very easily and conveniently.

There are many applications like bet365, William hills, unibet etc. which are the most popular mobile betting apps. Surveys have showed that on an average 5 per cent of iPhone users use a mobile betting applications and use it at least 6 times a month.

It might seem as a small percentage but the amount of revenue it generates is astonishing. Application called Paddy power confirmed that its 51% of bets came from a mobile betting software, while the overall mobile betting has seen a rise of 19 % over the last year.

One such popular mobile betting application is UNIBET, which offers services like sports betting, online casinos and online gambling. Using its mobile app user can bet online on sports events like NHL, Premier league, Champions league etc. very easily.

Mobile betting has increased the reach of sports betting many folds, only to increase in the coming years. The potential and revenues that will be generated in the future by these mobile betting applications look very promising.

Learning English in Australia Can be a Bundle of Fun

There are tons of places one can travel to with the goal of becoming fluent in English and choosing just one can be a bit overwhelming. Choosing Australia as your language-learning destination has a plethora of benefits. Not only is a country full of warm, fun-loving people with plenty of amazing English courses available in various cities, but there also are tons of unique things to see in do in Australia you can’t find anywhere else. From natural wonders to gourmet cuisine, there’s something for everyone in the Land Down Under.

If you’re into art, music, fashion, and the finer things in life there are plenty of exciting attractions waiting for you in Australia. The Australian art scene is a reflection of its eclectic culture. There are several world-class museums in the major cities including the National Gallery in Canberra that holds works from Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, David Hockney, and Lucien Freud. One truly unique aspect of the Australian art scene is the presence of the beautiful and culturally rich Dreamtime art scene created by Australian Aboriginal peoples. Artists such as Gloria Petyarre (along with her other equally talented sisters) are famous worldwide for their unique paintings that reflect important cultural ideals. Much of the Petyarre work has even been reprinted onto highly valuable scarves coveted by the fashionistas from around the globe. Speaking of fashion, while it isn’t as well known as Paris or Milan, Australia has its own Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. And with designers such as Akira Isogawa creating mesmerizing collections year after year it pays to keep an eye on the up-and-coming scene.

ausvacations, Image2, Jan 2014

If you’re more of the sporting type, Australia is a great place to try out some new games. The famous beaches like the ones of Byron Bay with the warm waters and white sands are perfect for learning how to surf. And you can’t visit Australia with checking out footie—Australian Football which is different from American gridiron and traditional football. Ozzies also inherited a love of cricket from their British colonizers. And if you’re into the international sports scene, the Australian Open is one of the most important tennis tournaments in the world. If you’re less into competition and more into the great outdoors, there’s no lack of adventure. From sailing along the coast to camping in the great outdoors, you’ll find more than you bargained for waiting for you in Australia. The numerous National Parks provide various topographies and climates so you could take a completely different trip once a month and never leave the country. Hiking enthusiasts shouldn’t miss an opportunity to see the natural wonder of Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) or the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

Next to language, food is the best way to experience a new culture. Exploring some of the exotic dishes of Australian cuisine is a foodie’s dream. Being such an isolated country/continent, much of the food culture is based on what can be produced locally. Along the coast, freshly caught fish and shellfish are unlike anything else in the world. And while they’re sold mostly as novelty, native animals such as emu, kangaroo, and crocodile are available for consumption. Australia’s large immigrant population also means there is a presence of variety in the food scene. From Italian to Korean, you’ll find whatever you’re craving freshly made. Vegetarians and vegans shouldn’t shy away due to their lifestyle choices. There are plenty of options for the meatless and cities such as Nimbin will spoil an herbivore with choices. Of course, wine enthusiasts can note that Australian presence in the market has increased drastically in recent years. A trip to the wine country in Clare Valley is the perfect adventure for your inner sommelier.

If you’re searching for a new living experience like no other while you acquire English, consider Australia as your main destination. Whatever your current interests, Australia has something for you. Plus, there are so many unique Aussie experiences to learn from while you’re on your language-learning journey.

Dani Barrow is a representative of Language Trainers, which provides individually-tailored language training on a one-on-one or small group basis worldwide.

The Top 5 Natural Wonders of Australia

We all know that Australia is an incredibly beautiful place, with plenty to offer; but did you know just how beautiful? There are more natural wonders in Australia than anywhere else on the globe, which is probably the reason so many people want to emigrate over there. We’ve picked our top five natural wonders in Australia, to give you just a taste of what to expect.

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1. Katherine Gorge

We’ll start with one that is slightly lesser known, yet still wins awards on all of the top traveller websites. Katherine Gorge, situated in Nitmiluk National Park is a true natural beauty, that has to be seen to be believed. The River Katherine runs straight through the park, which has then carved out this beautiful ancient sandstone gorge. There are plenty of tours operating in this area, to show off the natural beauty and the incredible wildlife (expect some crocs). If you’re feeling brave and want to take a dip then make sure you visit between April and October.

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2. Shark Bay

Talking of taking a dip, this is probably one natural wonder you won’t want to be swimming around in. Shark Bay can be found just North of Perth, on the Western coast of Australia, and attracts tourists from all over the world. 2.2 million hectares of Shark Bay coastline are now a World Heritage Area, thanks to the biological diversity and natural beauty on offer. Of course, there is an obvious reason why Shark Bay was named so; it is an incredible place to watch these creatures in their natural habitat.

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3. Great Barrier Reef

If you’ve ever watched any of the videos from Francesco Corallo then you may already know that the Great Barrier Reef is actually one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. You may have seen pictures, even videos, of this intricate underwater paradise, but nothing will ever prepare you for the real thing. The colours, wildlife and the living reef itself are completely mind blowing; making it the reason Queensland use it as their state icon. Much of the area is protected, however, there are tours available for you to see this stunning natural wonder in all its glory.

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4. Uluru

Also known as Ayers Rock, this is one of the most famous natural landmarks in the whole of Australia. Yet another World Heritage Site (we have a few in Aus), this sandstone rock formation can be found in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It is not just the rock itself that people flock to see though; this Aboriginal sacred site is filled with ancient paintings, warm water springs and rock caves. You could easily spend a couple of days visiting Uluru, and probably never want to go back home.

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5. Horizontal Waterfalls

Last up, the horizontal waterfalls in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Nicknamed ‘The Horries’ this natural phenomenon is one of just two in the entire world. Despite their name, these horizontal waterfalls are actually tidal currents that are quickly hurtling through a narrow gap between two gorges. Although you can’t get too near, for safety reasons, there are boat trips that will get you as close to the action as possible.

There you have it, our top 5 natural wonders in Australia! Are there any you think we missed from the list? Or do you agree with our choices?

Does Australia have a shot at the World Cup?

In all honesty, the best that any Aussie soccer fans travelling to the World Cup can hope for is a great holiday. The Socceroos will have their work cut out to get anywhere near the knock-out stages, let alone the big prize itself. In truth, the Australian game is undergoing a transitional period and Brazil 2014 could be a good chance to give some big tournament experience to players looking to make their mark in four years time.

If you check out you will see that Australia has been given little hope by the bookies. And a quick glance at Group B gives you a good idea why. If Australia hope to repeat their success of 2006 and reach beyond the group stage, they will need to finish in the top two of a group including current world champions Spain, 2010 World Cup finalists Holland and one of South America’s most impressive outfits at the moment, Chile. It seems to be somewhat of an impossible task. However, there are few expectations of the Socceroos and with Aussie sport on a high following the Ashes whitewash of England and Rugby League World Cup glory, Australian sporting appetite may have been satiated. The pressure will be off for Ange Postegocelu’s side.

In truth, Brazil 2014 could be a good opportunity for fearless younger players to gain some important experience. Heroes of the past such as Harry Kewell and Brett Emerton are unlikely to feature this time round. Although tireless midfielder Tim Cahill is still very much integral to the national side, there are relatively few players who have played regularly in top European leagues. Long-time captain Lucas Neill will probably make the cut, but veteran goalkeeper Mark Schwartzer has played precious little first team football of late and is far from guaranteed his place in Postegocelu’s side.

Instead, the stage is set for a number of young players to make their mark on the global stage. Keep an eye out for 25-year-old forward Robbie Kruse, who graduated from the domestic A-League and is now plying his trade in the German Bundesliga with Bayer Leverkusen. 21-year-old attacking midfielder Tom Rogic has yet to make a real impact at Celtic but is nonetheless a rising star. Postegocelu will also be keen to throw in right-sided player Ivan Franjic who plays for Brisbane Roar but is considered an excellent prospect and will be keen to put himself in the shop window in Brazil.

In short, there is plenty of opportunity for a new generation of Socceroos to make their mark. And although Postegocelu has only inherited the coaching mantle since Australia qualified for the World Cup, he would seem to be in an ideal position to mould a promising new national team. He has previously coached Australia’s under-17 and under-20 teams with some success and will be keen to further oversee their development at senior level.

Australia will open their World Cup campaign against Chile on 13 June. Realistically, this is a game that they will have to win if they are to have any chance of qualifying from what has been dubbed by many as the ‘group of death.’ If they can record a victory against the South Americans and put three points on the board, then it will instantly mean Postegocelu’s campaign is regarded as a success. It could also lay the platform for a more ambitious campaign in four years time.

5 Cities You Must Visit During An Australian Vacation

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After saving your hard earned cash for what seemed like an eternity, you are finally able to book the adventure of a lifetime. Where better to go than to visit our cousins down under?

Australia has an ingrained connection with Great Britain, as we helped to populate the continent (let’s not go into that right now)! We have fought wars together, and it is still a highly prized member of the British Commonwealth. The queen is highly regarded by most Aussies and always receives a tremendous welcome on her visits.

One danger of visiting is that you may never want to return. If you are so inclined, you may take advantage of your visit and find out your options when it comes to emigrating to Australia.

But what to see when you arrive there? Here are some suggestions to help with your planning.


Sydney opera house is an iconic building, and an image most people conjure when thinking of Australia. However, Sydney has far more to offer. A bustling centre of business, museums, art galleries and spectacular beaches. A few days spent exploring what is possibly the most exciting cities in the world will be well spent. Passing under the famous harbour bridge and reaching the dock is just the start of a fabulous vacation.

Gold Coast

The world famous gold coast is set within coastal Queensland and is the number one destination for beach lovers and surfers worldwide. Incredible surfs kiss the beaches here, and you will also find exciting nightlife. If you fancy a change from the beach, treat the children to a theme park adventure; there are about seven in the locality.


Set in Western Australia, Perth offers beaches that are as beautiful as any in the world. A visit to the zoo may be in order to say hello to fauna that you will rarely find in zoos here in good old Blighty, surely a must for the children? Since Western Australia is so vast, and relatively sparsely populated, you will not have to drive far out of Perth to experience the true feel of the outback. A guided adventure tour is highly recommended.


Ayers Rock

The truly impressive monolith of Ayers Rock is an essential destination for your tour. Made of sandstone it stands three hundred and fifty meters high and is positioned within the Uluru-Kata national park . An awesome sight  and highly recommended.


Another top attraction. Melbourne is another of Australia’s cities with an exciting night life. Here you can find the Royal Botanical Gardens among other top attractions. Of course, there is always Melbourne Cricket Ground where sporting war is the order of the day. You will also find the national gallery of Victoria where traditional and modern pieces cater for every taste. Dare you travel The Great Ocean Road to take advantage of the stunning views? This is not for the nervous driver. Perhaps you would prefer travelling around the city on Melbourne’s exciting tramway and seeing the attractions in comfort and style?

There are so many exciting, educational, historic and breathtaking places to visit in Australia that we can only scratch the surface. Rest assured a holiday ‘down under’ is a chance never to be missed.