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Who Earns More – Professional Sportsmen or Professional Poker Players?

Being a professional poker player is considered a dream job for many Australians, earning money playing a game you love, working the hours you choose, and getting to travel the world to attend top tournaments in Las Vegas, or the Aussie Millions in Melbourne. So how does this compare to being a sportsman in some of Australia’s favourite sports?

Amongst the top 10% of poker players, annual earnings can be a steady $50k from a steady cash game income. The biggest earnings come from A-League soccer, where top players can earn a staggering $5.5 million. However, we should point out the average is much lower, and only the top stars who have previous experience playing in top European leagues can command such a salary.

Elite horse racing jockeys and top cricketers can also earn a large sum, up to $3.5million, but again the average is much lower.

Rugby League and Aussie Rules Football players are more equally paid, with the averages ranging between $200k-$250k, and top earners only getting a salary four to five times this.

Many Australian sports players actually enjoy a game of poker as well. Legendary cricketer Shane Warne has established himself as a credible poker player, having won almost $100k in live tournament prize money. His impressive record includes a cash in the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas, as well as a series of cashes in side events at the prestigious Aussie Millions tournament.

Who earns more – Professional Sportsmen or Professional Poker Players

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5 Ways to Spend Easter in Australia

Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled family trip or a romantic break for you and your partner this Easter weekend, Australia has just what you need. With plenty of options to make the most of the much needed sun and stunning scenery, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Regardless of how you choose to spend your long weekend, make sure you travel in style with the help of Chapman Freeborn’s luxury charter services!


Summer may be close to finishing for most of Australia, but there is still one place to experience the glorious weather – the North of Queensland. This makes the Whitsundays island a perfect destination. What sounds better than sitting by the pool with a nice cocktail or taking a trip to see the world’s most famous and biggest coral reef? Even if you don’t have all the time in the world to enjoy all it offers, Whitsundays has a full range of activities to pick from. Snorkeling, cruising, golf, swimming, jet boats and sea plane journeys are just some of the many options to take advantage of.


The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is something of a family favourite over the Easter weekend. There is nowhere more popular across the 57 km of beaches and beautiful coastline than Surfers Paradise. This is a great central location and is close to attractions that the whole family will enjoy such as Dreamworld and Sea World. Whether you are looking for that expensive spoil or something that won’t break the bank, you’ll be sure to find something to suit you on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast


Perhaps you are more interested in spending your Easter break shopping? If that is the case, then you should definitely consider visiting Melbourne. As accommodation is situated in a central location and public transport is plentiful, it is both quick and easy to get around. Make sure you visit St Kilda and as many of the little boutiques, bars, galleries and museums as you can.



Some people want to escape the chaos of their everyday lives, and if that is you, you should consider Hobart. Hobart is known as a fairly sleepy town, but don’t be misled as it is far from boring. Even if you have the whole long weekend to spend exploring this town, you probably will not experience all it has to offer. Take a stroll to Salamanca Place and Battery Point or walk through the Saturday markets and have a taste of the locally produced food.



Adelaide is perfect whether you have a family or just want somewhere to go for a romantic break for two. It is easy to see why it is the capital of Australia’s Garden State with its outstanding scenery. There are lots of lovely cafés and the city is surrounded by the wine regions such as Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills. For the romantic types, wine tasting in the hinterland and getting caught up in the festive spirit of the city in the evening is one of the best ways to spend Easter. For families, head to Gleneleg, a beach side city where you can swim and also take in some history at the German settlement, Hahndorf. With various playgrounds, a chocolate factory and a strawberry farm that allows you to pick your own strawberries, there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained. And as the oldest capital, Adelaide also offers a long and interesting history to delve into throughout your stay.


Lasseters Casino

A Trip to Lasseters Casino – Review

In addition to sandy beaches, wildlife and untouched nature, Australia has a lot more to offer. It is a country with great and vibrant cities, great culture, a lot of events and shows. But, Australia is also a very popular destination for people who like to enjoy a spin on the pokies or a hand of blackjack. Namely, this country has a lot of great casinos. In addition to a lot of great hotels that feature international standard casinos, there are a lot of online casinos, where thousands, even millions of Aussies try their luck on pokies and other popular casino games. If you want to know more, here’s where to gamble online in Australia.

Alice Springs

In this review we will present you Lasseters Casino, which is part of the Lasseters centre of entertainment located in Alice Springs. Alice Springs, also known as Alice, is a wonderful small town, located in the very centre of Australia. It has a population of only 28,000 which makes it the third biggest settlement in the Northern Territory. Its population is 12% of the total population of the province. One curious fact is that Alice Springs is about 1,500 kilometres away from the nearest major city. Despite the fact that it is based in the heart of Central Australia, Alice Springs can be reached both by train and via express coach service. You can reach it by car via the Stuart Highway, also, there are daily flights to and from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Cairns.

Lasseters Hotel Casino

If you go to Alice Springs, then visiting Lasseters is a must. It is truly the social centre of Alice Springs with four bars, four restaurants, a nightclub, a poolside café, a sports lounge and of course an international standard casino, which was our favourite. Lasseters won a gold medal on the 2013 Australian Tourism Awards and a silver one on the 2015 Awards. At the casino you can play pokies and other electronic games every day from 9am until 4am, whereas table games are available from 3pm until 3am Sunday to Thursday and until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays. There are over 330 pokies which can be played with as little as one penny and up to $1.

Gaming Packages

One thing that visitors love the most about Lasseters Casino are their packages- Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ultimate Gaming Package. With each of them you get bonus play chips, drinks, starters, blackjack and roulette tutorials. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Package are for groups of minimum 8 people and they can be purchased for $150, $200 and $250 for the group, respectively, whereas the Ultimate Package is for at least two people and it includes a night of premium accommodation, 3 course meal and a breakfast buffet. This package can be bought for $210 per person and we can confirm that it is truly ultimate.

Game Selection

There is something for everyone at Lasseters Casino, as their selection of pokies includes a number of old time favourites and a lot of new high quality slots. The management team at Lasseters Casino knows how much Australians love playing pokies and they made sure to offer only the very best of slots. The selection of table games isn’t limited to Roulette and Blackjack, as they also offer Texas Hold’em as well as Progressive Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Three Card Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Pontoon and Caribbean Stud Poker. Texas Hold’em is played as a no-limit game and the buy-in is up to $200. Various Texas Hold’em tournaments are held throughout the year. You can also play Keno at the Keno terminals located in the Sports Lounge and Casbah.

Diamond Lounge

If you’re in for the ultimate gaming experience in Central Australia and beyond, you should definitely visit the Diamond Lounge. It features 54 high-quality newly released pokies, a private coffee lounge bar and four tables. The seating is luxurious and exclusive food and beverages are being served. A lot of exclusive weekly promotions are offered at the Diamond Lounge. Lasseters Rewards program features 5 membership levels and the top three of them- Gold, Platinum and Diamond allow you to gain access to the Diamond Lounge.


Must Have Travel Items for the Sydney Traveller

Travelling to the glitzy town of Sydney in stunning Australia? Never forget an essential by checking out this list of must-have travel bags. All of these products are available from the Love Luggage store, which you can find in Newton, Sydney. Each of these bags suit the sunny Sydney climate perfectly, and come in a range of colours.

Lojel Luna 76cm Rainproof Luggage In Navy with Impact Resistant Corners

Lojel Luna 76cm Rainproof Luggage In Navy with Impact Resistant Corners

Depending on how much luggage you are taking with you to Sydney, Lojel Luna is a great option. It has a ten year warranty, is 76cm long and is rainproof, perfect for the Sydney weather – which can vary, depending on what month you’re planning to get here!

Crumpler Dry Red No 2 Boarding Bag – Red

Crumpler Dry Red No 2 Boarding Bag – Red

This carry-on size waterproof bag is perfect for any adventure trips or days out. Five compartments ensure you have plenty of room for the essentials, including passport, toothbrush, and (plenty of) Australian dollars! It also comes in many funky colours!

Pacsafe Metrosafe 250 GII Anti Theft Shoulder Bag 8L Black

Pacsafe Metrosafe 250 GII Anti Theft Shoulder Bag 8L Black

If you are in need of a bigger bag for a laptop or tablet, look no further than the stylish black Pacsafe Metrosafe backpack! This bag is waterproof, helping keep your electronics safe from accidental damage, while invisible straps protect it from any opportunists. You can never be too careful when it comes to electronics.

Secrid RFID 6 Cardprotector – Silver

Secrid RFID 6 Cardprotector - Silver

The Secrid wallet card protector is a perfect accompaniment for your anti-theft shoulder bag. Made of aluminium, this product safeguards debit, credit and identification cards against breakage. It is 8mm thick and can store up to six cards so don’t despair if you have many.

Knomo Bond Charging Leather Power Purse Black

Knomo Bond Charging Leather Power Purse Black

This leather purse comes with its own handy charging card for your smartphone, so you never need fear about your phone dying on those long plane rides! Unfortunately, it won’t replenish your funds, so ensure you come to Sydney with plenty of Australian dollars to spare.

Enjoy your time in the Harbour City – where are you planning to visit on your travels?

These 5 Travel Accessories Will Prepare You For (Almost) Anything

When you’re travelling for lengthy periods of time to destinations far from home, it helps to be prepared. Today’s savvy traveller carries a collection of handy accessories. Here are 5 key items that can make life that little bit easier as you vacation around the world. Most of the accessories listed here can be found and bought easily online from stores like Bags To Go – so there’s no excuse for taking off unprepared!

1. RFID-Blocking Gear

In an ideal world, this accessory wouldn’t need to exist. However, scammers are out there and it helps to be protected.

Many cards and some documents such as passports can use radio frequencies to wirelessly transfer information. Unfortunately, scammers can sometimes take advantage of this by using their own scanners to read your personal data. RFID-blocking gear, such as these wallets, accessories and bags, can prevent this from happening, which can help protect your identity and money from crafty thieves.

2. Packing Cubes

These clever cubes are a great way to keep your luggage organised and pack more in your suitcase. Packing cubes and organisers are smaller bags that are designed to keep your clothes and other items organised and separated. They also reduce the time spent sifting through your messy luggage to find a particular item. Packing cubes can even minimise wrinkles and help separate clean clothes from dirty ones.

3. A Travel Adapter

Many a rookie traveller has checked into their hotel room, tried to plug something in and realised it won’t fit. Different plugs, sockets and voltages are used all over the world and what works in one country might not work in the next.

Don’t get caught out. Pick up a travel adapter to suit the country you’re visiting before you leave. Universal, multi-plug and multi-power adapters designed for use in many different countries are a good idea for travellers going to multiple countries on their trip (and for people planning many more journeys abroad in the near future!).

4. Luggage Locks

A luggage lock can bring you piece of mind as it deters potential thieves who might rummage through your valuables. Some require the use of a key, while others use number combinations to gain access. If you have valuables in your luggage, a lock will help keep it secure.

For travellers planning a trip to the United States of America, it’s worth looking into TSA-approved locks. These locks can be easily opened by Transport Security Administration attendants if your bag is selected for a search. Frequently, the TSA will destroy or disable non-TSA approved luggage locks if they require access to your bag, leaving you with a useless lock and some wasted dollars.

5. Travel Cushions

Neck cushions can help keep your neck comfortable and supported during long flights or train journeys. They’re designed to help you sleep while on the move. Some are made from spandex and memory foam for maximum comfort while others are inflatable so they take up less space when not in use.

Ear plugs and eye masks are also available to help block out noise and distractions so you can rest easy on the way to your next adventure.

What other accessories would you add to your list of essentials?

Australia’s Best Island Holidays

There’s nothing quite like feeling your troubles melt away while relaxing on one of Australia’s beautiful island paradises.

Australia is known for its stunning oceans and pristine beaches so, naturally, an island holiday is the perfect way to spend your vacation Down Under. While there are numerous island getaways in each state, here are some of the more popular destinations for tourists looking for their dream island vacation.

The Whitsundays

One of Australia’s biggest attractions, the Whitsundays are a series of 74 islands off the coast of Queensland. A huge drawcard for the Whitsundays is their proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world and one of the 7 natural wonders.

Featuring golden beaches, incredible sailing trips and snorkelling opportunities, and the beautiful sunny atmosphere that Queensland is known for, it’s little wonder that more than 700,000 visitors make the pilgrimage to the Whitsundays every year.

Rottnest Island

Just off the coast of Freemantle in Western Australia lies Rottnest Island, a small slice of Australian paradise. Visitors will be greeted with stunning views and scenery, pristine beaches and unique wildlife such as the small and smiley marsupials known as quokkas.

You can join one of the free walking tours around Rottnest Island, swim or snorkel in the beautiful water, or explore the island at your leisure while learning about its rich history along the way.

Lord Howe Island

Found between Australia and New Zealand, Lord Howe Island is a secluded space that offers some of the most amazing scenery in the world. Its lush forestry, rolling hills, golden beaches and sparkling ocean views make every vacation here an unforgettable one.

Popular activities include scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, birdwatching and fishing – as well as simply just exploring the island. Local resorts such as Pinetrees Lodge are quite popular with those who make the journey to experience Lord Howe Island.

Frasier Island

The heritage-listed Frasier Island is the largest sand island in the world and has been preserved for visitors from all over the world to enjoy. During your stay at Frasier Island, you can traverse huge rainforests, swim in one of the many cool fresh water lakes or climb the towering sand dunes.

Frasier Island is also a very popular destination for both 4-wheel driving enthusiasts and keen fisherman, with plenty of rugged terrain to traverse and unique fishing spots.

Cocos Keeling Islands

Consisting of 27 coral islands, the Cocos Keeling Islands form a pristine paradise several kilometres off the coast of Western Australia.

The isolated location makes this destination perfect for visitors keen to escape from it all and relax on their own island getaway. The Cocos Keeling Islands offer stunning snorkelling and diving opportunities as well as some fantastic fishing locations.

The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are very popular destinations for Australian visitors hoping to explore the nation’s beautiful beaches, but they can often get quite crowded. For an intimate, relaxing trip you’ll never forget, why not book a trip to one of Australia’s amazing islands and carve out your own little slice of paradise?

Top attractions in Australia in 2016

Australia is world-famous for many iconic attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, the Uluru natural landmark that was previously known as Ayers Rock, and of course, the nation’s unparalleled beautiful sandy beaches.

But for those tourists who fancy checking out some more in-depth Australian attractions, then there’s an endless array of music festivals, top sporting tournaments to tempt betting aficionados, and many other quintessentially Australian activities that everybody must try at least once.

Musical heritage

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Australia has had a surprising impact on the world’s musical scene with cities such as Melbourne offering some recent Grammy-nominated talent such as Courtney Barnett, and Perth regenerating the world’s psych-scene through the likes of Tame Impala.

The country also has a solid reputation for its musical festivals which this year features the likes of the Spectrum Now festival that takes over Sydney for two weeks in March. This boasts an eclectic line-up featuring acts such as The Jesus and Mary Chain and Calexico as well as Australia’s best-kept secret, the stunning Augie March.

Sporting excellence


The Australians are famous for their sporting talents, and tickets are already on sale for the Australian Open that signals the start of the year’s tennis Grand Slam events for 2016. This will once again feature the fiery Scot Andy Murray as he aims to beat his four losing finals jinx at this prestigious competition, and you can follow all of the latest tennis news and betting odds online at Betway’s site along with all other top-class sporting events.

However, for a quintessentially Australian sporting experience, then the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is a must. This epic sailing journey begins on Boxing Day and features over 100 yachts tackling the dangerous and difficult 630 nautical-mile journey that begins at the iconic Sydney Harbour and ends up in the wilds of Hobart in Tasmania.

Out and about


Given that Australia is such a large and expansive country, then all visitors would be highly recommended to do a bit of exploring when visiting the nation. And a perfect way to do this would be to combine it with Australia’s great reputation for wine by doing a Yarra Valley Wine Tour. Starting from Melbourne, this tour takes in Australia’s growing wine heritage by visting a select group of vineyards, complete with more than few glasses of the famous local produce.

So whether you’re taking a bet on one of the world’s biggest tennis tournaments, sampling a glass of Pinot Noir, or even just checking out the best in alternative music, there’s certainly more to Australia than meets the eye!

The Wonders of an Australian Cruise

A cruise can be a great way to get a more complete experience of other parts of the world. Staying in a hotel can be pleasant but can also be limiting; if you want to be able to travel from place to place

Australia is a vast continent, and as a result there are lots of options for tourists. If you’re thinking of visiting Australia but don’t know where to start, then a cruise may be the best option for you. Here’s some key information that you’ll need to know when planning an Australian cruise with Planet Cruise.

When’s the best time for an Australian Cruise?

Technically there’s no wrong time to go as Australia is a year-round cruise location. This isn’t surprising, as its location near the equator makes it extremely temperate throughout the year. That being said, there are better times of year than others depending on your preferences. Summer in Australia starts in December, so if you want blazing sun then that’s the time to go! Conversely, the Australian winter months may be better if you’re not much of a sun-worshipper. This is between June and August.

What Will I See?

A cruise will give you the chance to see some of Australia’s most famous sights and attractions over the course of the trip. There are plenty of different itineraries available depending on what sort of trip that you’re looking for. For example, a cruise could take you to the Great Barrier Reef, where you’ll have the chance to snorkel and scuba dive amongst the incredible wildlife.

Australia has several cruise ports that will give travellers a complete experience of the continent. You can experience the urban attractions of cities like Sydney or take in the sights of the stunning wildlife parks. Australia is a diverse place, so there’s something for everyone. Some cruises even offer more extensive trips, including making visits to Asia. Company’s like Planet Cruise offer diverse and enjoyable itineraries designed to suit different tastes.

What do else I need to know?

If you decide to take a cruise in Australia then it’s recommended that you allocate a few days for travel time before departing on the ship. If you’re coming from the other side of the world then it’s going to take you a whole day to get to Australia, and once you’re there you should take an extra day for rest. This means that you’ll get the most enjoyment out of your cruise, rather than spending the first few days combatting jet lag and losing precious travel time.

Other than that, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the sights.

6 Simple Ways to Save Money When Planning a Holiday

Travelling the world is a lot easier and affordable than it used to be; even distant and remote locations have become far more accessible over time. However, like many people, you’re probably always on the lookout for simple ways to save money when planning a holiday. Every saving, big or small, helps.

1. Buy Luggage From a Wholesaler

Reliable luggage can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for luggage that’s both secure and weatherproof. Check out online wholesale retailers like Luggage Direct for a wide variety of luggage options at discount prices. Sometimes, you can even take advantage of free delivery.

2. Travel During Non-Peak Periods

When you’re booking flights or accommodation, costs are usually lower during non-peak times, i.e. not during school vacation or public holidays. Obviously, there are times when you really need to travel regardless of the time of year, but when you do have a choice, choose wisely!

3. Fly With Low-Cost Carriers

There’s so much competition out there now with airlines doing everything they can to secure your business. If you have a tight budget, a low-cost carrier can often be a good way to go if you don’t mind sacrificing a few creature comforts. Even with the separate costs of meals, comfort kits and entertainment, it will probably still cost less in total than flying with a conventional airline. Keep in mind that conventional airlines occasionally have big sales so it’s a good idea to shop around.

4. Join Frequent Flyer Programs

There are a number of frequent flyer programs where you can earn points from flying, as well as shopping at your usual retailers. Some supermarkets link their rewards cards to frequent flyer programs with various airlines. There’s also the option of using a frequent flyer credit card (see which ones your bank has), so you’ll earn points when you use your credit card(s). Look out for offers in which you can earn double or triple points to help your points balance increase a little faster!

5. Use Online Booking Sites

Travel agents sometimes charge a fee for their assistance in arranging your vacation. There are countless websites for flights and accommodation bookings with many also helping you compare prices. Beware of sites that charge you booking fees though. Sign up for newsletters and alerts so you’ll hear about promotions and sales first.

6. Only Pack Necessities

People all over the world fall into the same trap – packing far more than you need for your trip. If you’re travelling on low-cost carriers, your luggage weight limit will be set. While everyone is permitted to carry 8-10kg (depending on which airline you fly with), you can be slugged with a hefty fee if you’re even slightly over the limit. That’s an unnecessary waste of money. Be judicious when packing.

Travelling doesn’t have to be a ridiculously pricey affair. It just takes some common sense and you need to keep your eyes and ears open for businesses trying to get more money out of you. Be aware of the discounts that may be out there and make sure you’re looking in the right places. How do you save money while planning a holiday?

How to Set Yourself Apart

Building a look is all about stacking elements together; you have to think about how your shoes match your socks and how your shirt matches your tie and so on. In many ways, having a plan is actually more important than the elements themselves. If you go into your wardrobe choices with an overall plan for how you’d like to look, you will probably end up looking fine. You should decide the centrepiece of your look and design around that.


Many men will instantly gravitate towards the necktie as the centrepiece of their look. For men, the necktie is so often the only part of the wardrobe that is very different from what everyone else is wearing. If you put on a navy blue suit and a lighter blue shirt, how many other guys in your office will be wearing the exact same thing? The answer is probably quite a few. That’s why the necktie holds so much prominence as a way to distinguish yourself from others. While this is somewhat effective, it has come to be expected. One compelling way to set yourself apart, especially in an outdoor meeting, is the sunglasses.


Sunglasses are oftentimes overlooked as fashion accessories. Very often, they are thought of as purely utilitarian devices for blocking some of the sunlight from your eyes. Obviously, that is their primary purpose, but they cover your eyes, so they are obviously going to be a focal point. With this season’s designer Ray-Ban sunglasses, you can set yourself apart from everybody else at the office.

When you have to meet a client out in the field, matching your suit to a well-designed pair of sunglasses can signal that you are a man who takes himself seriously. Working with a tie that matches your suit is pretty standard, but a pair of shades that complement your tie can really signal you are thoughtful.

Benefits of Sunglasses

In addition to being a great way to set yourself apart as a fashionable guy, sunglasses offer many of the obvious benefits. First and foremost, they protect your eyes from UV rays; that’s obvious. In addition to that, though, they offer some benefits in a business setting. When you are trying to conduct a meeting, talk with a client, or finalise a deal, you want to be able to read your sheet of paper. If you’ve ever held a white sheet of paper in the sun, you know how hard that can be. A good pair of sunglasses makes it possible.

Most business goes down on an electronic device now, though. White sheets of paper reflect annoying amounts of sunlight, making them very hard to read. Electronic devices, on the other hand, become washed out by too much sunlight and are very hard to read. If you can, you can turn up the display’s brightness, but this does not always make it easy to read. Your best bet is a pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses are all about function, but that does not mean they can’t be fashionable. Building a look around a pair of sunglasses signals to your clients that you’re serious.