Prep your phone before you leave home

In pre-mobile and pre-internet days, travel meant cutting yourself off from your regular life – whether it was for a week’s trip to the beach, or for an extended backpacking trip around Europe. Today, though, with all of us having smartphones and so many Wi-Fi spots available, wherever we go, there’s no need to feel ‘disconnected’ from life at home. If you need any help getting away from it all, check this out…

Caption: Where to go to get away from it all in Australia

It’s true that there was something magical about that disconnection from normal life, but today we can have the best of both worlds. The freedom to travel without worrying about missing out on anything going on with our friends and family at home, as we’re constantly connected, but also having the option to switch off from it all when we want to. While there might be some things that you want to forget about while you’re away – work emails, for example – there are often plenty of things you’d like to keep an eye on.


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Caption: The mobile phone – today’s most useful travel accessory?

So when you’re planning a trip, make sure your phone has all the apps you’ll need while you’re away to keep track of what’s happening back at home. Here are just a few examples.

You may do all your banking online and not yet downloaded a banking app on your phone. However, when you’re busy spending your hard-earned cash on the road, it can be really useful to be able to check up on your balance wherever you may be.

If you’re a sports fan, you may want to keep up to date on what your favourite team is up to, or what’s happening in the world of tennis or golf. Any of the betting site apps like the one from bet365 not only provide you with constantly updating odds and betting opportunities, but you can also get the latest sports news on them.

Apps can ensure that your trip goes more smoothly. Instead of loading your bags with books, download some fresh reading fodder on an eBook app such as Kindle to make sure you have plenty to keep you entertained during those times you’re waiting for connections on public transport. Another book you don’t have to take with you anymore is a guide book – download an app such as TripAdvisor so that you have all the info on what to do wherever you might be.

This and other travel apps such as Lonely Planet or Rough Guide can give you interesting insights in the history of a destination as well as where to eat or go out for a drink and where to sleep. Download one of them to see just how much information you can access about Sydney or Alice Springs before you go. See which travel app suits your style best and take it with you, leaving the printed versions at home.


by  mripp  Caption: Your location doesn’t matter – you can stay connected if you choose to

Wherever you’re headed, for pleasure or business, be sure to update your phone’s apps before you leave home. It’ll keep you connected with what’s going on at home, but also make it easier for you to negotiate life on the move.