Road Trips in Australia

Road tripping in a foreign country is the height of adventure. These types of vacations include the intrigue of discovering unknown places and the ability to get off the beaten track. According to CAR-Research XRM, many travelers enjoy seeing the beauty of a place that goes unseen by those who stick to cruising and organized tours. Road tripping gives the best of all aspects of travel, allowing access to spectacular tourist spots while also giving travelers the opportunity to see sights off the beaten path. Flying to Australia, renting a car, camper, motorcycle, or four wheel drive vehicle, and setting out on an adventure may be the best vacation of your life.

Melbourne to Adelaide

This road trip is spectacular. Driving on Shipwreck Coast, the views of the ocean are breathtaking. A main attraction on this route is the Twelve Apostles, the theatrically named limestone pillars that are all that is left of eroded coastline. There are only eight left now, which some claim is a draw to have a look before that number shrinks to seven. Make sure to stop at the Naracoorte Caves National Park on this road trip to check out the caves and the fossilized megafauna. Stopping at small locally-owned restaurants to try freshly caught sea-food is a must to make this road-trip complete.


For those who shy away from the baking hot desert, Tasmania offers a refreshing option. As the world’s 26th largest island, Tasmania offers a whole world to explore in a reasonable climate. Tourists should fly in to Launceston or Hobart and then travel from there. Fresh foods and wines are signature for this area, and the scenery is unlike any other. With so much of this island as protected parks and heritage sites, this is the perfect place to road-trip in nature.

Red Centre Way and Ayers Rock

Red Centre Way, stretching from Alice to Uluru is a road trip of about 450 KM (or around 280 miles). This is more of a desert ride, with heat being an important factor. While climbing Ayers Rock will not be allowed, just taking in one of the world’s most spectacular wonders makes the destination almost as fun as the journey. Restaurants along the route may serve interesting cuisine such as crocodile, emu, and kangaroo. This ride, including mostly flat terrain and more predictable weather, would be a fun one for a motorcycle. A side trip to add to this adventure is Kings Canyon, offering views that are worth the sidetrack.

Bloomfield Track from Cape Tribulation to Cooktown

If adventure is the goal, this trip is a must. According to CAR-Research XRM, Bloomfield Track can be impassable after heavy rains, and will require a four-wheel drive vehicle. Extending into the rain forest in the far north of Australia, Bloomfield Track goes through undeveloped aboriginal areas. The building of this road caused opposition from environmentalists because of the importance of keeping untouched wilderness free and natural. Keeping the environmentalists ideals in mind while enjoying the road should bring both balance and respect to this incredibly fun and wild adventure. The wild loneliness in this area can be overwhelming, so if this is the road-trip for you, it might be smart to bring a companion.