Saving Money on the Family Holiday

If you have school-age children you cannot have failed to have noticed how the price of taking holidays during the school holidays is far, far greater than it would cost to holiday during term time. Perhaps you remember those heady days of your pre-children days when you and your loved one could jet off to wherever you fancied on a whim, without having to pay through the nose to do so because you could travel whenever you wanted to.

There is, of course, a reason for the price of holidays to increase during school holidays: it is the economic principle of supply and demand: the more people there are who want to buy (holidays, in this case), the higher the seller can set their prices. The travel companies and hoteliers also know that people with children tend to spend less money when they are on holiday compared to single people or couples, who like to treat themselves when away.

Going on holiday with children is expensive enough without also eating out every night or paying for pricey excursions. So they charge a premium price for travel and accommodation during school holidays. Similarly, they change their prices (upwards) if you book far in advance and/or if you book at the last minute, knowing that you’ll want to get the exact holiday of your choice or that you have decided that no matter what you are going to take a foreign holiday this year!

However, there is a company that does not do this. Owned by French company SNCF, iDBUS bus travel offers everyone the chance to travel to European cities for the same low price regardless of when they book their tickets or whether the planned journey falls in a school holiday or not. You can travel with iDBUS from London to Paris for a Mini Price of £33 per person each way, during the Christmas holidays!

A journey by coach naturally takes about as long as it would take to drive yourself, but when you add up European insurance and break down cover, plus the cost of the petrol and the stress of navigating and driving in unfamiliar territory you can see how attractive the price of taking the iDBUS from London to Paris is in comparison.

Remember that you can book an overnight journey, allowing you all to get some shut eye during the trip. Or you can take your electronic devices and take advantage of the free on board Wi-Fi and plug sockets, or take travel games and books to while away the hours.  You can also choose your seats when you book so you can all sit together, and the journey starts at London Victoria coach station and ends in the heart of Paris at Paris Bercy (or other central coach stations in various cities across Europe).

All that for a very low cost whenever you want to travel – and the prices stay the same no matter when you book.