Skydiving Tips and Tricks: Are You Ready?

Almost everyone will think about going skydiving at one time or another. For some, it’s a lifelong dream, but it terrifies others. However, there’s no denying the thrill it gives you – anybody can see it just by taking a look at videos and pictures of others skydiving! Solo skydiving is difficult, but tandem skydiving is great – you simply get strapped on to a professional and enjoy the ride! If you’ve got a skydive coming up and don’t know what to expect, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you prepare:

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Skydiving Tips and Tricks

  • You need to be at least 18 for most skydiving companies to let you book with them.
  • The weight limit is around 225 pounds.
  • You should definitely wear loose fitting clothes, and sturdy shoes that are fully attached to your foot. Definitely no flip flops!
  • Some larger companies do accommodate walk ins, but to secure your place you should book in advance.
  • You should take snacks and bottled drinks to the dropzone (no alcohol though!), as you could be waiting there for a few hours depending on the weather and the staff available.
  • Make sure you leave all of your valuables in your car or with a friend who isn’t taking part. There might be lockers for your stuff, but you never know!
  • If you have to wear glasses or contacts, staff at the site will usually have goggles suitable for protecting your eyes.
  • If you get motion sickness, you might want to take something to help you – like non-drowsy dramamine.
  • You’ll usually watch a video to show you the process of skydiving.
  • After watching the video, you’ll have to sign forms and waivers including liability waivers. These are quite serious, as they take any blame away from the skydiver you’re attached to, the drop zone owner, and even owners of the field you might land in. Read through this thoroughly – you’re about to stare death in the face and jump out of a plane, after all!
  • There are risks, and the internet is full of statistics for you to read up on should you want to know them.
  • Once you’ve completed your signing of the forms, you’ll then need to pay for your skydive. This can cost hundreds, and you’ll want to pay extra for videos and pictures.
  • There are different policies on changing your mind depending on where you go. Some places will let you change your mind until you’re on the plane. Some places won’t issue you a refund once you’ve made the payment. They can’t force you to jump out of the plane, you can decide you don’t want to – whether you get your money back or not is a different story!
  • You can choose many amazing places to do your jump, for example: skydive in Perth, or even over mount Everest!

When you’ve decided that you’re ready for a skydive, you’ll meet a professional skydiving instructor who will be strapped to your back. Bear in mind that they’ve done this hundreds, if not thousands of times. You have nothing to be worried about!