The 10 Commandments of Traveling Wisely

The world seems to be getting smaller and smaller. It is becoming increasingly easy to go traveling and to visit some of the most amazing places in the world. This is a good thing, because it means that people get to experience new things and share in cultures. However, it has to be done right. When you go on Insight Tours and Vacations, for instance, the ultimate goal is for you to enjoy yourself and to relax. But this doesn’t mean you can just do anything. Read on to see what the 10 commandments of traveling wisely actually are.

1. Make sure your travel documentation is in order well before you leave. Your passport often has to be valid for at least another 6 months if you want to travel abroad.

2. Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to check in. Two hours for international flights is a minimum. Check whether there is heightened security, in which case you may need to get there earlier.

3. Pack sensibly. Do you really need ten t-shirts when there is a laundry service at your destination? Can you not buy shampoo in the hotel?

4. Be ready for a long flight. Hydrate yourself, stay away from alcohol, take your contact lenses out, have a meditation tape ready and so on. Stretch regularly while on the flight as well.

5. Keep a travel diary! You will have so many new and amazing experiences and it may be difficult to remember it all. Keep a diary and put some souvenirs in there as well.

6. Be nice to people. Anyone you encounter during your travel, whether locals, fellow tourists or staff, is deserving of respect. If you do have something to complain about, do so calmly and nicely.

7. Make your experience authentic. If you are going to Kenya, for instance, do you really have to get a sandwich from Subway when there are so many local things to try?

8. Perform random acts of kindness. If every person on this planet did something nice for someone else just once a day, we would have world peace.

9. Don’t pollute! The world is already one large trash belt so make sure you don’t make it worse. Clean up after yourself, don’t disturb nature and leave wild animals alone.

10. Enjoy yourself! This is probably the most important commandment of all. You are going on vacation because you need some time to unwind and to leave all the stresses of daily life behind. Embrace this experience to the fullest and try to actually forget for a while that there is a home waiting for you as well.

With these 10 commandments, you should be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You will also be respected by tourism employees and Mother Earth will be thankful to you. They are 10 very easy things to do and everybody should be able to commit to sticking to them.