Things To Consider Before You Move Down Under

Thousands of people feel the need to get away from the country in which they reside and head south to the great Aussie continent. There are many reasons for doing so; lifestyle probably tops the list. We live in cramped towns and cities, and only a few privileged people buy houses in the country. In Australia, there is more space than you could see in a lifetime.

A move down under is a huge step in anyone’s life, but it is not as big as it used to be. Nowadays you can return home to the northern hemisphere in about twenty-four hours thanks to modern jetliners. Maybe that is why expats feel less isolated from their families than they once did.

If you are about to up sticks and head off into the sun, here are a few things you should consider first.

Will They Have You?

The borders to Australia are not like those in Europe. They are rightfully selective of who they let into their fine land. If you have no skills to offer the country, you may struggle to qualify for residency there. On the other hand, if you have some savings, good prospects, and a job waiting for you, our cousins will welcome you with open arms.

Where Will You Live?

Do you intend renting, buying, or building a luxury home where you can see out the rest of your life in style? You can buy a plot of land in a luxury development and build a house, or the developer will do so for you. Because Australia is a massive place, you won’t be squashed onto tiny plots of land; they are a generous size.

Do You Like The Sun?

Most of us love the sunshine, but temperatures down there can far exceed those in the UK. Skin cancer rates are high, so you must always use UV protection whenever you are outdoors. It is probably not the best place for those with hypersensitive skin to live, but everybody else should cope well with the proper precautions.

Do You Like Creepy Crawlers?

Spiders and other insects tend to thrive in hot climates. Here at home, the winter kills many off and controls the population. Over there, spiders can grow to terrifying proportions, in my opinion. How will you cope when a huntsman the size of your hand walks up the bedroom wall?

Can You Handle A Relaxed Way Of Life?

Make no mistake, Australians work as hard as the rest of us. Many of them start early so that they can complete their work and spend the rest of the day enjoying themselves. The afternoon could be yours. Will you go surfing or sight-seeing? It sounds like such a chore.

Can You Leave Your Loved Ones?

I mentioned how you could be home in one day if you had to, but how will you feel when you cannot pop around to see your relatives on a whim? It takes a lot of getting used to, but after the first year the homesickness tends to die down.

I have asked you some tough questions there. I would like to finish by saying that most of the people who took followed the adventure say that it is the best thing they ever did, and they wouldn’t change a thing. Dare you take the leap? Marvellous things await the brave.


Robert Nyman