Travel Ideas For Over 65s

In the UK, the biggest growing social group is baby boomers. In 2013, record numbers of people began claiming their pensions, and for many, retirement is an exciting time. If you have recently retired, you will find that you have plenty of spare time and be thinking of how to spend it – with no more 9-5 workdays or children to raise, your time is your own, likely for the first time in decades. You may have been envious of friends who travelled the world – so if you’ve always wanted to travel, now is your chance.

Take A Golden Gap Year

In the UK, the phenomenon of the ‘Golden Gap Year’ has boomed in recent years. Traditionally a ‘world tour’ taken by aristocratic young men prior to beginning University, for many retirees a golden gap year offers a chance to travel far and wide without any children or work commitments to restrict them. The costs can be high, but are absolutely worth the money if it is your idea of the trip of a lifetime. Don’t forget to keep your safety as a priority – for any long-term travel, ask your GP to provide you with plenty of medication to keep you going, getting necessary vaccinations, and specialist travel insurance for over 65s in case of emergencies.

Go On A Cruise

Another popular idea for pensioners who want to see the world is a cruise – which offers all of the international sightseeing of a gap year, but without the hassle of unpacking. Cruises are ideal particularly if mobility is an issue, as there are staff on hand at all times to assist you, guaranteed wheelchair accessible rooms, dining, and entertainment. It’s also quite a comfort to know that most cruises are all-inclusive, so there’s no worries about a sudden unpaid bill to disrupt your holiday.

Live Like A Local

Another travel idea popular for students and now for pensioners, housesitting abroad is an excellent way to experience other cultures. This is especially helpful for cost-cutting, as many homeowners will allow you to stay in their property for no cost, usually on the condition that you look after their pets. If you have always wanted to live abroad but had hesitations, housesitting provides a great opportunity to give it a try, as well as giving you the time to relax and acclimatise that is not available with a shorter holiday.