Ultimate Guide to Hiking Safely in Australia

We are fortunate to live in an age where cheap air travel makes it easy and affordable to reach far flung places. For example, Australia was once reachable only by the very wealthy, but today you can fly there very cheaply and enjoy a holiday in one of the most fascinating and unique countries of all. With a massive landmass, most of which is uninhabited but for unusual and unique wildlife, Australia is the perfect place to hiking and explore, as well as being a very popular destination for students taking a gap year. As with all such places, you need to know how to stay safe on your travels, so we have some ideas for you.

The first thing to consider when hiking – or indeed travelling by any means – in a strange country is planning ahead. You need to know where you are going, and when, and you also need to ensure that someone who is not travelling with you knows where you should be at any given time. This way, if you do run into trouble, others will know where to start looking for you. Also, take advice: local people know the area well, and any advice on where to go – and, perhaps more important, where not to go – should be adhered to.

Buy the Right Gear

One of the most important things to do is make sure you have the right gear for hiking in Australia. You need good footwear, for a start, so make sure you buy the best safety boots you can afford. We recommend safety boots for a number of reasons, not least durability and comfort, and there are many different makes to choose from covering a wide range of budgets. You should also check the weather for the time of year you are visiting; bear in mind that nights can often be very cold in the more remote areas, so always take advice on what to wear and pack your bag suitably.

If you need any further information on which boots for hiking we have found a great selection at BestSafetyBoots.com, which offers excellent options on quality boots at sensible prices, there’s even an article on the most comfortable safety boots. You should also carry a mobile phone, and make sure it is charged, in case you need to contact anyone, and make sure you have important and useful numbers stored ready for use.

Enjoying Australia

Australia really is unlike anywhere else on the planet and, thanks to its unique geography, you will see animals and plants here that you cannot find anywhere else. Bear in mind that wildlife should be left to get on with its own routine, so observe from a distance but try not to disturb animals in the wild.

Hiking in Australia is an experience that you will never forget, so remember also to take a camera to record your travels, and wherever possible, travel in a group for added safety. Enjoy your hiking trip to Australia, and you will remember it forever.