The Ultimate Pre-Australian Holiday Checklist

Whenever you’re going away on holiday, it’s important that you double check everything to ensure you’re not leaving anything behind. This is even more vital when heading somewhere really far away like Australia because you definitely won’t be able to nip home to pick it up. With that in mind, the post you’re reading at the moment will serve as a final checklist that can be used just before you plan to leave for the airport. Obviously, it won’t contain everything you want to take away, as I realise some of you have trouble leaving even the kitchen sink at home. However, it should cover all the essentials.

I’ve personally forgot one thing or another on every single one of my last five holidays, so I know all too well that it’s like to overlook things like this. Even so, I also know how to plan well in advance, and so I’m 100% confident I’ve got everything I need this year. Considering this, take a look at my checklist and see if it might be useful for your Australian vacation.

Airline Tickets

You would think it almost impossible to forget your airline tickets when you know the first place you’ll be visiting is an airport, but many people do this time and time again. In fact, almost every time I travel I encounter at least one individual standing at the check-in desk with a look of worry on his face. So, make sure you’ve got yours to avoid disappointment. If you jack an inside jacket pocket, put them in there just before your taxi arrives.


Again, a truly shocking number of people forget to take their passports when attempting to leave the country, and this always ends in disaster. Either a close friend or family member has to get out of bed, break into your home and bring it to the airport in time, or you have to get a new one fast-tracked if yours has been mislaid. This still takes a few hours, and it costs a small fortune. On top of those inconveniences, you also have to pick up the new document from a regional passport office, and depending on where you’re flying from, this could be miles away. If your plane departs from Canterbury, you’ll have to visit the London victoria passport office, and this could result in you missing your flight.

Camera Equipment

It’s certainly not the end of the world if you forget your camera, but when visiting a beautiful country like Australia, you definitely want more than a disposable, and so this should be added to your final checklist. Remember to bring all the different lenses too, as you’ll want to get some professional looking snaps of the family. While you could just buy a new camera while you’re out there, this would no doubt eat into your spending money, which you will obviously want to avoid.

Hotel Booking Information

Lastly, we all know how much of a pain it can be when you turn up to a hotel and they have no record of your booking, right? This is why printing off your confirmation and keeping it in your pocket at all times during your journey is a wise move.

So there you have it my friends. Never again will you kick yourself for leaving important items at home. Alongside all the things mentioned on this list, you’ll also want to pack enough clothes for the week, but I’m sure you’ve got that one covered.

Have fun!


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