Why Should You Consider Booking A Package Holiday Over Independent Travel?

In recent years we have all had to tighten our budgets quite a bit and this is no different when it comes to booking holidays.  This is part of the reason why package holidays are still as popular today as they were when they were first introduced in the first half of last century.

Since watching a video made by www.myvouchercodes.co.uk all about the changes to package holidays and holiday bookings,  we decided it was time to do a post about why you should choose a package holiday over the alternatives.


Generally when you are organising and booking a holiday and have a tight budget to stick to you are very much aware of what everything costs and what you can’t afford while you are away.  However, when you book a package holiday, those kinds of worries are lessened because more or less from the moment you step on he plane an arrive at your chosen destination, you do not really need to worry about money and cost.  Paying upfront for everything means that you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday.

Not only that but because you are buying everything within a package deal, you will be saving money somewhere.  Even if you booked the hotel through www.trivago.co.uk and got a really good deal; the chances are slim that you would also get an excellent deal on the flights, entertainment, food, and that’s even before you consider how much spending money you might need.

The Convenience

Unlike travelling independently, when you book a package holiday you don’t have to worry about flight connections and organising transportation for day trips as it is all taken care of.  It is the convenience of it all that makes it so popular.  If you have a large family of children and you need to book a holiday, the last thing you want to do is to try and book everything separately as well as dealing with all the other issues that come from organising travel abroad with a large family of 5+ people.

The Experience

It may seem that travelling independently is a more richly rewarding experience, because package holidaying is so regimented and structured.  However, that would be failing to take into account, like the video at MyVoucherCodes showed, how much package holidays have changed over the years.  In the beginning, they offered not a lot of choice to customers, with only a handful of destinations catering to that style of holiday.  Fast forward to present day and things are very different.

Nowadays you can take a trip to Australia on a package deal without fear of missing out on the big sights and popular attractions; as tour operators have those bases covered.  It can be fun to be out on your own travelling and seeing the world but who can argue that an excursion on a package holiday to see crocodiles in Gambia or the Northern Lights in Lapland, is any less breathtaking and fulfilling?

While it would be wrong to suggest that someone give up that dream of travelling independently, it would also be wrong to quickly dismiss package holidays as something of a cop-out or a fake holiday experience.  Holidays will always be what you make of them, so if you want to stay sat by the pool without experiencing the country that lies beyond the resort or you want to go out there and explore; it is entirely up to you.